What to wear with jeans

what to wear jeans photoJeans have always enjoyed incredible popularity. It is an indispensable thing in the wardrobe of every woman. So often the question arises: what to wear with jeans. Denim slacks or pants worn to work, on holiday and even. Perhaps this is the most practical, comfortable and stylish thing in the whole closet. However, women are sometimes incorrectly combined with each other clothes, putting on absolutely incongruous things. It isn’t pretty, so let’s see what it looks trendy and stylish when paired with jeans.

What to wear jeans

what to wear with jeans photo

Flared jeans are perfect for a romantic date. But the way he looked soft and sweet you need to choose the right accessories and things.

Solid and calm top will blend perfectly with jeans-bottoms. In the summer season, as for shoes, you can wear sandals. And during cold suitable shoes to go low bright color.

However, if you like to wear high heels, it is not necessary to refuse them. High heel usually lengthen legs when paired with jeans flared. But it should be noted that the length of the jeans should be left to hide the heel.

If you decide to walk around the city or go to the store, then jeans can be combined with rich and vibrant tops, t-shirts or blouses.

Skinny jeans just looks perfect on the skinny girls. For example, skinny jeans perfectly accentuate the slimness of your legs. Under skinny you can pick up a harmonious and beautiful ensemble, because under this style of denim pants fits virtually any clothing for every day.

What to wear with jeans

Skinny can be worn with shirts, tops, tunics and t-shirts. Even some ladies prefer to wear them under dresses. Mind you, it looks pretty interesting and cute. In the cold period skinny can be combined with a cardigan, sweater, or jacket zhakt. With skinny jeans you can wear tight clothes and fitted.

But as for footwear, then these jeans it is advisable to choose shoes with high heels. So you will emphasize the beauty and harmony of the figure much more.

Classic straight jeans are very harmonious look with the same classic top. It can be light shirts or blouses.

Straight jeans, as a rule, allow to visually reduce the female form. This can be done by wearing them under a tunic. It is only necessary to pick up correctly. Tunic should not be above the middle of your thigh. Also would be better if it is fitted or straight, and the waist will not be many distracting decorations and folds. Otherwise get the opposite effect.

If you are going to straight classic jeans on solemn or festive event, try to match it with a top with dropped shoulders. And as for accessories, wear a thin chain bracelet on her arm.

Jeans mens style straight cut, usually are not quite feminine, but can still look elegant and stylish. They are not tight figure and they have a loose cut, so the jeans in the men’s style definitely need to tuck. After all, this is their main essence. These jeans can be worn with shirts, blouses or a classic jacket, and in winter with a knitted sweater. For them it is better to put shoes on in shoes or boots on a high heel, but sometimes you can wear and wedges.

In this case, we have considered only a few options for what to wear with jeans different designs. But we hope that you have found useful information for yourself, and now you can be fashionable and beautiful ensembles. Girls in jeans always look simply stunning!

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