How to remove the scar in the salon and at home

how to get rid of scarsScars can appear on any part of the body and the result of many influences: temperature (burns, frostbite), mechanical (surgery, laceration), physiological (pimples, acne) etc. and if the scars adorn men, girls after the discovery on the skin of such a defect is always looking for a way to get rid of scars. This is what we will discuss today.

Salon and medical procedures

The doctors still can’t agree on a single opinion, when it is easier to remove scars: some believe that while they’re still fresh, i.e., not later than one month, some believe that the scar needs to heal first, that is, a year after the appearance.

In any case, experts are solidary in one: before you get rid of a scar on the face and other parts of the body, it is necessary to consider a number of factors. These include the size of the injury, its depth, localization, cause, and age, individual characteristics and heredity of the patient.

  1. Cryotherapy

Acting on a scar cold (usually liquid nitrogen) within 1-3 sessions, you can remove the scar. First, it is covered with ice film, and then the skin swells and grows, like a guardianship, a couple of days, there is a dry crust, which soon falls away, leaving a pink trail merges with the surrounding skin.

The procedure is performed in the presence of anesthesia.

  1. Filling the scar

This procedure is suitable for you if scars, which I would like to get rid of, as if buried in the skin, for example if you are looking for a way to remove scars from cuts. Filled in the scars with collagen, hyaluronic acid or own fat, taken from other places. The result is noticeable immediately, but is stored it is not forever. Usually the second procedure is necessary after six months, but may persist and the effect of 1.5 years.

  1. Dermabrasia

How to remove old scars medical? To erase the roots. The procedure is as follows: the patient receives anesthesia, and then grind off the scar tissue rotating brushes. This inevitably stands out the blood and addresses the deeper layers of the skin.

After the procedure the skin should be regularly disinfected to avoid infecting the blood, over time will be a crust, which disappears within a week and leaves the skin with virtually no initial signs of scar.

Not recommended this procedure if the scar is wider at the base, otherwise it can become more visible.

  1. Operation

The most radical method to get rid of scars is surgery. It is suitable for all types of scars, except keloid. After surgery on the site of the scar, of course, not perfect smooth skin, but a thin threadlike trail.

For correction large scars on the skin are transplanted from the healthy area of the patient or silicone pouch.

You can remove deep scars this method solves a doctor.

How to remove scars at home

Despite the fact that usually the treatment of scars at home is based on the use of natural components, they should be very careful and work according to the instructions.

  1. Green clay and rosemary oil

Prepare this ointment: 1 tsp.a spoonful of clay powder, mix with 3 drops of oil and the amount of water needed for education is not too liquid slurry. Apply the composition onto the area of skin with the scar for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with water.

The regularity of the procedure: once in 3 days. Between applying ointment to lubricate 6 times a day the skin with rosemary oil.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

As home remedies than to remove the scars can help the fruit acids contained, for example, in Apple cider vinegar. By itself, the vinegar is too aggressive, so before use, dilute it with clean water in proportion 1:3. Damp gauze or cloth in the solution and apply on the scar(s) for 10 minutes.

The regularity of treatment: 3 times a day.

  1. Hydrocortisone

This ointment you can buy at the drugstore for little money. Lubricate skin areas with scars in a thin layer. Helps with getting rid of keloid scars. Before at home to get rid of scars hydrocortisone ointment, not be amiss to consult with your doctor, as it has contraindications. Also do not use it more than a week.

The regularity of treatment: 3 times a day.

treatment of scars on the face

  1. Peeling

Volumetric scars you can try to sand. We are talking about homemade scrubs using natural products: salt, soda, fresh-water sponge, algae.

Wet, but better a little wet the skin with the scar and RUB into it one of the selected products. Coarse material, easy to damage the skin, so be careful and gentle with your skin.

Badyaga is sold in pharmacies in the form of an ointment or powder, which should first be diluted with water. It improves blood circulation, is used for healing bruises and visible capillaries.

The regularity of the procedure: once a week.

  1. The use of oils

Essential oils help to fight, perhaps, with all the imperfections, all depends on how to choose the oil.

How to get rid of scars at home, you can help one of the following essential oils:

  • Rosemary;
  • Tea tree;
  • Lavender;

But essential oils should not be applied on skin in its pure form, so as not to cause burns. Usually they are mixed with base oils, choosing one of the following:

  • Grape seed;
  • Almond;
  • Coconut;
  • The wheat germ oil;
  • Sesame;
  • Jojoba;
  • Sea buckthorn;
  • Olive

The main advantages of this method of removing scars at home is their cheapness and the possibility of long-term treatment.

The ideal ratio for mixing is 30 drops to 1 drop of essential oil. The tool must remain on the skin at least half an hour, then you can erase it with a tissue or rinse with warm water.

The regularity of the procedure: once a day.

  1. Mask

If you are interested in a way to remove scars from cuts on the hand or face, it is very convenient to do a weekly mask.

  • Banana

Mashed ripe bananas apply for 10 minutes and rinse with water. Go to fight those same fruit acids, referred to earlier.

  • Aloe

The aloe Vera plant is also known for its healing effect on the skin. How to lighten a scar from it? Very simply, you need to keep aloe leaves scars on the skin for 15 minutes several times a day. You can also squeeze the juice from the leaves or pulp, it all depends on your convenience.

  • Oatmeal

The mask of oatmeal and yogurt aimed at getting rid of scars after acne and pimples. Despite the fact that it is more of a scrub than a mask, it is suitable for sensitive skin.

You will need 50 ml of yogurt and 1 table.spoon of oatmeal, previously they can be ground in a blender.

Wait 10 minutes until the flakes swell, apply the mask on the face or point to problem areas. After 10 minutes rinse with water.

The regularity of the procedure: 2 times a week for 2 months.

How to remove scars from chickenpox

Single story with scars after chicken pox, they appear mainly, if a person is experiencing pox in adulthood or if much brushing skin, it is typical for children.

Home treatment it is advisable to start immediately after the pimples of chicken pox covered with a crust and fall off.

  • Contractubex

Pharmacy means in the form of gel contains onion extract, which heals in the morning. On fresh scars, the gel should apply a thin layer, rubbing movements. Old cause with the stock and leave for 6-12 hours, during this time, avoid sunlight and temperature effects.

Any medication has analogues and contraindications, so before purchasing it is best to consult a doctor to not in the end had to pay twice.

  • Cocoa butter

If the scars are shallow and numerous, with the help of cocoa butter to remove scars from chicken pox on my face. How? – you will ask. Simply RUB it on the places affected skin several times a day. This tool will speed up the regeneration of cells, reduce the inflammatory effect and tighten the skin.

In fact cosmetic, medical and home remedies how to remove scar from burn, cut, disease, etc. a lot, and it should be chosen carefully and tailored to your skin. It is not necessary to delay the healing, if scars bother you much. It’s possible that by waiting you more and more complicate forthcoming treatment process.

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