Waxing at home

waxing at homeEvery girl who cares about their appearance, carries out procedures for removing unwanted body hair. However, the methods of epilation or depilation of today differ markedly. Today we’ll look at one way to remove unwanted hair from the body waxing at home. How to save on money but not on quality, preferring the salon home procedure, will share in this article.

How to do a bikini wax at home?

Used for hair removal wax at different temperatures. This:

  • Hot wax (above 65 degrees Celsius);
  • Warm wax (around 50°C);
  • Cold wax (wax strips at room temperature or body temperature).

Each of these tools has a number of peculiarities and differences, but the algorithm is the procedure how to do a bikini wax, the same for everyone.

  1. Prepare the hair

The wax does not apply to the most sensitive unit of the hair removal. To ensure that the hairs came off easily, their length should reach at least 3 mm. Be patient and refrain from the razor for as long as your unwanted hairs will not grow back to size.

  1. Skin preparation

waxing at homeThe hair easier to pull out before waxing at home should be steam and take a bath close to hot. We won’t point out that in a hot bath has its contraindications, and I hope that you perceive the information individually in relation to itself.

In order to better wax stuck or fastened to the skin before epilation should go scrub on the areas with unwanted hair.

After bathing, wipe your body dry, as the wax is applied on a completely dry skin.

Before you do waxing, make sure you are not allergic to honey and wax. And before the very first procedure is to check effect on the small area of the body and observe the skin after a few days.

  1. Directly hair

Read more about the different types of hair removal will be discussed shortly. What you need to have is wax, which can be available in cosmetic departments, or wax strips, which are sold even in supermarkets indicating the type of the skin. Usually attached to the wax cloth and spatula with temperature indicator, and waxing strips in the kit are wet wipes to complete the procedure.

  1. Cleansing

Not to bring into the pores of the skin bacteria, particles of wax, hair and other completely unnecessary under the skin objects, complete hair removal should be cleaned with an antiseptic solution.

  1. Prevent irritation

Before waxing you need to take a warm bath to open the pores, and after that it will be useful to douche, that is the closure of pores. Remember that warm water opens your pores and cold compression. By the way, this is used for getting rid of blackheads and pores.

hair removal cold waxAfter almost every home wax on the skin are the remnants of this sticky part of the question than to wash off the wax after epilation. Just say: with water do the useless. Best suitable cosmetic base oil (e.g., olive, peach, or, in extreme cases, sunflower) or rich cream (e.g., children).

Another condition silky skin is the application of your favorite moisturizer after a shower. This will protect your skin from dryness and skachivaniya pimples and will also help remove wax residue easily.

Immediately after the procedure the skin will remain red spots, and do not be alarmed if they don’t want you to leave even a day. The time needed to soothe the skin, is three days. At this time, to avoid further irritation after waxing, you should refrain from tight clothing, sunbathing, and re-waxing. Not in a hurry to show off bare feet immediately after the procedure, you will have to do this more than a month.

The types of waxing

  • Hot wax

As the wax is applied on the skin, pleasantly warm, the pain from the procedure decreases. It is used in depilation of the bikini area.

After hair removal with hot wax is good to soothe the skin ice cubes, but if you pre-froze in the forms of decoctions of herbs or green tea, it will bring additional benefits to the skin.

The most important thing in hair removal with hot wax at home – to monitor the temperature of the wax manually or by using the indicator on the spatula for the application of the composition. Even if the surface temperature of the wax you are satisfied with, perhaps inside it is even hotter.

  • Warm wax

This procedure occupies an intermediate position between hot and cold wax. The risk of injuries and burns, reduced to almost zero, but the efficiency may decrease in comparison with the hotter counterpart.

  • Cold wax

Hair removal wax strips at home sometimes referred to as cold. This is the least complicated option of hair removal, because you don’t even need to heat and use a thermostat. On the other hand, jars of wax may be enough for you whole body, while the wax strips barely on his feet. It is a question of the cost of the procedure.

In each package of wax strips come with instructions, following which mistake is almost impossible.

Wax strips are typically designed for legs and underarms. For bikini and face should purchase another package.

Waxing or sugaring: which is better?

The quality of the procedure objectively can be assessed by several parameters: safety, degree of pain, the effectiveness of hair removal, the effect on the skin.

Go over each separately.

waxingIt is considered that sugaring does not cause allergies due to its composition, which includes water, glucose, lemon juice, fructose. You can pre-evaluate what people allergic to honey more than citrus. But statistics in this case you are unlikely to help if you are among the lucky ones who break out in a rash from the extra orange.

Second, the composition of the mixture shugaring can add essential oils, which act on each body individually.

Third, the fact that sugaring is less risk of skin burns is confirmed only in salons. Home as sugar and honey can easily overheat negligently.

The pain from epilation not so much determined by its method as by the correctness of the procedure and individual characteristics. Even during the menstrual phase affects the pain from the procedure: in some days even waxing, deep bikini jokingly tolerated, and in some moments even to pluck eyebrows without crying hard.

Consequently, neither wax nor sugar can’t objectively be compared on all parameters. Better to try both and make conclusions for themselves.

Waxing bikini

As you know, the intimate zone is the most painful for hair removal. It requires considerable endurance and patience.

Hair removal bikini wax at home and in the salon has a number of contraindications:

  • Open injuries of the skin;
  • The presence of moles;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Diseases related to poor blood clotting;
  • Epilepsy;

It is worth noting that the use of wax for hair removal bikini area has significant advantages:

  • Cheap;
  • With each treatment the hair becomes less hard and frequent;
  • Over time, pain is produced by «immunity», and move once the procedure is becoming easier;
  • Unlike hair removal by irradiation and currents, waxing at home does not affect deeper layers of the skin.

What to choose – the good old razor every day or once in two months to use the wax, you decide. Remember that beauty though and requires sacrifice, but their size only define you.

Stay beautiful!

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