What to give girlfriend for birthday

what can you give to a friendHow often do women have to hear that female friendship does not happen, and how often it is necessary to refute this assertion. Of course, friendship between women is possible, and the best friend sometimes becomes the most trusted companion and helper in the Affairs and problems. Be the friend you always want to reciprocate and help her in difficult situations. Well, when it happens at a friend’s birthday, immediately the question arises: what to get her? The gift should be unique and Express all the feelings between women. The most memorable gift for a friend’s birthday you can do with your hands. And can do just flowers and a box of chocolates? What all the same to choose a gift for your best friend?

Original gift to a friend

First of all, when choosing a gift, you can not buy expensive things. Many people donated expensive thing can be regarded as a duty in response to pay something. This relationship between best friends should not be. What to give a friend unique birthday? We offer several options.

original gift to a friend

  • Candles with unusual shapes.
  • Wall-mounted decorative plates or utensils in the form of hours.
  • Unusual lamps, flower arrangements or vases.
  • Author’s card with your own poem.
  • Tickets for the extreme show (if the friend is quiet and shy people), or, conversely, tickets to the theater (if friend full of life and is constantly in motion).

Options lots of original gifts, you only include your imagination. It is possible to cheat a little and ask my friend what she would like to receive a gift on your birthday. But that is not to her surprise, and the birthday must be a magical day!

A friend a gift with your own hands

At the present time to surprise someone, especially your best friend, it is very difficult. If you make gifts to a friend with his own hands, putting them in the soul and love, they will remember a dear person for the whole life. In this case, it is possible to give to a friend?

a friend a gift with your own hands

  • Homemade women’s diary this gift is not only fun and unusual, but necessary in everyday life. For the manufacture of such gifts, we need a thick notebook, jewelry with rhinestones, beads, small stickers, etc., 2 sheets of colored paper with different drawn characters or colors, glue, scissors, thin ribbon, to decorate ready-made gift. Start manufacturing: the front of the notebook with glue to stick a sheet of colored paper. On the side of the notebook is also pasted colored paper, but with a different pattern. Then proceed to the decoration: on the obtained the front of the diary glue on rhinestones, beads and other decorations, then all of these patterns beautifully tied with decorative ribbon. All! Original and unique gift is ready!
  • Handmade soap — in this case it is possible to cheat a little and purchase a soap that is handmade, and specialty stores. If You want to give such a gift, but make it yourself, then there is nothing difficult: You’ll need any baby soap, as a base, and a variety of flavoured additives (essential oils, artificial flavours, vanilla, honey, chocolate, herbs and the like). Should these components mix, pour in molds, let it sit a little and harden soap with their own hands successfully made.

Options homemade gifts very much, here the main role is played by Your imagination and desire to produce something on their own. You can think of a cool gift for the friend and also to do it himself. Options cool gifts include: embroidered funny picture, nightlight with pasted funny faces or jewelry in the form of orange slices or strawberries.

What to give girlfriend for New year

The new year is a wonderful holiday, everyone waits for this night of magic and fulfillment of all desires. Even adults this day turn into children and start to believe in Santa Claus, magic, and wonder. No wonder, every one of us chime of bells make a wish and always waiting for its implementation. Gifts this night also wish to all. Gift for New year best friend have to be magical and unforgettable.

gift your best friend on new year

  • T-shirt — you need a white t-shirt of the desired size, the rest will do the professionals. In specialized stores you can order any inscription You wish. For girlfriend will fit this: «it looks like the best friend in the whole world!» or «I Want to see beauty, look at me!».
  • Notebook of dreams — when the question arises, what to give a friend on New year with your hands, or you receive plenty of options which you do not know what to choose, or options at all. We offer You to make his own small notebook, and on the front write the name of the notebook: a notebook of dreams. Let Your friend enter there whatever you wish, and, subsequently, waiting for the obligatory fulfillment of every desire.
  • Scented candles — this gift will suit romantic natures. Choose a set of candles with different fragrances in a beautiful package each friend will be very grateful for the gift from a touch of happiness, love and tenderness.
  • Funny apron — if a friend — a real culinary mistress, this gift is useful to her. The inscription on the apron can be any of: «You’re my best friend» to «Udarnitsa capitalist and culinary labor.»

The new year is beautiful, it is any gift, even the little puppy in a basket, will be treated with joy and gratitude.

And what gift can be best friend on birthday? Consider the age priorities of girls and women of all ages and will select the most appropriate gift for the appropriate age.

