Turpentine bath for weight loss

Turpentine baths for weight loss.Diet, hunger, sports, special clothing – all of these tools are very popular today among women who are watching their weight and figure. Also, one of the most popular remedies is turpentine baths for weight loss.

The basis of this tool is turpentine, which, oddly enough, has an excellent and varied properties. So how valid turpentine bath for weight loss?

turpentine bathsTurpentine is very well cleanses the blood vessels (capilary), he also has an excellent effect on blood circulation. Bath of turpentine is widely used in the prevention and of traditional medicine, it has properties for treatment of certain diseases. First, the turpentine has been used for treatment, but patients who use turpentine, began to notice that it is very good for weight loss, also lost the bone pain, improves skin condition.

Today, in addition to diet and other weight loss actively used turpentine baths. But, applying them, we must remember that after bathing weight fast will not disappear, you need repeated use of such baths. Taking turpentine bath during the week you can lose 1 to three pounds, but at the same time, you should observe a diet (or to follow some diet). In our view, the need for turpentine baths during the diet is very important, as turpentine, thanks to its properties, affects the whole body and revitalizes it.


turpentine baths at home

Turpentine baths are widely used in cosmetic and health purposes. These baths can be used not only in medical offices but also at home. Turpentine baths at home — is the best remedy to relax the body and increase vital tonus. It is shown that regular reception of the turpentine baths slows the aging process, improves immunity and promotes the burning of fat in the human body.

There are two kinds of turpentine solution yellow and white. But even turpentine baths have contraindications. If you suffer from cardiovascular diseases you absolutely contraindicated to use this procedure. Turpentine baths with varicose veins can be used, but with extreme caution. Hot baths absolutely contraindicated! Also if you have various chronic diseases and prone to allergic reactions, also do not use turpentine bath. A bath you need to apply from 5 to 15 minutes. The first appointment must not exceed 5 minutes and the time of reception can be increased. Water this procedure should be hot. When immersed in the bath in any case do not affect the heart. A bath is recommended 2-3 times per week, a course of 15-20 days. Remember, to conduct a turpentine bath for weight loss contraindicated. You can get this procedure in a dedicated cabin. Independently this procedure is dangerous for life.


In almost any disease, as a treatment, doctors recommended for turpentine baths: liver and kidney, respiratory system, gynecological diseases, obesity, neuralgia, colds, and many others.

Turpentine baths zalmanova are the most common among other types. Zalmanov A. S. — Russian physician, he developed the technique of healing the body with baths, which contain in their composition of turpentine. These baths should be applied for a particular user.

Turpentine baths — usage instructions

  • In the tub filled with warm water (temperature about 37 degrees). Moreover, the water temperature must be maintained the entire procedure, you need to constantly keep in water thermometer and add hot water as it cools down.
  • The necessary instruction solution with turpentine, stir in a little water, and then pour into the prepared bath.
  • Bathe in the bath for 5-20 minutes.
  • After the procedure, not to wipe the body, wrapped in a soft cloth to lie down on the bed and cover with blankets for 2 hours.

Before taking turpentine baths — approval of the physician must!


in the photo the yellow turpentine baths

With the help of our article you learned about the wonderful properties of turpentine, and learned the essence of turpentine baths for weight loss, now, visiting a beauty salon, to maintain weight loss, you will be able to choose the desired treatment, and monitor the correctness of its implementation.

How to take turpentine bath, see the video:

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