Bobbi brown corrector and concealer for the face: what is the difference how to use

what is concealer for face and how to use itToday to feel is not necessary to use the services of professional makeup artists, because many tools are specially designed to hide your flaws. Among them are the object of our story – concealers and correctors for the face. Below we will describe, how they differ, how to choose the right tool and how to use concealer and face concealer.

What’s the difference?

Looking at the translation of the word, you can see that masks comes from the English «to hide», what is concealer for the face, not hard to predict without the help of a dictionary: corrector comes from the word «adjusted». Both the tool is designed to mask skin imperfections: pimples, redness, circles, and bags under the eyes, capillaries, freckles, age spots, etc.

what is different concealer corrector for faceSome confuse the concealer and the corrector, even some brands don’t make the differences between them, whereas they are very significant. A proofreader can point to neutralize their weaknesses or to emphasize the advantages, so the correctors differ in colors, their palette includes green, pink, dark brown and other shades. Concealer for the face has skin, it should be selected according to their tone or slightly lighter.

Some concealers have medicinal properties, for example, contain anti-inflammatory component that has a healing effect on acne and redness.

Another similarity of these two means that the top needed to fix the result powder (or BB-CC-cream) and fine powder.

How to use concealer for the face?

In selling there is a handy palettes with a number of markers of different colors. It would be nice to have this in case of a sudden appearance of a pimple, or sleepless night before an important meeting.

The principle of operation of the corrector for the face based on the fact that give the skin 4 color pigment:

  • Oxyhemoglobin is red, is responsible for the color of blood;
  • Deoxyhemoglobin is blue, is responsible for the color of the veins;
  • Melanin – tan color;
  • Carotene – yellow.

Before you use the palette correctors for the face, it should be understood that the selected color should cover the color of your blemish. Not to force you to redecorate, and remember my childhood, here is what each color in the palette.

  1. Green

Green facial concealer neutralizes red, that is, works to reduce the appearance of pimples and inflammation. In addition, it can be used for covering vessels, broken capillaries, and red bags under the eyes. Green concealer for the face, apply a dot on problem areas lightly.

  1. Pink

Neutralizes yellow color, perfectly combined with an Asian appearance. Ideal if you want to refresh a tired face or to turn the effect from the sun. You can do it in a very small amount all over face to hide the yellowness.

  1. Yellow

This overrides the color purple. So all the areas that are blue and purple on your face: bruises, wreaths – you can safely paint the yellow corrector. Also its function is to make brighter complexion, especially if you have grey, brown leather.

  1. Blue

Contrasted with brown circles under the eyes, and is also useful for covering age spots. Blue concealer for acne will help owners cold looks natural and very light hair.

  1. Orange

This color is the opposite of blue, and like the yellow used to adjust the bruises, veins. Orange corrector is able to make your skin tone warmer hue, and it has been successfully used for the selection of the perfect image as in clothing and in makeup.

  1. Brown

Technique «contouring», which caused a furore among makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts, the actual to this day. Using brown corrector and own knowledge about how to properly apply concealer for the face, you can change your face beyond recognition. Moreover, in both good and bad… So to avoid the latter, practice a couple of times at home and we have to acknowledge that you did it. Too many contouring often looks terrible. But to slightly change the shape of the nose to accentuate the cheekbones and highlight the face in the winning plan is still possible, if we approach the question intelligently.

Before you use the correctors for the face, we should define the tasks which are set for this tool, and understand what color you need most. Usually, even if you buy a palette correctors, 80% of colors is full, whereas 20% consumed the fastest.

How to choose concealer for the face?

After we had determined the concepts to be learned, both from the diversity to choose the means to their liking and by possibilities. Correctors are different not only in color and objectives, they can also be distinguished by texture.

  • Liquid

Among the advantages of this shape can highlight the gentle application on the skin. You don’t have to slap the concealer into the skin for a few minutes, as the solid funds. However, to apply liquid concealer should be fast, otherwise it cools down and leave the inhomogeneous spots. Another conventional disadvantage is that the application will need to use a brush.

  • Solid

Pros: harder clogged pores and wrinkles, do not spread on the skin. Cons: difficult to apply on the skin around the eyes, because it is important not to damage and not to stretch.

  • Oil

Have a moisturizing effect on the skin, easy to camouflage flaws.

Not enough to decide what concealer to the face and the form in which they will be convenient to use, it is desirable to know the type of your skin and to choose the products in accordance with it. Well, the creators of the cosmetics already thought of everything for you, because usually the packages written, recommended for a particular facility.

How to use concealer for the face?

As we already know, the concealer has a color matching the skin tone, it makes it ideal for masking is not too bright imperfections. If you have jumped a bright red pimple had appeared if the dark circles under the eyes after a few nights without sleep to achieve a perfectly smooth tone, using one concealer and Foundation is unlikely.

However, what concealer is definitely useful, is to give the skin a fresh appearance. Some concealers even have a highlighting effect. So the skin of the face (especially around eyes) will look even softer than with normal bodily concealer.

Often use concealer just to the area around the eyes. Here is the algorithm using this tool:

  1. Cleaning of the skin.
  2. Applying the cream, wait until it absorbed.
  3. Applying concealer on the skin around the eyes. It is best to draw the triangle, leaving a bit on the cheek. Remember that the dark part around the eye is the inner corner. She is also stationary, so start applying concealer should be from this area, moving towards the outer edge lightly, they kill.
  4. Tip: do not RUB the tool on the skin around the eyes (some concealer, concealer or cream), this section of the face is very delicate and thin, regular rubbing will inevitably lead to early wrinkles.
  5. Fixing concealer BB cream.
  6. The consolidation of the powder. Light fine powder will help you avoid wrinkling in the area of makeup, because it is a common problem for girls. Just before its application, you should make sure that wrinkles have not been formed, otherwise you will strengthen their effect. Remove them with a brush or finger and apply the powder.

In order to look beautiful in today’s world she doesn’t have to be from nature. Remember this the next time you enjoy the appearance of celebrities.

Do you do corrective means? And what do you think: what’s the best concealer for the face to use for everyday makeup?

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