What to do if burned in the tanning bed

the skin is burned in the tanning bedA Solarium is an artificial substitute for natural sun. If under the sun, you can bask only in the summer months, you can visit the Solarium every year. And can be burnt in the tanning bed? Of course, possible, and the causes of this condition is:

  • too long a length of time Solarium;
  • installation inside the new lamps, which have to skin the influence of the old lamp. In this case, the master must warn the patient about all the changes and reduce the duration of a visit to the Solarium;
  • visit procedures the first time;
  • use of the Solarium without special protective lubricants (creams, ointments, sprays), especially for people with sensitive skin.

But still, if there was a situation in which the skin is burned in the tanning bed, what to do then?

First aid for burned skin

In cases if the skin is burned in the tanning bed, you can use recipes that save people in the burning sun, for example, use sour cream or tea. But still, if the skin is burned in the tanning bed, it is recommended to use medication-soft — cream Panthenol. On reddened skin Panthenol is applied in the form of spray or creams, then the skin can not be touched or washed for some time.

what to do if burned in the tanning bed

If the skin is burned in the tanning bed, the whole body begins to itch. To facilitate this condition the body must not wear tight clothes only from natural materials. This will allow the redness to be eliminated, and inflamed skin to «breathe».

When the skin is burned in a Solarium, when will such a state? It all depends on the type of skin and degrees of burn. The lung burn will fade through the day, and the more serious the redness may last for a couple of days. It should also be borne in mind that severe burns from tanning can be lubricated by spray from burns. In this case, the applied anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, regenerating effect. The skin on the body will begin more intensively to take its original form.

When burned in the tanning bed how to remove the redness? Come to the aid of the same Drier or similar tool, which contains in its composition the miraculous active ingredient is Dexpanthenol. To correct redness on the body you need to constantly moisturize the skin, but you can not do with water. Much more efficient with the task of moisturizing cream to cope, for example, Children or the same thick cream.

In the case where a person was burned in a Solarium, in addition to first-aid the skin, you need to some time to completely abandon any cosmetics. It is strictly forbidden to use alcohol-containing tonics or hard scrubs. It is not recommended to use creams, masks, pellicles, powders, or anti-wrinkle. Enough to give the person to rest about 3 days to return everything to its original direction.

burned in the tanning bed photo

What to do if burned in the tanning bed and after that health condition has deteriorated sharply? In this case, it is recommended to take the pill with an analgesic or antipyretic. If the feeling does not come to normal within a few hours, you should call a doctor. Typically, this situation occurs due to the sharp reactions to the procedure.

After partly burned after tanning, to go again to this place is recommended no sooner than a week. This is enough time, the skin returned to its previous state. In the following session, you must halve the duration of treatment, otherwise re-erosion can not be avoided.

To avoid burns from tanning before the procedure it is recommended to consult with the master on the duration of the session, about the need to use special creams and methods of delivering primary self-care for burns.


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