Learn how to wear a pareo

How to tie pareoWhat is a pareo in our time, knows every woman, but his tie, alas, not every. Homeland pareo – Tahiti, French Polynesia. In Latin «pare» means a piece of fabric cover. Also called pareo clothes for holiday in handbags. Pareo-swimsuit — this is a unique and original outfit. Fabric for shawls usually choose light and bright, with an unusual pattern. Pareo you can tie the hips, tie at the waist or just draped over the shoulder. Beautiful pareo can make an outfit for relaxing on the beach, an outfit for going to the movies, restaurant.

ways of tying a pareo

And so learning to tie a pareo.

  1. Tie a pareo on the chest. The fabric is fold in half. So you will adjust the length of the scarf. Over the chest tie the knot. Long ends can be tied on the neck.
  2. If you have a big pair, it can wrap around your chest. Then one edge of the associated free end of pair. The other end will fall off freely. It’ll cast behind your back and stretch through the shoulder. Then fix it to the node.
  3. We make pareo top. This top will be a great replacement for the upper part of the swimsuit. Reversible scarf in half, you get two triangles. Ends twisted and tied at the back. The other two ends tie a knot around the neck.
  4. Another option top. Take the scarf over the ends and tie them around your neck. The lower ends wrap the waist and tie a knot in the front. Original top with open back ready.
  5. Make a pair of trousers. For this you will need two scarf of the same size. First tie a scarf on your hips, its lower ends to tie at the ankle of one leg. Another handkerchief tied in the same way, only the lower end is then tied to the ankle of the other leg.
  6. how to tie a pareo for the beachWe make pareo swimsuit. Take a scarf, preferably square, and knotted at the neck. The other ends of the handkerchief is passed between the legs and knotted at the waist.
  7. Can this option be done differently. Fasten the ends of the pareo on the chest, the other end is passed between the legs and fastened at the waist.

Experiment and you will always look original and unique. Of course don’t forget about the knots, they should be straightened and neat.

In addition to the above, watch this video which shows how to tie a pareo for the beach:

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