A gift to a friend for 15-16 years

Adolescence is very difficult, not every child, especially the girl, you may end up with a gift. Some girls at that age want an expensive gift, others may see something unusual and very necessary. So how to choose a gift for a friend’s birthday?

a gift to a friend.

  • An unusual gift would be a homemade video presentation or a photographic film, where the main role is played by the birthday girl. Such a gift is very easy to do with a computer, you only need photography or video with the main character.
  • Personalized case for a phone with any personal inscription or intricate pattern can also bring happiness to the 15-16-year-old girlfriend.
  • Young fashionistas will be happy if will get a gift set of jewelry.
  • At 15-16 years old, many girls are still children, these birthday girls will delight porcelain doll or a doll with a portrait of the birthday girl.

What to give a friend for 18 years

As you know, every young man or girl’s 18th birthday is a very significant date. Of course, because this age is associated with adulthood. What kind of gift to give to a friend for 18 years?

a gift to a friend for 18 years with his own hands

  • Very happy girl waking up in the morning in a room which filled with 18 balloons. The same surprise can be arranged under the window, birthday girl: a salute of bright balloons soaring up to remember her for life!
  • On a day without a bouquet of flowers will not do. You can give a very original bouquet created out of chocolate.
  • As the 18th anniversary connected with parting with a childhood best friend on this occasion can be handed a large Teddy bear or soft fluffy kittens in a basket.
  • Gambling for persons a wonderful gift will serve as a certificate for some exciting activities: skydiving, ballooning, etc. For the more balanced of the birthday girls a great gift will serve as a certificate for a SPA treatment or a subscription to a fitness center.

The day of age have friend will be remembered for years to come. To this day do not be sad, you can only be happy and to prepare for the adult life.

What to give a friend of 20 years

In 20 years young girl becomes more serious than in previous years. Therefore, the gift should be appropriate. What to give girlfriend for birthday? At this age the girl is wondering what gift she wants to receive for itself. Based on her wishes, should prepare a gift.

  • If a friend — a lover of culture and art, the gift can serve as a ticket for an exclusive exhibition or to the theatre.
  • For girls who love travel, a great gift would be a trip to a tourist camp or on a natural journey, for example, Hiking or rafting on the river.
  • A good gift can make a friend if you give her a puppy or kitten (or any other pet). But such gifts are best done after consultation with the birthday girl.
  • You can make a cool gift. For example, the girl very hard to get up in the morning for work or school, you can give the alarm. This alarm clock with wheels that start spinning when you call, so the clock can run.
  • For romantic girls you can choose a gift in the form of a lamp, which in the dark creates the atmosphere of a starry sky.

20 years is young. What you need young lady? Not expensive gifts, which are donated from the heart with the feeling of a real female friendship!

What to give a friend for 30 years

As a rule, this age is related to family life, raising children, or career growth. A young girl up to 30 years fully depends on the pressing problems and simple family life. What gift can please a friend the day of her 30th anniversary?

What to give a friend for 30-35 years

  • Enjoyed dinner in the restaurant with a concert program specially for the birthday girl, will make happy any woman. But if on this day the restaurant will meet all her best friends and acquaintances, it will be a memorable evening.
  • A large bouquet of roses, a very nice young woman, and if the bouquet is to attach a subscription for a series of beauty treatments in the beauty centre, for such a gift is also very useful.
  • A practical gift will serve as a fashionable purse or handbag.
  • Assistant in the household and a perfect gift for a friend to be some kind of kitchen utensil or appliances of which she had long dreamed of.

Options for gift giving 30-year-old girlfriend can come up with a lot. You can connect your mind and give the friend a live goldfish in a small aquarium. This fish will fulfil all the cherished desire of young women.

For 35 years

A woman in this age is a lot in life and the gift it is not easy. What to give the friend who has everything for his birthday? The best gift is the proof of Your friendship. It is possible to apply with a large bouquet of flowers and a poem about the joint friendship of our own production. What to get girlfriend for birthday the age of 35?

  • The picture is painted or embroidered a portrait of the birthday girl will delight any, even the most wealthy person.
  • Tickets to the circus will be ridiculous, but at the same time a good gift. How nice to be alone with a friend, a good laugh and to forget about all the pressing matters and concerns!

How nice to give happiness, and in return sees began to Shine the eyes of his beloved girlfriend. Never stawley without the attention of those who are dear to You, every possible minute you need to show your dearest how wonderful he is and love. The most important condition when choosing a gift for girlfriend of any age is to invest in the gift of the whole soul, and love.

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