Shellac for nails: what it is and how to apply?

9951_160Nail shellac is becoming increasingly popular, gradually driving nails and regular nail Polish is short-lived.

The reasons for its wide popularity is understandable. First, shellac is applied to your natural nails so it looks natural and does not interfere with performing everyday tasks. Second, this manicure lasts up to a month! Third, the fact that the varnish does not dry in air, gives a huge freedom to be creative, to paint on the shellac nails under the force of even very careful and attentive to the girls, because at any moment everything can be corrected with a cotton swab without special washing liquids.

Despite the fact that shellac is popular amongst the nail artists and clients, there are many questions about this procedure. For example, how often can you do shellac, it is harmful or not and you can get a manicure with the shellac at home. But about all under the order.

What is shellac for nails

Many confuse the concept of gel Polish shellac, so it is necessary to make corrections. In fact, Shellac is just the first firm gels, which became popular, so she remained on everyone’s lips is exactly the same as many used to call diapers diapers. Today there are many manufacturers of gels, but once we started the conversation with «shellac», then we agree that it will continue to call.

Shellac is a cross between regular varnish and gel. If you look at its composition, you can see in the list of ingredients oligomers and copolymers. Under the action of UV radiation lacquer polymerizes and causing freezes. The thinner the layer, the better it dries on the nails. Therefore, when the shellac is the rule «it is better several thin layers than one thick».

Shellac: harmful or not?

Another issue of interest to many, for the harm of using shelekov. By itself, shellac for nails is not harmful, if properly applied and removed. Compared with the nails the shellac has several advantages:

  • When removing it is not necessary to cut the nail;
  • Shellac applied to your nails that will significantly reduce the time of decoration manicure almost two times;
  • Shellac unlike acrylic does not contain harmful and hazardous chemicals (e.g., formaldehyde);
  • Nails after removal of shellac not damaged, but over time, the shellac on your nails, they manage to grow decently. So we can say that even shellac protects nails from chipping and peeling off.

About the extensions and nail care, after you read it articles:

  • Care of artificial nails
  • The removal of artificial nails at home

nails after shellac photo

But it is better shellac or capacity, you decide. We can say that it is a question of habit and taste, because the capacity often involves long nails, and shellac is better kept at a small length.

Not to mention the drawbacks of shellac, although not so much:

  • Time, which keeps the shellac on the nails individually. Some lucky ladies can go with them, even more than a month, some prefer to update your manicure as soon as the nail grows significantly, and some of the week can’t pass without chipping and damage. Just try for yourself, you can find out how long the shellac on your nails.
  • Despite the fact that the shellac on your nails firmly enough, it is deformed under the action of moisture and excessive temperatures. The appearance of cracks between the nail plate and lacquer creates a risk of propagation in bacteria. And it threatens at least the fungus.
  • Monthly application of shellac in salon or at home may not afford each girl. This is due to the high cost of materials and equipment required for the manicure.

Instructions for applying shellac

  1. Prepare your nails and hands, making manicure.
  2. Degrease the nails with a special degreasing agent for nails gel Polish.
  3. Apply on the nail transparent base, dry under the lamp, according to instructions (usually 1 min).
  4. Apply to nails by turn 2-3 color layers, each of which are dry in 2 minutes under the lamp.
  5. Apply the top finishing transparent layer that protects nail Polish from chipping. Dry under the lamp.
  6. Remove sticky layer with a special liquid.

Experiment and look for new ideas and designs on nails. Shellac will allow each woman to Express themselves through the manicure, classic French manicure or elegant and sophisticated design.

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