Permanent eye makeup

Permanent makeup eyes description and featuresPermanent eye makeup is a perfect solution for those girls who are tired of wasting a precious morning minutes time to pack or want at any time of the day or night look spectacular. In addition, this procedure allows to correct the wrong shape of eyes and visually bring it closer to a classic almond-shaped. About why we need and how long does permanent eye makeup, described below.

What is permanent makeup?

To put it quite simply, permanent makeup is a tattoo that is applied to the skin with the aim to beautify the face or to hide his shortcomings. Usually permanent makeup applied to eyes, lips and eyebrows. You can adjust the thickness, and the technique of drawing lines so that the result met expectations. But before you do permanent makeup century, the master must cause the dissolving medium (e.g., pencil) to discuss the picture and to obtain approval.

Permanent makeup will stay with you for a long time. It is not washed off by water and detergents. Time, how long does permanent makeup, every girl is unique, but on average, this value is more than 2 years. Sometimes it happens that some areas of the skin coloring pigment off, and he falls off a few days. If this is not the fault of the master, such a phenomenon can be explained by individual characteristics of the skin.

A cosmetic «tattoo» can be performed not only in black color to suit your taste at the salon can offer different color pigments.

The types of permanent eye makeup

Specialist can offer you, as a natural effect, and more festive, but you should remember that permanent makeup can last on the eyes 5, and 10 years, and your tastes have to change again, and you can be not so dissatisfied with their reflection.

  1. Migracyjny tattoo eye

The easiest and most natural option is a staining of the upper eyelid between the eyelashes. Formed a thin line, almost beyond a century. At the request of the customer line can be extended to make them visually longer.

The naked eye may not even be clear that you have suffered migracyjny permanent makeup, but you’ll definitely be a noticeable difference: the look became deeper, the eyes are always underlined and if more luxuriant eyelashes.

  1. Permanent makeup hands

This option is ideal if you are sure that the love of the archers will not pass through the years. However, a small thin arrow on the upper eyelid can not be afraid to do, because it is suitable for almost everyone. There is also the option glamorous evening of the arrow. It is more thick and long tail. Any arrow can be applied in black, blue, green, gray and other colors.

  1. Feather

A more natural technique in comparison with the bright arrow, but less natural in relation to permanent makeup mirosnikova space. Shade permanent eyeliner it is recommended that women of Mature age, as clear lines can be broken wrinkles, while soft shading it will not be so noticeable. Can do make-up arrow feather on the end or along the entire length, and also have the option of applying shadows. It is a complex technique, which usually uses a color transition. Using shadow as a tattoo you can adjust the shape or position of eyes.

  1. Permanent makeup lower eyelid

In some cases, looks beautiful summed up the lower eyelid. If you fit this method, be aware that salons offer this service. On the lower eyelid you can even put the arrow. But this makeup looks pretty festive, and can quickly get bored.

How to do permanent makeup

The first thing the client and a representative of salon discuss all the intricacies and details of makeover determined with the technique, color and intensity of pigment.

The wizard then processes the pencil sketch, which then will work as a needle with pigment. At this point, the client show approximately what will be the result, and he can make adjustments.

Wizard causes the eyelid local anesthesia, if we are talking about the permanent makeup upper eyelid, it can be a cream or drops. Some salons can neglect this step, but if you don’t want to suffer pain, tell your specialist.

Then paint hammered the needle into the skin as occurs when the tattoo. How much is this procedure depends on the professionalism of the master and selected techniques of makeup.

Now we come to the most interesting: to spend a few hours in the cabin is still half the battle, because now you have to survive the tumor that may develop very much, and kept several days. This issue is very individual, because the swelling may go the next evening, and may stay 2 or 3 days. So plan in advance when to do a tattoo of the eye, in order not to leave the house.

Another consequence tattooing: you will certainly be after the procedure small wound, so the skin must be processed with special tool, not sparing. During the healing process the skin will appear brown, which in any case can not be separated independently, if you don’t want to tear the pieces and the makeup. Wait until they are «ripe» and will fall off themselves.

In two weeks you will probably need correction, and this is usually provided by salon and are included in the initially agreed price.

With permanent make-up eyelashes longer and visually expressive, even without the additional underscore ink. Of course, along with the benefits (correction of the shape of the eyes, no need to paint), this procedure has its drawbacks (the result you may not like it, and to remove the tattoo only laser, with the same makeup for 10 years is awfully annoying; elementary fear from the presence of the needle in the eye). Decide for yourself whether you want to put on makeup once in the next few years or to use independent methods of applying makeup.

If you are interested to know what it is – permanent makeup eyebrows, look for an article about this on our website. There is set out the answers to all popular questions about tattoo eyebrows.

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