What is nail Art

What is nail Art

The concept of nail Art was the result of a merger of two English words: neil, which means nail and art art. That is the art of decorating the nails or nails design. Thanks to the advent of the time, nail art women not only can decorate the nails to make them interesting drawing or painting, but also to correct the shape. For example, French manicure visually shorten the nails, and vertical pattern, on the contrary, lengthen them.

Professionals will make Your nails unique. For the design use different materials: mikrobleski, dust, foil, stickers, lace, rhinestones, ribbon, etc.

Mikrobleski and dust (Dust, Glitter).

This design is perfect for festive events. Dry glitter can be applied with different densities. First applied to a transparent or colored lacquer, and then sprinkle with glitter. Mikrobleski added to the gel, also you can mix them with acrylic powder.


The tear-off foil can be of different colors and shades. It is applied by means of thin sticks on a transparent lacquer or glue. To stay longer, the top applied a transparent varnish. However, in this case loses its Shine, volume and brightness. There is also a transfer foil, it is attached solely to the special glue. Know her face, and then remove the base. You can buy ready-made strips of foil on adhesive gold and silver basis or to cut the strips yourself. Strips of adhesive are glued on already dried paint. The original decision to use the foil «gold Foil». It is glued to the glue and is covered with a fixer.


Decals as part of nail designs differ in method of application and on the plot. However, no single label can’t compete with design. Stickers are the best option when You want a beautiful manicure, but time is short. Nice stickers in the form of gold and silver scales, which can be used as an independent single picture, as part of the overall picture.


Lace is a very interesting element of the decor of nails. It can be big or small, simple or with many interesting elements. You can decorate the nail of lace entirely, and can dilute the pattern of the lace fragments. The lace is glued or put on clear nail Polish.


Rhinestones is made to imitate precious stones. They look beautiful in any color. Depending on the material the crystals are divided into: glass, crystal, plastic, metal. There are also many options of shapes and sizes of rhinestones. They are mounted on gel, acrylic or special glue and fastened with acrylic gel, clear varnish top coat.


Tape use thickness of about 2-3 mm on a sticky basis. If you want a beautiful manicure with tape, you should place the tape so that they do not go beyond the edge of the nail and not touch the skin.

Coloured sand.

Sand is applied to the nail with a thin brush on top of a transparent varnish or adhesive base. Sand is a convex decoration, so in order to make it last longer, cover it carefully in several layers of clear varnish.


Essentially a piercing is a puncture of the skin, and then insert the jewelry. There is such a thing as a piercing nail. Is often a hole in the nail of the little finger of the left hand, then the decoration will not interfere. A hole made with a hot needle or drill. This is a painless procedure.


Threads are often used in the design of nails. What you can take for this purpose conventional and special yarn. It is interesting to see threads that are typically used for embroidery in gold and silver. Like sand, they glue on the nail in clear varnish or glue and then cover with top coat.

Natural materials.

As a rule, fotomaterialy: seeds, flowers, dried plants. They can be purchased in a specialty store. You can make procurement on their own.

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