What is the gel Polish from shellac

Beautiful manicured nails are also a sign of health. Many girls tend to achieve this result using a variety of tools for manicure. Thanks to the tricks of cosmetic companies today can be quickly applied to the nail plate special coating that gives luxurious Shine and prevents stratification.

What is shellac

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Universal coating for nails that proportion has more Polish than gel. The founder of shellac is Creative Nail Design (CND), came up with a matchless formula of viscous liquid. That is, the gel lacquer, the definition which is often confused with gel enamel. The difference is that the first nabrasyvaetsya to the nail plate without pre-grinding, preserving its pristine condition.

What is different from shellac gel Polish

Technology related to nail artway industry has changed a lot. Was created heavy-duty basics for nail care. Echoes of «intermediate stages» are still the questions remain: what a difference gel Polish from shellac. The subject matter relevant, and the answers are:

  • For the fragile brittle nails more gentle will be the application of nail gel. The nail surface just treated with a degreasing agent (dehydratation).
  • Using a UV lamp to dry the shellac on the nails for 2-3 minutes.
  • Procedure application runs 25-35 minutes. On the plate surface appears mirror.
  • The fingers retain their aesthetics for 2-3 weeks.
  • On the question of whether harmful shellac for nails, is the answer based on facts: due to its composition of the nail gel does not weigh down the nails, non toxic, and makes them more durable and flexible.
  • Allergy sufferers will be pleased to know that the tool is tested and is considered hypoallergenic.
  • What is the gel Polish from shellac base when it comes to removal? The second is much faster (10-15 minutes) and unusual removed from marigolds. Unfortunately, the gel Polish can only be removed with the saw.


Girl holding gel Polish

Shellac the name speaks for itself – «natural resin». The basis of the nail gel included substance produced by insects scale insects. In contrast to their damage to agriculture, they have made an invaluable contribution to the cosmetic industry. In addition, biological compounds in shellac add different palettes dyes and other components, is safe for human health.


What is the gel Polish from shellac, know company producing lines for the care of hands. Every brand has its own characteristics, reflected in colours, price difference, production technology. Tool Gelish has about 200 variations. Brand Garden intriguing In your buyers color depth. RuNail – domestic manufacturer of shellac, which is attractive for its affordable cost.


The application of gel Polish

There is a perception that new technology is hurting the lacquer of hands. To dispel fluctuations and to answer the question, harmful gel nail Polish, you need to learn more about application technique. Stick to the recommendations below to get the output quality result:

  • the nail plate needs to be holistic;
  • to erase the old varnish needs without acetone;
  • in the first two days the better to keep the hands from water treatment.

To apply the shellac, preferably in two layers, as the first only creates shade. Next is to carry out the polymerization (about 120 seconds). If you chose a more mellow color, then it will take a little more time. No other features, differences in the application of shellac there, so if you have all the instruments at hand, don’t worry if manicure and pedicure will not work.


Removal of shellac

What is the gel Polish from shellac? Task, like erasing a last resort, is quick and painless. For convenience, please have the following tools:

  • aluminum foil;
  • cotton pads;
  • citrus sticks;
  • liquid for removal of varnish (e.g., Product Remover from CND);
  • wooden, plastic or metal spatula.

First, wrap it up every end of the finger moistened with a sponge, then cut the foil, «forget» for 10-15 minutes. During this time, the shellac will become pliable, and can be removed with a special spatula. If necessary, need to repeat everything from the beginning. In the end, so that the skin around the horn cover to remain soft and healthy, complete with hand massage oil for cuticles.

The cost

The price of the shellac depends on where you buy them. In the online shop from time to time discount system that allows, in addition to funds, to buy more auxiliary components set. Understanding how long does the gel Polish, you can roughly compare the price (costs) and quality of the coating. It is important to consider the brand, origin, volume of the vial and the popular colors of the season. In the end, the cost of such cosmetics will be within 250-2800 G.

What is better, gel nails or shellac

Pattern on gel-Lac

Even if we take into account the excellence of the product, there are always advantages and disadvantages. You need to consider the following advantages of shellac:

  1. The safety of use during pregnancy. When you buy tools, girls need to pay attention to the marking «3 free».
  2. Resistance and strengthening of the nail extension.
  3. Defining, preferably, gel Polish or shellac, remember that the final product does not weigh down your nail.

The cons of shellac is the requirement for the preparation of the plate. If you do not handle the ends of the nails with a primer, there is a possibility of exfoliation and breakage. In addition, the price of such a base high. Due to such disadvantages include the obvious advantages of gel Polish:

  1. The product is applied only master, increases the quality of the manicure.
  2. Many experts use the technique of applying gel Polish using shellac. So the nails become shiny.


  1. The coating process is long and painful. First cut the top layer of the nail, grind it, and after coating with the gel plate drying in the lamp to 180 seconds.
  2. Rough after the regrowth of nails gel Polish at the base. Have to go back to the master, which adversely affects the health of the nail surface and skin.

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