Treatments for weight loss

Treatments for weight lossNowadays, there are many treatments that help to get rid of excess weight. But today we will talk about procedures for weight loss that most effectively fight overweight. If you want to make one in a couple of sizes smaller and to get rid of cellulite, then pay close attention to these three most effective treatments for weight loss.

Effective procedures for weight loss

Honey wrap

Now very popular home body wrap for weight loss. Wrap with honey not only promotes weight loss but also has a number of other useful actions. As you know med accelerates the cell renewal, thereby rejuvenating the skin and improving the body’s defenses. Honey wrap enhances immunity, normalize metabolic processes in the subcutaneous fat, reduce body fat, activates lipolysis. And after treatment and honey wrap in the body is not retained excess fluid and swelling disappear. Toxins and waste products is also gradually released.treatments for weight loss

Honey wrap includes a first light relaxing massage or a deep cleansing scrub, cosmetic clay and other means. Then the body is covered with a special essence for wraps, which is covered with a sheet of polyethylene. Then take a total body massage and a warm shower. After taking a shower to get wet body with a towel and wrapped up for half an hour in a blanket, resting in the relaxation room. At the end of the procedure, the body does not cause cosmetic products for long preservation effect and honey wrap, the skin was hydrated, smooth and silky. You should walk at least 5 of these procedures to achieve a positive result. In addition to the wraps, is popular as massage with honey. In addition to home treatments are more treatments for weight loss in the cabin.

Other types of body wraps for weight loss read the article /obertyivanie-ot-tsellyulita


water therapy for weight lossThis kind of liposuction using ultrasound, or in other words fat removal without surgery. According to experts, the method of cavitation recognized by the world experts as one of the most painless and effective procedures for weight loss and cellulite treatment. After the cavitation gradual adjustment of the figure, and eliminates body fat.

This slimming treatment carried out using a special apparatus with multiple nozzles that allow the ultrasound in problem areas. During cavitation collapses the adipose tissue on any area of the body. Beauticians during the procedure using special tools that improve and enhance the result as well as fight fat deposits.

To obtain a significant result, you need to go from 5 to 10 sessions of cavitation treatments with a break of 5 days, all depends on the amount of excess fat and neglect cellulite.

Vacuum massage

One of the varieties of vacuum massage is cupping massage cellulite. This type of massage can break even the most advanced cellulite. He held two ways, with the help of massage cans and a special apparatus with different attachments. The principle of vacuum massage is the differential pressure on the surface of soft tissue, which allows to study deep layers. When this tissue is freed from toxins, and metabolic processes in the body are enhanced. This is due to the increased lymph flow, blood flow and the sweat and sebaceous glands. Typically, a session lasts 40 minutes. To achieve the desired result, you need to undergo at least 10 sessions of vacuum massage.

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