How to choose the right bangs

types of bangsHairstyles with bangs was relevant at all times, changing only the shape, color or length. Blindly follow the fashion and imitate the Hollywood beauties we recommending you not. Instead, I advise you to pick out suitable options bangs in the first place depending on face shape and hair structure. Of course, to follow the fashion trends and popular individuals, who are similar to your type, it is necessary, but not for imitation, but for inspiration. And more details to understand what types of bangs are, and how to choose the most appropriate option will help this article.

Why do you need bangs?

Special reasons in order to change the image, the girls do not have to look: I wanted to refresh the image or even change a life. Planning to trim bangs yourself, weigh all the pros and cons, because it will then grow long enough.

The first plus for bangs is its ability to adjust the shape of the face, bringing it closer to the ideal oval. You need to know, what are the different types of bangs, and to highlight its advantages and disadvantages.

The second advantage is that the bangs will attract the eye of others towards your eyes.

The third plus ensures that wrinkles, pimples and other imperfections will not be noticeable on your forehead.

Well, among the shortcomings can be identified more frequent shampooing, because bangs often get dirty because of the close contact with sebaceous glands on the forehead. If you are the owner of oily skin type, the presence of bangs can contribute to more frequent appearance of pimples.

Shape bangs

In fact, ways to cut bangs huge amount. Not necessarily to follow the established canons and only select from the options. Today in fashion bold and daring images, so you will need imagination when selecting your style. We have identified only the main form, on which you can rely.

  1. Straight bangs

Many people, when it comes to bangs, it seems this version: video severe bangs. She was at the peak of popularity a couple of years ago, now increasingly make the image more simple and easy, which is not always consistent with perfectly rounded bangs that you want every morning to style and straighten. Straight bangs can close eyebrows, and can be much shorter. Last option is actual and to this day the stars, he can hide a high forehead and give the image a twist.

Options straight bangs large number, so the question is, who goes straight bangs, has no clear answer. A lot depends on length, density, sparseness and width. Especially suitable for girls with oval face.

  1. Video ragged bangs

Adding to the classic straight bangs a little playfulness, namely making it a bit more messy and ragged, you can achieve a fashionable image. This fringe helps to visually soften too elongated oval face, it looks good with long hair and a short Bob. Straight bangs, which lies freely and naturally, makes a person more youthful and fresher.

  1. Bangs with strands on the sides

If you cut bangs to keep the edges of two strands of greater length visually make a wide face narrower. Strands that border the oval face add femininity, especially if them a little twist. Even if you remove all the hair left strands make the look boring. Side curls are combined with straight and oblique bangs. The particular form depends on what facial features you would like to change or emphasize.

  1. Oblique bangs

Bangs on ECOSOC is at an oblique parting of the hair. If you want to refresh your hairstyle without making drastic changes to your look, side-swept bangs to help you. The fact that you don’t have to cut the bangs shorter than the eyebrows, it is enough to cut it compared to the rest of the length of the hair, it will look interesting and new.

Oblique bangs can be well-defined, ragged or, as we have said, almost to merge with the hair line. Another advantage over the straight fringe is more than simple styling.

Oblique bangs don’t need to straighten and try to eliminate the gaps in your hair after a normal blow-drying it already looks nice and relaxed.

  1. Curved bangs

Bangs arc can be called a classic option that looks good with short and long hair. However, it should be avoided by women with curly hair, because this kind of bangs will be very difficult to style every morning.

Such bangs will not work for older women, as well as owners of round and full face. Triangular and rectangular face, opposite, perfectly neytralizuya that hair.

  1. Graduated bangs

These bangs unlike other very difficult to cut yourself. It has several levels and does not look uniform flow of hair. This hairstyle gives her the possessor of playfulness and femininity. While there are no strict limits on the type of entity. One thing to consider is the length. Women with round face are recommended to do this kind of bangs above the eyebrows, and rectangular and oval below.

  1. Rare bangs

This kind of hairstyles suitable curly girls, because it requires the least care and attention. The best thing to do in this case along the side parting and diagonally. The hair can also be softened visually with such a Bang, but then its length must not exceed 5 cm, otherwise the bangs can have a tendency to stick and mint.

  1. Separated bangs

You could even say that this is not the way to get a haircut, and the method of installation. The division in two, suitable for straight and oblique bangs. This elegant stroke helps pull a face and to visually conceal a high forehead. Besides, if you spent a lot of time with bangs and wanted a change in character, can split it on both sides, if you refresh your look.

How to choose bangs

The first thing you should pay attention when choosing bangs is face shape. Of course, a role played by age, temperament and structure of the girl’s hair, but this is of minor factors.

Before you make the bangs, you need to determine what is the purpose of your transformation. Of course, the fringe is designed to bring your face form, which is considered the perfect oval.

  1. Round face

That’s really who is not straight bangs, short or heavy, so girls with a round face. Such forms increase the appearance and make the face wider. And suitable in this case, oblique bangs with milled tips. It will visually elongate the face and make it more correct. Also for round face suggest to produce long strands on the sides.

  1. Rectangular face

The face of this type is needed from the outside to soften a little, making the cheekbones a bit less expressive. Add a feminine touch will help bangs with an arch or arc, but it should not be too heavy, that is, before the end of the image better to make the profile ends. Girls with this type of person should avoid sharp geometric bangs. Even if you think that this is a very fashionable bangs, think about whether they are suited to you, or consult a good hair stylist.

  1. Triangular face

This is one of the rare types of persons. Suits side-swept bangs from the crown or a complex asymmetric. Must remain on one eyebrow, the other should be hidden behind the bangs. Thus, the face will visually appear more oval and correct.

  1. Oval face

Well, who comes to bangs, it’s the girls with oval face. Moreover, it can be absolutely any bangs depending on your mood and attitude. For oval face there are no strict restrictions when choosing a hairstyle.

However, when choosing bangs for an oval face, there are other factors that you should pay attention: the height of the forehead, the degree of elongation of faces etc. Straight or curved bangs are suitable for almost all girls of this type, uniform length: the average or more.

Well long bangs hide a high forehead, wrinkles, and also visually shorten the face. Middle bangs will be suitable for owners of long and less short hair. Rare bangs are designed to highlight the softness and femininity of the face, and thick – skul.

Short bangs for oval face opens it, makes your eyes and cheekbones more expressive. It gives less discomfort compared to other lengths, but also to experiment with it in more limited ways.

  1. Pear-shaped face

This type of person is massive chin and a narrow forehead. To make a balance in the face of this form, it is recommended to make a thick oblique bangs and more volume at the top and with the thin ends at the bottom.

  1. Diamond face

Another rare type of person, characterized by wide cheekbones, narrow chin and narrow forehead. Women with such oval belong to the category who looks good without bangs. If you still want to make a highlight in the image, you can make a long fringe on two sides, that is, slightly shortened strands running along the face, in comparison with other hair.

So, to sum up the discussion, we can say that fringe is almost all girls. The main question is how to choose a shape and length to become even more beautiful. Well, to create their own look with bangs or without, to decide in the end, only you. Don’t be afraid to experiment and play with your hair, because appearance often depends on the mood and a woman’s life.

If you know which are the bangs in addition to the above or you want advice on how to choose bangs, leave your comments below.

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