The best recipes I have oily skin.

I have oily skin.The most important and necessary event is the cleansing of the skin, which helps to care for her. Tonic cleans the skin. Every woman who cares about health and beauty in your Arsenal should be a tonic for the skin.

Tonic used for normal functions of sebaceous glands, eliminate blackheads and tightening pores. The most effective tool to use after cleansing the skin.

Homemade recipes

  1. Tonic of vinegar and mint. Dilute 100 ml of Apple vinegar and 100 grams of mint leaves in 100 milliliters of boiled water. Put on the fire and let boil. Then this infusion should be infused for five days in a dark place. Strain the infusion and use every day for cleansing.
  2. From nettles. Pour one Cup of vodka 200 grams of nettle leaves. Nativite the mixture ten days in a dark place. Strain the remedy and add two tablespoons of boiled water and stir. Tonic store in a cool and dark place.
  3. Toner for problem skin of birch bark. This tonic is a good remedy for removing acne. Pour two tablespoons of crushed birch bark with one glass of boiled cooled water. Allow to stand for eight hours and strain.
  4. Viburnum flowers. Pour one Cup of boiling water and fifty grams of viburnum flowers, cover and let stand two hours and strain. Tonic apply after cooking.
  5. With orange. Grate 1 orange with zest. Mashed potatoes pour one Cup of vodka and allow to stand for seven days in a dark place. Then add to the mixture one teaspoon of glycerin and stir.
  6. A tonic of orange peel. 200 grams of orange peel pour one Cup of vodka. Well-closed container and allow to infuse for this tool 10 days in a dark place. Strain the tool and add the same volume of boiled water. This toner suitable for oily skin.
  7. Juice of plantain. This toner should be wiped with oily skin morning and evening for one month. It normalizes metabolism and function of the sebaceous glands. For tonic need a glass of vodka, to which add two tablespoons of the juice of plantain.
  8. Flowers of cornflower. Pour one Cup of boiling water over one tablespoon of flowers of cornflower. Leave for half an hour and strain.
  9. Tonic for sensitive skin from the aloe leaf. Four large sheets of aloe RUB on a small grater. This mass pour one Cup of boiling water. Let stand an hour and strain.
  10. Tonic grapefruit and oak bark. Boil 400 ml of water, add to it two tablespoons of chopped oak bark. Allow the infusion to simmer for another five minutes, then cool and strain. Then, the infusion add one glass of grapefruit juice and three tablespoons of vodka.
  11. Of burdock. Boil two hundred milliliters of water and add one tablespoon of chopped burdock root. Let simmer 10 minutes, then cool and strain.

If you know of other recipes I have oily skin, please write in the comments.

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