Methods of hair removal bikini in home

How to make a bikini waxAccording to the modern standards of beauty, a woman’s body should be well-groomed and has no place in it extra hairy. This applies not only to the feet: unacceptable appearance of women on the beach with well-groomed bikini area. And husband she is not happy. That is why women have to think about how to shave my intimate area at home and thus avoid irritation. Because then it will be impossible to appear on the beach, go swimming, and sometimes on a date.

To the question: «What better way to remove hair in the bikini area?» many will answer: in order to intimate area was always well-groomed it is necessary from time to time to go to beauty salons to do hair removal, it is better to give preference to a laser, because it permanently eliminates hair growth. This is not true: in 2-3 years the hairs will still grow. And to bring the hair that grow above the ground, to drop and termination of growth need 10 or even 20 procedures. The cost of one session may take a third of a minimum monthly income of able-bodied citizens.

Not every woman can afford laser hair removal. But to look good want. That is why the epilation and depilation bikini zone women prefer to do at home.

Types of hair removal in the bikini area at home

Depilation is hair removal without root with a particular zone. Plus the procedure is that it is painless. It cons – fast growth of hair and bristles. Waxing bikini area at home methods:

Regular shaving

Necessary items:

  1. Machine for shaving disposable or razor with sharp blade;
  2. Gel, foam or shaving cream;
  3. Hot and cold water.

Method of procedure:

  • To cut long hairs with scissors;
  • Apply cream, gel or foam to the area that you want to get rid of the hair;
  • Fingers to pull the skin;
  • Make necessary number of moves a razor in the direction of hair growth;
  • Wash off the foam, gel or cream with water.


Not the cheapest method of hair removal, but costs are coming first, and a quality electric shaver will last much longer than usual. There are two modes of this shave:

Dry – no gel and foam. Before the procedure the skin should be washed with soap and wipe dry to avoid irritation.

Wet with the use of these funds. The procedure is a little different from the shaving machine.

Hair removal cream

What you will need:

  1. The depilatory cream.
  2. Blade to eliminate hair.
  3. Water.


  • Apply a thick layer of cream on the bikini area;
  • Wait five minutes;
  • To remove hair with a blade;
  • Rinse with water.

Hair removal intimate areas in the home

What is epilation? It is also a hair removal, but the result is more durable than the result of hair removal, and some methods rid unwanted vegetation forever. Terms: «waxing bikini wax» or «waxing bikini area» are incorrect, because during this procedure the hair is removed from the root. The bikini wax performed in salons and at home.

Hair removal wax

  1. What you will need:
  2. Wax for hair removal;
  3. Fabric or paper strips;
  4. Oil
  5. Water.
  6. Soap.

Method of implementation:

  • Wax to heat up;
  • Apply a small amount on the bikini area;
  • Top to stick a strip;
  • Grasp the edge of the strip to make a sharp upward movement;
  • Soak the oil with a cotton swab and wipe the wax residue from the skin;
  • Wash off oil with soap and water.

The method described below is very inexpensive and effective. Some women believe that it is the best method for hair removal in the bikini area.

Sugar hair removal

What you will need:

  1. Sugar – 250 GM.
  2. Lemon juice – 2 ml
  3. Water – 100 ml

How to make:

  • Sugar mix well with water and lemon;
  • To heat at high temperature, not boiling(2-3 minutes);
  • Reduce the heat and keep the mixture for about 10 minutes;
  • Stir;
  • Put back on low heat;
  • When the sugar becomes caramel off the stove and wait 5 minutes.
  • The mixture should be transparent.

Method of application:

  • Slightly cool the mixture;
  • Applied to the skin;
  • Wait until hardens;
  • To remove the strip a few jerks along the hairline.
  • If you need to glue again.

Honey waxing


Med – 100 GM.

Sugar – 100 GM.

Lemon juice – 10 ml

Cotton fabric, cut into square strips.

Method of preparation:

Honey, sugar and lemon mix in a bowl;

Warm on a water bath until the sugar is melted;

Constantly stir.

How to apply:

  • The cooked mixture cool slightly;
  • Applied to the skin;
  • From top to glue a strip of cloth;
  • To take the edge of the strip and pull upwards against the hair growth.

Given as an example of the types of hair removal bikini area can slow hair growth for several weeks. But they should do repeatedly, they leave irritation on the skin and quite painful. Many people are afraid of this procedure, and they have the question: «How to make a painless bikini wax?»

Folk method

You need to:

  1. Immature nut or its juice.

Method of application:

  • Fruit wash
  • Cut in half;
  • Spread it over the problem areas.

Or this:

  • A few walnut grind;
  • Squeeze the juice from them;
  • Wipe the juice over the hair in the bikini area.

It’s a slow, but painless hair removal in the bikini area, so as to it do not need to pull out hair by the roots and burn the skin by chemical means.


Among these methods of hair removal in the bikini area is cheap and quite expensive. Some funds allow you to get rid of hair forever, but have a lot of side effects. There are effective ways, but, unfortunately, very painful. In any case, of all the methods provided, you can always find a suitable.

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