To remove blackheads on the nose

Black dots on the forehead and chin (often on the nose) – the problem in the first place, teenagers and people with abnormal hormonal level. What black dots appear? When sebum gets to dead cells, cosmetics and dust, the pores begin to get clogged pores. Under the influence of the air it is oxidized, acquiring a dark color. The problem of black spots solved at home.

How to remove blackheads on the nose?

First, you need to remove old skin cells. For this there are foams and gels for washing. In the process of cleaning leather use a soft brush or loofah for the face.

Secondly, use a natural antiseptic for the skin.

To prepare this remedy, you need to boil 1.5 l of water, pour it in a Cup and add 5 drops of tea tree oil. Need to lean over the bowl, cover your head and hover face for 10 minutes.

Third, squeeze the black dots do not touch your face with your hands using swabs made of bandage.

Fourthly, wipe the face with cotton wool with salicylic acid. This procedure is recommended 1 times a week.

Except as specifically cleaning procedures should daily clean the skin. With the help of special gel or foam for oily and combination skin should wash your face morning and night, use toner, which tightens pores; apply on face sunscreen, water-based.

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