Vitamins and minerals for healthy nails

Foods that contain vitamins for nails.The beauty of a woman is not only thick, lustrous hair and smooth skin, but beautiful, manicured hands. In this article, we will discuss vitamins for nails. Its beauty we women plastem men. But it’s nice in the first place, to have graceful hands with strong and healthy nails. To date, various problems can be solved in beauty salons. High quality and beautiful you can increase the nails and hair. But still, more joy and pride will bring us their own beautiful, healthy nails than trendy extensions.

Foods that contain vitamins for nails

what vitamins are needed for the nails

For beauty nails need regular care and feeding. Not do without special vitamins for nails. The lack of vitamins our nails react lamination, brittle, dry and ugly, are subjected to deformation and can be affected by fungus. It is important to know what vitamins are needed for the nails.

What are the benefits of vitamins and what vitamins are necessary for our nails all the time? A large part of the vitamins we get from food. Substances contained in foods that the body assimilates much better. Vitamins purchased at a pharmacy, you can also use, but some items can cause allergies, so you should always consult a specialist. And use them in the case that your nutrition can’t compensate for a lack of certain substances.

Fashionable today, dietary Supplements (biologically active additives) can compensate for a deficiency of necessary substances, but be very careful in their quality and safety.

Women who adhere to a diet, you need to remember about a balanced diet because nails are the first responders to the lack of various substances and become brittle and rough, and lose its luster. A similar problem is observed with the hair. Below we will tell you what are the necessary vitamins for hair and nails.

The lack of vitamins A and E, elements, magnesium, calcium, iodine nails will show you your fragility, dryness and thickening of the nail plate.what to drink vitamins for nails

Fat-soluble vitamins A and E, so you should not deprive the body of fats. In your diet must include foods such as butter, chicken and pork liver, oily fish, eggs, cheese, vegetables and fruit. Vitamin a – retinol, which is sold in pharmacies, it is recommended to take only after consultation with your doctor, as excess of this vitamin can bring you harm.

Vitamin E for your nails should always be taken with vitamin A, as they are easily digested and work in the body. Vitamin E is in vegetable oil, egg yolk, milk, green salad, beans and cereals, nuts.

A large amount of calcium contained in dairy products, cheese, meat, cabbage, eggs, fish and seafood, spinach, nuts, legumes, figs. For the best digestion of the calcium must be taken with vitamin D, which is important for nail growth. Vitamin D is found in butter, fish and fish liver, cheese, cottage cheese, milk, but still, more quantity in the body is produced by the action of sunlight.

The iodine contained in the seaweed, shellfish, fish. Just a small amount of iodine contained in a green salad, spinach, mushrooms, carrots, pineapples, milk.

It is necessary in your diet to include products such as nuts, seeds, cheese, cereals, sweet green peppers, potatoes, poultry, bread from wheat flour, blackberries, bananas, kohlrabi, which contains the required amount of magnesium. The same products contain many minerals and vitamins, so make your diet balanced is not so difficult.

In the absence of such trace elements, like silicon, the nails lose their elasticity. Silicon is found in many plants.

If the nails appear white spots and depressions in the form of points, then you have struck the nail bacterial infections. All of this suggests a lack of vitamin C and vitamin A, as well as such trace elements as zinc.lemon for your nails

Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, tomatoes, potatoes, herbs, vegetables and fruits. In order for your nails to make it lighter and to get a shot of vitamin C to strengthen, soak them in lemon pulp.

Legumes and cereals, greens, leeks, nuts, seafood contain an element such as zinc.

From lack of vitamins B5, PP and the element selenium your nails will become dull, yellowish-grey on the nail plate may appear the striations or stripes.

Cereals, bran, eggs and chicken meat, offal, yeast, broccoli, seeds, nuts, mushrooms – a source of vitamin B5. Very important for women is vitamin b complex.

Vitamin PP — nicotinic acid is found in seeds, brown rice, nuts, yeast, white mushrooms, fish and meat, eggs and milk.

Smooth and shiny nails, you are guaranteed an element such as selenium. Eat black currants, olives, eggs, offal, bran, garlic, seaweed.

If your body lack of iron, the nails will react to this unhealthy color and a thin, uneven, concave surface. This element is contained in foods such as meat and liver, tuna, poultry, zucchini, cabbage, peas, oats, legumes, fruits and berries. Iron is best absorbed with vitamin such as vitamin C and element fluorine. Fluoride is found in nuts, cereals, tea, meat, eggs, milk, fish and shrimp, potatoes, onions, spinach, apples and grapefruits.vitamins for fast nail growth

Vitamin H — Biotin, a very important vitamin, not only for nails, but for the beauty as a whole. This vitamin rich foods such as the kidneys and liver of animals, meat, ox heart, egg, fish, cheese, milk. Biotin rich as well and many plants.

The deformation of the nail can cause the lack of such elements as sulfur. So to eat you must constantly fresh salads, eggplant, cabbage, onion, garlic, buckwheat and oatmeal.

Foods that contain gelatin, jellied meat and fish, mousses, marmalades and jellies, will help you avoid the fragility and brittleness of nails. People with increased blood clotting in this case, you must be careful as gelatin has the property of thickening the blood.After reading the information above, you will decide what are the best vitamins for nails.

Folk remedies to strengthen nails

Folk recipes will help you to strengthen nails, prevent modification and to provide them with minerals and vitamins.

vitamin e for nailsA simple recipe of herbs with vegetable oils. Take fresh dill, parsley, celery, parsley or other herbs. Slice them as fine as possible and place in a glass jar, then pour any vegetable oil so that the oil reaches the upper layer of the herbs. Best suited to olive oil or flax seed oil. Let stand 2 days. Then take one tablespoon before Breakfast.

Calcium, which is essential to our nails you can get from the eggshell. Wash the shell thoroughly and dry. Then grind it and pierce about 10 minutes in the oven. After all this grind into a powder. Store the powder in a closed jar in a dark cool dry place. Take powder one teaspoon of 1 times a day for two weeks. Calcium in this form is well absorbed by the body.

Horsetail a great remedy for lacosta nails. Every day brew and drink as tea two cups.

Collection to strengthen nails. For the infusion we need two parts the roots of couch grass, three parts of flowers of an elder black, one of the nettles, shepherd’s purse, stems of alder. One teaspoon of this collection pour into a thermos and pour one Cup of boiling water. This infusion should be infused for six hours and strain. Infusion, take ten days half a Cup three times a day. This infusion should be prepared each day and not stored for long.

Folk recipes and vitamins for nail growth

Cook the cream for nail growth. We will need 5 grams of beeswax, which should be melted in a water bath, then to it add 5 grams of crushed yolk of hard-boiled eggs and 40 ml of calendula oil. All of this is warmed in a water bath and stir. When our weight becomes as sour cream, the ointment is ready. Rubbing this ointment before going to bed.

To accelerate the growth of nails can help us the following the cream. Mix 30 milliliters of aloe juice, two tablespoons cream, 40 drops of calendula oil, sea buckthorn and burdock. The cream should be rubbed into the nail plate and the cuticle.

In order for your nails delighted us with his brilliance, strength and health all need to remember that vitamins a, E, C — strengthen nails calcium will provide them hardness, iodine and b vitamins will speed up their growth, iron will restore the structure of the nail, the silicon will give elasticity, sulphur will save our nails and cuticles from various inflammations.

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