Trainer cardio slim

Technique is the most efficient for the quality of training, because it all muscles of the body get the required load. Clearly intelligent design, in this way, even a short lesson provides all the maximum muscle work.

Technical characteristics of the trainer Cardio Twister Slim

Trainer cardio Twister slim

Trainer Cardio slim has such options:

  • Material – solid steel;
  • Capacity (maximum) – up to 110 kg;
  • Height (with stand) – 121,9 cm;
  • Weight – 14,7 kg;
  • Base Cardio slim – 57,2 x 67,3 cm;
  • Package dimensions – 47 x 29 x 57 cm
  • Weight (including packaging) – 15,7 kg

The advantages of the simulator for the figure

Advantages and positive sides of the exerciser Cardio slim set:

  1. At the same time trains the whole body.
  2. Does not load on the joints and spine.
  3. Saves the cost of the club.
  4. Compact size and ergonomic design.
  5. Easy to use.
  6. Possible Assembly and disassembly.
  7. The load level is adjustable.
  8. Management and the calculations are performed on the onboard computer.

How to work out to lose weight

Before purchasing the trainer stepper Cardio slim, try to do first a trial exercise using sale items in the store. The action will allow to understand, convenient for you so a short stroke of the pedals. Though the technique gives the load on the maximum number of muscle groups, but, nevertheless, it is not necessary to convince yourself that one day hips will get much smaller and your stomach «stick» to the back. To lose weight you will begin, if will hold regular sessions at least 15 minutes.

Trainer cardio slim

The main feature of the device is that you can not only walk, but to do rotary motion body, at the same time to lower and raise legs, move hands. Each simulator standard, is required to the user with a detailed description of the unique programme of work. Cardio slim helps to lose weight and develop muscle. To do this:

  1. First, install the equipment on a flat surface. You can use a rubber Mat then the trainer stepper Cardio slim will not move during class. Check, in parallel, or the foundations are pedals.
  2. Carefully step on the treadmill. The class began! Again it is better to do smooth steps. You may notice that the steering wheel makes a pendulum motion, with this in mind, take a more comfortable position.
  3. Carefully get off the cardio equipment, removing first one leg, then the other.

The figure will become slim and beautiful shape, if you combine lessons on the simulator with proper nutrition. Limiting itself in the use of high-calorie foods, weight loss process will go much faster, and the weight will drop naturally. After a few weeks you will notice changes in appearance not only, trying on old clothes, but looking in the mirror.

Are there any contraindications to training

Unique simulator cardioscope will help everyone to strengthen the body and overcome the extra pounds. Contraindications to employment are problems with the spine and joints, chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, pregnancy and viral infections. If your medical condition is normal, you can safely get on the treadmill Twister. Activity in the postoperative intervention should be arranged with a doctor watching you.

Where to buy and how much is the trainer Cardio Twister

Buy exercise equipment for legs stepper Cardio slim in the official store Sportmaster or from the comfort of your home by making a purchase on the Internet. Prices in Moscow for the device starts from 6 thousand rubles. The maximum rate – 10 thousand rubles. If monitoring sites, actually buy with big discount 30-40%. The price and delivery times vary by region. Transportation equipment can range from 300 to 1900 rubles. Organizations available to order cardio equipment wholesale on favorable terms.

Video: how to assemble the trainer stepper Cardio Twister

Real customer testimonials, and doctors

Irina, 48 years

Colleagues gave me a trainer stepper Cardio slim, because I know that the figure and health for me is very important. First, not quite worked, could not get into a rhythm, and then my legs went in the right direction. Tried to do video, but do not have time for young girls, leading Wellness training.

Timothy, 52 years

As an experienced nutritionist I can say that the simulator Bradex unique as Cardio slim. Through proper diet in conjunction with training, many of my patients lose weight. In addition, significantly improved readings of ECG, people have become much easier to pass a certain distance. Trainer earned my respect.

Tatiana, 28 years

Excess weight I do not suffer, but when I don’t go to the club, begins to appear cellulite. Ordered a stepper exercise machine Cardio slim, so you can at home to maintain the shape. Did conclusions for themselves: excellent tools for rehabilitation and for exercise. I think if you practice regularly, weight loss will not keep itself waiting long!

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