What to wear with classic black and brown coat.

What to wear with brown and black coat

what to wear with black coat photoI welcome you dear readers. In this article, we’ll look at what to wear with classic black and brown coat.

What to wear with black coat?

Black coat never goes out of fashion. This is not surprising, because it is almost every woman, very practical, visually makes the figure more slender and goes well with all colors. This universality in some cases, plays with us a cruel joke. So you want to look both stylish and stay elegant at all unlike. How to stand out from the crowd and maintain its ideal in the black coat? To solve this problem maybe unique, interesting style or accessories. What to wear with black coat, to save and to show the world their individuality, stylists suggest.

For an evening out, it is better to opt for the extended model. It is possible to wear a short dress, and freezing long coat will not. Regarding shoes that suits the long coat, there is a very hard and confirmed by the experience of many decades of rule: the longer the coat, the shorter the shoes. It is in any case does not concern the height of the heel, it for long-term models should be high.

For many, it becomes a problem the answer to the question of what to wear with classic black coat. In fact for him there are plenty of options. The classic coat is perfectly combined with a bright, non-standard accessories. Although to withstand the whole outfit in a classic style and also a failsafe option. The combination of bright accessories and shoes with a classic black coat and a neutral dress looks gorgeous. Experiment, there can be successful the most unexpected ways.

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photo what to wear with black coat

What to wear with brown and black coat

photo what to wear with a black classic coat

What to wear with brown and black coat

What to wear with brown and black coat

Need to know what a long and classic black coat add solidity. Therefore, young girls short of the recommended model. Modern fashion offers a variety of options cut. Short models are perfectly combined with short skirts and favorite jeans. Short coat-Cape, which made the slits for the arms instead of sleeves, very elegant even with the dark jeans. Appropriate here will be bright accessories. With a short dress or skirt this option models a long flowing coat capes are also very comparable. Combined a black coat with a scarf of any color other than black – it will be a bust. When choosing a scarf, you need to focus on your type of appearance, shoes and accessories.

What to wear with brown coat?

This color, unfortunately, many is not a favorite. In vain, of course. Due to the variety of shades of brown, each of us can choose the one that fit her perfectly and is flattering appearance. Psychologists are strongly recommended to surround yourself with things brown because it helps to restore mental balance and promotes good relationships with others.

What to wear with brown coat. Some shades are so deep and noble, which, combined with a good classical model may look just luxurious. But it is important to choose the right shoes and accessories. What to wear with dark brown coat? Options so much that it is possible to write not an article but a whole book. Modern fashion trends allow you to connect dark brown with black, light brown shades. Black shoes and accessories, in combination with the brown coat – a real classic still elegant. The most spectacular addition in brown stylists think blue and blue. For example, you can wear the blue scarf and take a dark blue purse. With black or brown shoes, the outfit will look quite stylish and elegant. Light brown coat can be combined with dark shoes and handbag. Very well in this case look dark jeans and skirts or dresses in saturated colors. Shawl or scarf should be neutral or very intense in color.

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 what to wear with a long brown coat with-carry-korichnevoe-coat-1 with-carry-korichnevoe-coat-2 with-carry-korichnevoe-coat-3 with-carry-korichnevoe-coat-4 with-carry-korichnevoe-coat-5 photo in a brown coat

In recent years, the trend combination of a brown coat with a scarf and stockings acidic and very bright colors. It’s really beautiful and interesting. A splendid opportunity to emphasize their individuality. But the shoes in this case should be black or dark brown.

Of course, the options – a mere drop in the vast sea. Don’t be afraid to look and experiment. Your natural instincts – that is the main censor and indicator. The main question that you need to look for while trying on new clothes: «do You Like the reflection in the mirror?». If so – then everything is in order.

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