Types of nails

1f90aadeIn today’s world it seems that service modeling has been around forever. Probably one of the women not currently in use on the nail. The procedure of nail extension has undergone a lot of innovations, now, perhaps, we can safely say that it is a regular manicure. In addition to extended always remain on top of their own nails, but to keep them in great shape, you need to carefully monitor them. In this article, we would like to tell you about the types of nail tools for their enhancement and protection and just about the beauty of women’s hands.

types of nails: natural nailsNatural nails, first of all, an indicator of excellent health. The nail plate is a hard layer, which combines keratin, liquid, proteins and fats. A huge problem for the natural nails to become dry. If the nail plate is dry, the nails begin to flake, become less elastic and just break down. Very harmful for natural nails are different detergents, so try to use them with gloves on.

the types of graft nails photoTo strengthen the natural nail plate should not forget about the use of vitamins. Especially well your nails grow and strengthen in the summer, so it’s «vitamin» period. Alas, sooner or later your natural nails break, and that women’s hands have always been on the height we have to think about artificial nails.

You need to understand that modern means on care of nails is quite expensive and requires constant correction. Although if you compare the cost of services for the care of natural nails and artificial, you can make a choice in favor of the latter. Read the article about how to care for gel nails? and compare for yourself.

Firming fluid for the nails often presented in the form of nail Polish that it consists of smallest substances that strengthen the nail plate. Read more about nail strengthening with gel read in this article.

the types of nail shapesPlastic tips – tips. Using the tips of the nails can be artificially lengthened. Their size must be suitable to the shape of your nail. On the tip of the natural nail plate apply a small tips, thereby the nail becomes longer.

Acrylic nails are made of a special acrylic powder. Acrylic nails are very durable. A mixture of acrylic powder must penetrate the nail plate to the nail is made rough by using a special turning. A special compound is formed into the desired shape, then, after drying your nails shaped.

what types of nails areGel nails they are made of acrylic gel is applied to your nail with several layers, and each layer is dried in a special lamp.

False nails are often made of plastic and are glued on the glue, as well as other propped up on the shape of your finger.

No matter what type of nails you choose, the main thing that your hands have always been beautiful and well-groomed, and you never want to hide them in his pockets.

The false nails. Let’s take a closer look at the types of nail.

  1. The nail is attached to the finished form of acrylic or gel. Acrylic compared to gel more durable. But he, too, has a drawback — toxicity.
  2. Tipsovy capacity. On the tip of the nail tips attached, acrylic or metal plastic. It happens that tips make disposable paper.

In addition to the article, watch the video «types of nail shapes»:

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