What color to dye your hair

DTEvery woman wants to be mysterious and inscrutable, forever to change and catch the admiring glances of men, basking in the compliments. Any lady wants to feel unbeatable and perfect. And for this you need to periodically change its image. And recoloring hair is an important factor for changes of all components. Many women don’t know what color to dye your hair best and to realize long-held dream into reality. There are a few points that will help you to choose the hair dye.

Skin tone. If you have a bright and noble skin slightly «cool» color, and her eyes blue, gray or green, then you will perfectly fit red and blonde hair. However, if you skin is quite pale, the hair will blend in with the face. In this case, you perfect ashy hair. Owner of dark skin with dark or brown eyes can easily choose bronze and Golden hues. It is important that the hair color was darker than the color of your skin. Some like black hair, but the truth is, he is too old.

The usual makeup and hairstyle. If you’re a fan of makeup «warm» tones such as peach blush, green eye shadows, etc., you need to know that they perfectly blend in reddish copper or Golden hair. Her grey hair to be used «cold» make-up, with pink, blue and purple hues. Too dark hair will perfectly complement bright makeup. Visually, the dark color will add elegance and density.

what color to dye your hair
The features of the skin. You have cute freckles on her face, perfect! You’ll be able to emphasize the painted the hair dark brown or Golden color. Well, if you don’t like «kissing the sun», then reddish or Auburn hair color will distract the attention on himself. But ash or black hair ruthlessly show all the skin imperfections on the face, so such colors can wear lipstick holders perfect skin. Red shades for hair should avoid those women who have frequent redness or irritation, and opt for brown or light brown.

You want to be a blonde, but you are hesitating whether you fit such a tone? You can not even think if you have naturally light hair, it will certainly fit. In this case, you must understand that to be blonde is expensive. Have to constantly spend money to maintain colors, dyes, shampoos, conditioners. And don’t forget about that white hair emphasize any imperfections on your skin. Clearly, to correctly color your hair a couple shades lighter, you need to contact a professional at home may not be the result you were expecting.

If you dream about dark hair, choose paint slightly darker than your natural shade. For ladies smoky, dark hair, this is the best option. Besides, dark hair is the ideal solution for thin and damaged hair.

I hope our tips have helped you decide what color to dye my hair.

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