Waxing legs at home

Waxing legs at home: waxing, epilator, sugar.There are many methods of hair removal legs, but what from them to prefer? For this decision you will need information about the advantages and disadvantages of each type. It is about them and will be discussed in this article.

The types of hair removal legs

Epilation can be temporary, permanent, and spam.

Temporary forms of epilation include:

1) hair removal leg epilator (this unit can be both mechanical and electrical);

2) legs waxed;

3) waxing your legs using hair removal creams (can be used not only creams but also gels);

4) waxing your legs with sugar;

5) innovative tools for hair removal. They are not included in the first paragraph, as it allows to remove not only the hair that part of the hair that protrudes above the surface of the skin, but remove the hair at the base. As an example, epilators Rotary device with a rotating head.

Read more about permanent types

Laser hair removal legs – one of the permanent methods of hair removal. It is based on the fact that the radiation falls in the so-called dark layer of hair, causing damage to the hair follicle.

The advantages of this method are: the lengthy getting rid of hair or if the procedure was carried out repeatedly, then getting rid of hair permanently. Hair removal leg hair laser is considered the safest method. As disadvantages can be mentioned: the impossibility to determine in advance how many treatments needed for complete hair removal, and, in principle, no one, not even when being waxed legs in the cabin, can not give an absolute guarantee that the hair will not reappear. Laser hair removal is not suitable for removal of gray, light and red hair. Bad for the laser hair removal will cause the legs after hair removal will need not just careful, but even in highly efficient care. Thus, the laser in the wrong hands can lead to discoloration of the skin, burns, stains that will not disappear for quite a long period – a whole month.points and irritation on my legs after epilation

Hair removal by electrolysis is also a permanent way to remove hairs. Its essence consists in the following: the finest plaque penetrates into the hair follicle. This plaque acts as a conductor of electricity, which affects the area that is responsible for hair growth.

This method is considered the most safe and allows long to enjoy smooth feet. If we talk about the shortcomings, high price, often this type of hair removal is accompanied by quite severe pain, it is time-consuming. And, of course, get it wrong and electrolysis is very likely that the hair will grow back, there will be damage to the skin, the infection infection is also possible.

Removed the hair and using a flash lamp. And this is another permanent method of removing hairs. It involves the use of infrared radiation of low frequency and full spectrum of light. The radiation creates the necessary wave length and frequency. Light gets on the skin, then penetrates the follicles, causing mechanical or thermal damage.

This method will please long-lasting effect or that removes hair forever. If you use this method and the hair re-grow, they become softer and lighter. The method is considered safe, but it is understood that the level of security incomparable to wax waxing your legs or waxed legs cream. Disadvantages there are, in fact, like any other method. Thus, the flash lamp is effective at removing light hair. Also you should be especially careful, if the hair is removed with a dark skin. And, of course, if the procedure was wrong, to burns, to be spots.

How much does waxing your legs with the help of the flash lamp? Very expensive, such a procedure will afford not every girl.

Undesirable hair: what is it?

Cosmetics experts is not recommended to use IPL, transdermal electrolysis, the method of microwave hair removal, «cerastone» hair removal. These methods are not only dangerous but also hazardous to skin and women’s health. Some of them, for example, «cerastone» hair removal — questionable procedure, the principle of which is unclear.

How to prepare the legs for hair removal

Immediately before the procedure does not use cream, tan, other cosmetics, you should carefully examine the feet: if there is inflammation, spots, etc. hair removal, carried out in the presence of a skin injury, will only aggravate the condition and pain will naturally increase.

Foot care after epilation

Within a day after hair removal Foot care after epilation

You can not use creams, lotions, tan, cream after waxing. Otherwise the irritation in the legs after epilation can be caused or exacerbated.

But can and should: take a shower, use water and natural soap, baby soap. These products contain no additives and will not cause irritation.

Two days

When will the 48 hours not to sunbathe, visit a Solarium, take hot baths. Also often itchy legs after hair removal, but it is necessary to be patient and not to do it.

During this period, at the same time is to do the following: moisten the skin. Than to anoint his feet after epilation? Oils, creams, creams, which are able to saturate the skin with moisture.

It took 4-5 days

And again a question: than to smear legs after epilation? When expired 4-5 days after the procedure, you should continue to use a moisturizing cosmetic products and apply the scrub. It must be applied 1-2 times a week. This will prevent ingrown hairs.

What is it?

The dots on the legs after waxing or stains on the legs after epilation — it is not a good sign. Or skin reacts in a similar way, or is it a sign that the hair removal is done improperly. In any case, you should consult a dermatologist.

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