How to remove stretch marks after birth

stretch marks after birth bellyStretch marks after birth – an essential «attribute» of a happy mother. Their appearance is natural that during pregnancy a woman gains weight, the skin stretches. And, as a result, when a child is born, the stomach was reduced and the woman begins to lose weight appear stretch marks. Some young mothers feel that stretch marks are impossible to avoid, others are looking for ways that will help them to get rid of stretch marks after childbirth. Is it possible to get rid of straw and do the stretch marks after childbirth?

Striae (stretch marks) occur in many people. If men do not care about, women are looking for a method that would make removal of stretch marks after birth effectively, restore skin smoothness.

Stretch marks appear after stretching the skin the upper layers of the dermis become thin and under heavy load (due to weight) there are small tears of the skin, which over time grows new cloth of a different color. In the end disappears not only the smoothness of the skin, but its solid color. At first, striae are pink or red, but over time new skin lightening and stretch marks almost invisible. Not all women know how to remove stretch marks after pregnancy, so stretch marks become their permanent «satellites». To prevent stretch marks, it is necessary to increase the elasticity of the skin, to use prevention methods straw. For example, to apply the remedy for stretch marks with mummy, which we have told you here.

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Popular causes of stretch marks:

  • pregnancy;
  • endocrinological disease;
  • rapid growth.

In the winter they are hidden under clothing, only visible to friends. With the onset of warm seasons, the problem increases and then stretch marks are visible under clothes and on the beach. In the article «How to get rid of stretch marks», we were told about popular ways of dealing with this problem.

As you know, after sunburn striae brightly stand out against the smooth leather. In this case, not a panacea. How to remove stretch marks and how to make them visually invisible?

How to remove stretch marks on stomach after giving birth? After the birth, the belly of a young mother deserves special attention. Stretch marks on the abdomen after childbirth have almost always. This is not surprising: as the baby grows, it increases in size, the skin rapidly and strongly stretched. As a result, stretch marks are dark pink and purple. Depending on the condition of the skin, skin condition may be good or bad: a lot depends on whether the woman cares for the stomach and strengthens the skin. To not be tormented by the search for the answer to the question of how to remove stretch marks on the stomach, need to care for the skin by using different types of stretch marks (creams, lotions, gel).

How to remove old stretch marks after childbirth?

If before the birth the woman was unable to provide proper care of the skin of the abdomen, stretch marks appear after birth. The radical method of getting rid of them is surgery (abdominoplasty). During this procedure removes sagging skin, subcutaneous fat, and stretch marks. However, it is not necessary immediately after birth to go under the knife. Below an example to learn how to remove stretch marks after birth, it is better to try other methods and if they will not provide the desired effect, you can go to a clinic and do the operation.

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Best treatment stretch marks – prevention

Many mothers care about the answer to the question, when will the stretch marks after childbirth? If the process of getting rid of straw requires a lot of effort and is accompanied by unpleasant feelings, the prevention of stretch marks is a simple method which can prevent stretch marks after birth, on the stomach, thighs, buttocks and Breasts. Prevention straw will help to strengthen the skin, making it more elastic and prepare for possible sprains. Even if stretch marks after birth and appear, they are hardly noticeable and the process of getting rid of them will be simple and will not bring negative emotional experiences.

Remedy for stretch marks after delivery

In finding an effective way to restore beauty skin, young moms are searching for methods that know how to remove stretch marks after childbirth. The result were significant, it is better to use different methods and consult a doctor. So a woman can safely and easily improve the appearance of the skin.

  • Sport

Active exercise is an effective way to prevent straw. Through sport before pregnancy, the body produces minerals that improve the elasticity, circulation and prolong youthfulness of the skin. After birth, the sport helps to quickly get back in shape and prevents new straw. If a woman is not prohibited exercise, in the gym, you can walk through 2-4 months after birth.

  • The right underwear

If the doctor recommends before and after childbirth to wear a bandage, should listen to this advice. In addition, you cannot refuse the bodice. During and after pregnancy, Breasts enlarge and, if a young mother does not know how to get rid of stretch marks and feeds the child, then the new weight of the Breasts «push» on the skin and can appear deep stretching. To avoid this you need to select a bra where a woman will be comfortable. Properly fitted bodice will help to avoid unnecessary stretching and will maintain the desired shape of the breast. As a result, when the mother will stop feeding the baby breast milk glands will decrease and women will be easier to return to original shape. To not have new stretch marks on Breasts after childbirth, do not give up your bra.

  • Cream

You can buy or prepare your body stretch mark cream. Now a large selection of creams, in this article we provided an overview of the most common. The composition of such cosmetics include elastin, collagen, vitamins, and retinoids. If stretch marks itch after birth, apply daily on the problem area, stretch marks will diminish. To forget about what stretch marks after delivery the skin treatment should be comprehensive: sport, cosmetics, salon treatments and correction of medication.

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  • Laser correction

Laser treatment is one of the most effective methods of getting rid of stretch marks. After treatment, the skin on the stria clarified. In the result, it is possible to remove stretch marks after birth, laser to get rid of old straw. The only drawback of the procedure is the need to wait a couple of months: laser correction cannot be done immediately after birth.

After laser treatment, on the site of stria often appears crust, which itself will disappear in 2-4 weeks. Not spirite her, try not to catch, otherwise the place stretch marks will appear scar from the crust and will have to get rid of the scar. It is important to remember that after the laser removal can not sunbathe. And because the best time for this procedure is between October to February. Dubious disadvantage of laser correction. But the stretch marks will disappear if they were not.

  • Mesotherapy

In the course of that treatment under the skin on the Stryi administered drugs and nutrients. Like vitamin cocktails prescribed individually. They include plant extracts, amino acids, enzymes, or collagen. Mesotherapy is considered an effective method of treatment. The result: after five to ten sessions, the appearance of the skin on the place stretch marks look much better. If you use other methods for the treatment of stretch marks, stretch marks become invisible.

  • Traditional medicine

When the stretch marks after childbirth, don’t wait until they leave themselves. A popular tool in the fight against stretch marks are oil from stretch marks after birth: olive or vegetable. The effect of this treatment is less noticeable, but can be a method of skin enhancement. In addition, the oil moisturizes. The result is the appearance of the skin improves, the dermis is elastic. This method is an excellent tool for the prevention of new stretch marks.

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