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Every self-respecting woman has in her cosmetic bag huge number of different means to care for themselves. But in fact, the skin need only a few effective cosmetic stuff. However, hanging on us shelves with a large number of cosmetics invites you to buy and try something new, not always us, dear women, need.

I will tell You some little secrets on how to keep Your skin long healthy, without spending all a lot of money, and having everything you need.

The first secret is to cleanse the skin. The main objective of the tools for cleaning up Your facial skin is to remove excess dirt, opening the pores and preparing the skin for subsequent treatments. So this is a must-have for every woman, regardless of age.

Such care products skin should not contain soap and alcohol, and have a perfect fit for Your face type.

After the procedure of cleansing, wipe the face tonic. This tonic should not contain alcohol and to suit your skin type.

Further — hydration. Always use a simple cream to moisturize before bed and in the morning the cream that will protect You from the sun with SPF 15.

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