Waxing at home

waxing at homeWhen there comes a warm time of the year and on the nose opening of the beach season, the issue of removing unwanted hair is becoming more and more relevant. All the ladies try to make your body as smooth, velvety, beautiful and attractive, and to achieve a decent result are willing to go to great lengths. Hot wax depilation is a popular procedure in all seasons, suitable for women with any skin type, and also for the removal of the most dark and hard hairs, in addition after the procedure is accomplished quite pleasant and long-lasting result.

Almost all beauty salons offer a wide range of services for removing unwanted vegetation on the body. But professional grooming can be done at home without wasting time and not paying for the services of a cosmetologist. Waxing at home has a number of advantages, the main thing to understand all the intricacies of procedure, not to make some mistakes, to be always «fully armed».

Epilation or depilation, what’s the difference?

We used to use these words as synonyms, because they mean hair removal. But there is a small difference, on which hair removal is hair removal with damage to the root structure, and hair removal – remove hair entirely, but without affecting follicles.

In other words, methods of hair removal are aimed at further stopping the growth of hair. That is, the required number of treatments, the hair will cease to grow in unwanted areas. Regular waxing at home, to achieve this effect is almost impossible. In order to turn the very root of the hair, making it lifeless, of course, need expert help and modern medicine: electric current, laser radiation of light of a certain frequency.

It would be better to call the wax produced at home «waxing», as this is a procedure that aims to remove hair for a period on average of 1-1. 5 months, but after a set time the hairs will again remind myself.

But since the differences between these two expressions is almost wiped out for most of girls, we allow ourselves here and continue to talk about waxing at home.

The advantages and disadvantages of waxing

The waxing, or else it’s called «waxing» is an ancient treatment, safely reached our time. It was carried out by the ancient Oriental beauties to make your body smooth and silky. Since then, this procedure has not changed much, and today is one of the most common for removing unwanted «vegetation.» Centuries of experience shows that waxing can be carried out safely from the comfort of home, because the procedure is simple and safe.

Speaking of hair removal wax at home, it can be noted the following advantages:

  • accessible and cheap way to get rid of excess hair;
  • the procedure can be carried out oneself.
  • does not require long time-consuming, but gives a fairly long lasting effect;
  • when used correctly, depilation with wax, do not cause any side effects and complications in the form of redness on the skin, irritation, itching, etc.;
  • with regular carrying out waxing slows down hair growth, they become thinner, softer, decreasing their density;
  • suitable for removing any hair type, density and stiffness.

If we talk about the shortcomings of the procedure, the main thing we need to note is pain. This is especially true of people with a low pain threshold and high sensitivity. But, as we know, the beauty demands some victims, so the short-term pain, and can endure.

Another disadvantage of waxing is that with wax removes only those hairs that are already quite in the industry of at least 3-5 mm, for removing very short hairs, the procedure is not suitable.

Also, be aware that the wax removes even the blond and vellus hairs, and in the future they may become hard and dark, so women with small or unnoticeable hairs on the body before you do the waxing, it is better some times to think.

How to do waxing?

To remove hair from the skin by means of wax, in any area of the body to perform the procedure is easy, you do not need a large time or monetary costs. The essence of the procedure is extremely simple. Here is a sample algorithm of actions how to do waxing:

  • on the desired area to apply hot wax for hair removal at home in the direction of hair growth;
  • on top of the smeared wax is applied a cloth or paper towel;
  • the warm wax penetrates to the root of the hair, enveloping him, then with him solidifies;
  • after fully hardening, sharp jerk of the hand, to remove tissue from the surface of the skin in the opposite direction from hair growth;
  • so, frozen on the cloth the wax is removed together with the root of the hair.

As a rule, depilation with hot wax at home, takes less than 30 minutes, and the effect of the procedure lasts 3 to 6 weeks.

In the period of preparation and depilation, girls can face some issues. Therefore, we are ready to provide clarification on the most popular ones.

How to melt wax? There are several ways to prepare the wax for use.

  • The easiest way to reheat the wax is to put it in a water bath. That is a jar of wax placed in a boiling pot of water. The wax boil is not necessary, he quickly melt. Usually, complete with a wax for depilation in house conditions, there is a special blade with a thermoregulator, which shows how optimal temperature for use. If the hot wax too much, before using it should be slightly cool so as not to burn the skin.
  • Heat the wax using a microwave oven. Important to remember that melted wax is extremely fast, and a couple of minutes in the microwave will be more than enough.
  • If waxing is your favorite procedure for hair removal, it makes sense to buy a special wax epilator, which is a set that includes a special heater for wax several cartridges with wax, dosed container, and a special applicator for application. With the help of this device the wax is heated to the desired temperature through a heating element in 15 minutes. Some girls are not the entire set as a whole, but only special hand tools for depilation in house conditions, which help to prepare the composition for application.

How to use wax for hair removal? There are some rules and guidelines how to use wax for hair removal:

  • if included with the wax there is no indicator tonC, before use, apply a small drop of wax on your wrist to determine how comfortable it t;
  • apply liquid wax you need to be as thin and uniform layer along the direction of hair growth;
  • budding experts in the field of waxing it is better to train legs and then go to more remote and sensitive areas;
  • do not apply wax on the same area several times in a row, as may occur in severe irritation.

Than you can remove wax after waxing? Often a source of difficulty in women who perform the procedure at home, can become excess wax or sticky layer on the skin that can greatly spoil the impression of depilation. To wash off the wax from the skin with water is almost impossible, as it firmly sticks to it and hardens. Therefore, there are a few unspoken than to remove wax after waxing if you’re:

  • blot with a tissue or cotton wool in a heated or any other cosmetic oil and carefully wipe them «sticky» until you feel that the skin is completely clean;
  • apply to sticky the place is very rich cream and wipe these places with a cloth until the wax will not depart;
  • if you have a bottle of oily lotion or spray, then grab him and put them on the right place;
  • if you are ready for waxing, then surely they have wipes designed to remove residue and adhesive layer, and gently Pat them on the desired areas of the skin.

What is the best wax for hair removal? The favorite question among women who are faced with lots of wax kits for bikini. There are the following types of wax for hair removal:

  1. Hot, often used for the treatment of intimate areas.
  2. Warm wax is considered the most secure for the procedures of the house.
  3. The cold will be quite efficient to remove small grown hairs.

Also, to date, developed another great tool for professional body care — film wax of hair removal. It does not set, has plastic and flexible texture, well removed without the use of napkins and accessories, it should warm up to body temperature, it also can be applied to the same work surface several times. How to use film wax for depilating, I know not all, but many women are already very fond of this innovative product.

So what should you be for waxing? You will need wax, a spatula for applying the wipes or the ready set wax means a wax, you may also need a little courage and an overwhelming desire to make your skin smooth, silky and seductive.

I hope we answered all your questions, we wish you a pleasant and painless depilation, beautiful and velvety skin!

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