The ways and means to grow eyelashes at home

what helps the growth of eyelashesLush and long eyelashes is the dream of almost all representatives of the female population from a very young age. It is clear that today the market offers a variety of mascara, and Curling methods, extensions, etc. But most often the means for the growth of eyelashes at home, girls are turning just after a failed experiment with lashes. What home treatments help to restore eyelashes, let’s talk today.


Record for positive reviews on the Internet are a composition of various oils. The reason is that the vegetable oils include a number of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals are essential for enhanced growth of eyelashes.

In fact, to grow eyelashes beautiful and strong, you can use any oil, even sunflower, it also contains a lot of useful components as the more expensive oils. But if you decide to take seriously the question of how to increase the growth of eyelashes, choose your oil composition, based on their needs and financial capabilities. Read the properties of the oil, before applying it on the skin, and also make sure you are not allergic to it. We will give some effective oils.

  1. Castor

How to accelerate the growth of eyelashes at homeWhen it comes to what oil to smear eyelashes for growth, is not without castor oil. It also has a positive effect on eyebrows. But accolades about the effect of castor oil on the lashes on the Internet and so nowhere else. We want to point out a few nuances.

First, castor oil is suitable for feed, heal and moisturize eyelashes than for their growth. In order to achieve a noticeable growth of eyelashes at home, they must use of the month. The visible result you are unlikely to reach after two weeks. If you just want to make their eyelashes long and beautiful, than they are from nature and you do not have time limits, feel free to use the «castor oil». But if you do become the victim of a bad eyelash extension or for another reason lost hairs, most likely you will not want to wait long for the effect. For information about restoring the eyelashes after eyelash extensions read the link /kak-vosstanovit-resnitsyi-after-narashhivaniya/

Second, pay attention to the quality of the oil, this applies to any product that you plan to apply to the lash line. However, almost all the oils used for eyelash growth at home are not that expensive, and you can find them in any pharmacy.

Thirdly, every girl is an individual, and helping one to grow long eyelashes, may not help another. Do not despair if this happened to you. Experiment with compounds and masks.

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  1. Burdock

This oil is included in virtually any mask for eyelash growth, but it also positively affects hair growth and eyebrows. It can be used both in pure form and adding in different compositions.

  1. The wheat germ oil

It is used to give lashes volume and length and is also considered a tool that called an ambulance for the rehabilitation of the eyelashes.

  1. Other

As we have said, vegetable oils are useful to all, but each in its own way. And here’s another that promotes growth of eyelashes: sea buckthorn oil, almond, coconut, grapeseed, rosehip, peach.


Another issue that causes breakage and loss of eyelashes is a deficiency of vitamins. This is particularly a problem for Mature age, when the body is not so quick to replenish the stocks of useful elements on your own. Then a great way what to do to grow eyelashes, is to use vitamins.

It is best to use vitamins for eyelash growth oil-based, but it is only a matter of convenience. Okay, not to put vitamins on your eyelashes for long-term and good results, it is important to stick to the diet and to compensate for the deficiency of trace elements in the body not only outside but inside.

Trying to find that helps to grow eyelashes, make sure you buy the vitamins a, E And B. They prevent breakage and loss of eyelashes, making them longer and more supple. Without vitamins A and E impossible the formation of keratin, which is the main part of eyelashes and hair.

What to do to grow eyelashes?

All the above oils and vitamins can be used for eyelashes in pure form, but much more effectively prepared on the basis of their composition.

The most effective mask for eyelash growth involves 4-5 castor oil, 2-3 drops of burdock, almond oil, jojoba, avocado, grape and peach kernels to choose from and few drops of vitamin A and Is.

Easy to cook this recipe for the growth of eyelashes at home for a long time, because oil and vitamins may be stored at room temperature for several months. In this case, increase the proportions depending on your containers. To store such a composition is conveniently used a jar of ink, which must be very carefully washed and dried. Poorly washed containers can cause unpleasant odors in the oil, it is a signal that you need to prepare a new mixture. To make it easier to wash a tube of mascara, remove the dispenser.

So, here we’ve prepared a mask for eyelash growth, you now need to apply it daily on your eyelashes or on the line of their growth. In the first case, use the same mascara brush from old mascara, and in the second you will need a thin brush of eyeliner or for drawing.

Some suggest applying the composition at night, so he worked longer on damaged hair. But as there is a tight contact with the eyes, there is a risk that the next morning you Wake up crying with bags and puffiness around the eyes. Therefore, the mask for the growth of eyelashes at home is best applied in the evening after cleansing the eye makeup and remove excess funds after some time. By this time meant 1, 2 or 3 hours, depending on how you will succeed.

Other ways

Not only oils and vitamins contribute to the growth of luxuriant eyelashes. You can add a variety of products.

  1. Parsley

Chop the herbs and pass it through a sieve to separate the juice, mix it with an oil composition or castor oil and leave for days. During this time, you can apply composition to the eyelashes every night.

How to grow long eyelashes at home

  1. Aloe

For eyelash growth you need a 100% natural aloe Vera juice, which you can get if you have this plant or buy frozen. The juice is added to the mixture of oils and vitamins, and you can apply it on the lashes in pure form. You can cut an aloe leaf, grease it with castor oil and apply to cleansed lashes for 5 minutes, then remove the composition with a napkin.

  1. Massage

In order to grow thick and long eyelashes, you can massage the line of their growth, pre-lubricated. Than to smear eyelashes for growth, you decide, you can use any recipe described above. RUB the mask gently, not strongly pressing, you need this procedure to only a pleasant, but not pain.

How to make eyelashes thick written in the article at the link /kak-sdelat-resnitsyi-gustyimi/

  1. Decoctions of herbs

In addition to the use of oils for the growth of eyelashes at home once a week to make compresses of infusions of herbs: parsley, nettle, chamomile, black tea, sage, etc. in addition strengthen lashes, this procedure will help you to remove puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

  1. Natural dyeing

Eyelashes sometimes I want to do not just long, but black, especially this desire arises from the blond by nature girls. To make eyebrows and eyelashes darker, they apply a remedy: 1 tsp. teaspoon of black tea leaves and 1 tsp. spoon ground coffee diluted with boiling water (50 ml) and insist half an hour, then the mixture should be filtered and the liquid can be applied to the hairs with the brush for mascara. If you combine regular use of this natural dye and a mask for the growth of eyelashes at home, you can achieve strong, long and healthy eyelashes.

All good

The use of traditional recipes hardly guarantees an increase of the cilia of 2 times, but 10-15% of their growth will increase. If you this result is not enough, try to buy cosmetic serum for hair growth. As a rule, they are quite expensive, but there are exceptions: for example, oil for eyelashes and eyebrows Elma. It’s very cheap and very effective option.

More expensive products such as Revitalash and Carepost able to increase your own eyelashes almost doubled with regular use, but afford them, not each.

Pick the tool most appropriate and effective for you personally. Experiment and share in the comments your experience.

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