Recipes folk remedies for acne and blackheads

Recipes folk remedies for acne and blackheadsDoctors have long agreed that the pimples and acne on the face is not just a cosmetic problem, is a disease that occurs for a number of reasons, the most common of which are violations of some internal organs and systems. With this problem a person can face at any age, from early youth until old age. And probably everyone who met with a rash on the skin, trying to find the best cleanser for acne on the face, once and for all say goodbye to them. But to find a truly effective tool, it is not easy. Try to understand what helps acne and what you should pay attention to.

How should act funds from acne on the face?

Before moving on to selecting the optimal medication from skin imperfections, you need to learn a little bit about how it operates, and what active ingredients may contain.

So, in essence, pimples and blackheads are the result of the inflammatory process in the skin layers and pores. It causes inflammation, most often due to a blockage of the sebaceous glands sebum, dust, dirt, residues of cosmetics and so on. So, first and foremost, a good remedy for pimples on the face needs to quickly and effectively remove contamination.

  • Cleansing is the first and very important action that should carry remedy for pimples and blackheads on the face.
  • The second stage in getting rid of pimples, should be the removal of inflammation, only when the inflammatory process was suppressed and distracted, it is likely that the pimple will start to heal and then completely disappear without a trace. For this purpose, well suited ointment or cream for acne, anti-inflammatory components in the composition.
  • Remedy must have antibacterial action to suppress pathogens and bacteria. After all, they are through the skin surface penetrate into the deeper layers successfully develop and reproduce, causing inflammation. Mainly for skin disinfection and use of various lotions and tonics.
  • To make a pimple disappear faster, it is necessary to dry. For this you need to choose the right spot treatment for acne.
  • And the last mandatory action remedies against pimples on the face is the regulation and normalization of sebum and the pores. If you reduce the oiliness of the skin and close the pores, of pimples, blackheads and acne will be considerably less.

Choosing the means to care for problem skin and ideally, you need to visit a specialist (dermatologist/cosmetologist), to identify the specific cause of acne, and to determine the optimum composition for the treatment of rashes.

How to get rid of pimples on your face with the help of external agents and drugs?

Such diseases as acne, also has its severity and development. So in mild or initial stage of the inflammatory process, it is possible to influence the pimples with the help of external means, namely, retinoids, antibacterial ointments, creams, gels, disinfectants, drying, anti-inflammatory, and other drugs. Consider the most popular and effective remedies for acne on the face.

Retinoids. This new generation of drugs that have been used for the treatment of heavy acne and acne. In composition, these drugs are most similar to retinol (i.e. vitamin A), but are more profound and long-lasting therapeutic effect. These funds contribute to the blockage of the sebaceous ducts, suspension, sebaceous secretion, relieve inflammation. There are some varieties and derivatives of retinoids, synthetic base, for example, adapalene, isotretinoin, etc. since the drugs are quite potent, need to take after a doctor’s prescription and under his control. Also not recommended such treatment in preparation for pregnancy and child bearing.

Salicylic acid. Beautiful, affordable and quite effective remedy for acne on the face. Sold in the form of a solution or ointment. This product has disinfectant, antiseptic, drying effect. Using the drug must be a point to treating inflammatory elements several times a day. It should be noted that the reason for the formation of pimples, this drug has no effect, so better to use it in conjunction with another therapeutic agent.

Zinc paste (zindal). Distinguished by its pronounced anti-inflammatory, absorbent and disinfectant action. That is why this drug is actively used for the treatment of acne, comedones, Wen and other inflammations on the skin. Today, you can find many creams, oils, creams and masks zinc based. Also well-proven zinc ointment acne.

Levomekol. It is a strong external agent, which allows to overcome various purulent infections and bacteria to destroy the inflammatory process. Active use this ointment for pimples on the face. The drug helps to reduce inflammation and swelling in the affected location, drawing the pus and dirt from the wound on the skin, rapid healing and restoration of the destroyed and damaged tissues.

How to get rid of acne folk remedies

You can spend a lot of money, but did not find effective remedy for pimples on the face, but you can not inexpensively find a way to eliminate acne and inflammations, and here to the aid can come popular recipes and recommendations.

Home remedies for acne in addition to affordability and efficiency, another clear advantage of the store — the lack of structure means all sorts of colors, flavors and additives and therefore the risk of allergic reactions, side effects and adverse effects of the chemical. substances on the skin, is much lower.

Creating a self-regenerating agent, you can be assured of the genuineness and freshness of ingredients used. We invite you to consider what helps acne on the face, a list of products, components and substances that can be used for oily skin at home.

The aloe juice. The juice of this plant has excellent antibacterial, disinfectant and healing properties. Also, it is capable of output pus accumulation under the skin, dissolve lumps, remove the inflammation. The juice can be used every day, several times a day. You can use it instead of tonic, to clean them especially the affected and inflamed areas, to make lotions or compresses cut lengthwise or chopped leaves. Also, you can make a template for frequent use, to do this, pour the pulp from the leaves with boiling water, let stand for an hour, then another minute boil, strain and homemade lotion for every day ready! The same solution can be used for making ice cubes, which is good to wipe the face every morning. Recipes masks, see the link /aloe-dlya-litsa hotel-polza-primenie-retseptyi-masok/

Infusions and decoctions of wormwood, or calendula. To rid the skin of acne, pimples, irritated skin and protect from germs, will help decoctions of medicinal herbs. Especially well for oily skin, mugwort and calendula. Brew one of the herbs, and wipe this infusion the person, 2 in a day.

We recommend you to read: «Homemade recipes for lotions and tonics».

In the fight for clean skin, all means are good, so a few times a week, use a folk remedy of acne and pimples: make face masks, lotions, compresses, homemade lotions and ointments, or try alternate different components. Confront of pimples and blackheads best with: honey, lemon juice, white/green/blue clay, egg whites, raw pulp of potatoes or cucumber pulp. Recipes masks out of clay you’ll find the link /maski-iz-glin-dlya-litsa hotel/

Combating pimples can keep for very long, if you just sit idly by. Well, if you try different tools and methods, we can achieve a good result for a fairly short period of time.

Now you know some means and ways how to get rid of pimples and blackheads. Remember, clean, healthy and shining face is a sign of your inner health, your efforts and patience!

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