Trimming your own hands

Trimming your own hands

In order to properly give your eyebrows the desired shape, you need to follow a few simple tips to go smoothly.

Trimming your own hands

1. Never rush, because plucked hair will take very long time to grow again.

2. Some desirable tools to do them was more comfortable, like a big mirror, tweezers with round tips, brush for combing eyebrows (you can use from the carcass), which you will also be able to wipe the removed hair and cotton swabs.

3. You must always include the eyebrow line: the higher it is, the eyes seem bigger and more expressive, and the face prettier. So never pluck the top line of the eyebrows, even if you wanted to make a very thin eyebrows.

4. Before processing of the eyebrows should be cut long hairs with scissors and then brush them with a brush.

5. Remember that you must remove the hairs from the inner part of the eyebrow to the outside. We should not forget that they are plucked only in the direction of hair growth.

6. Naturally, you will hurt a little (especially if this procedure you do the first time). In order to soften the pain, you need a few simple techniques that must be used. For a few minutes before starting the procedure, moisten a cotton pad in warm or hot water and apply on the eyebrow. And to remove the redness apply the same swab but dipped in cold or ice water.

7. After the procedure, the trimming must be processed the skin tonic containing alcohol, and apply any soothing cream.

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