How to care for the breast: guidelines and exercises

How to care for breast care and exerciseThe breast is one of the most important parts of a woman’s body. It performs the vital function of feeding the baby, she attracts the attention of men, if the chest is in good condition, it boosts the self-esteem of women. Do not worry if you are not satisfied with its size. It is not so important compared to how you care for your Breasts. This must be done systematically and thoroughly.

The main enemies of a beautiful and elastic chest

  1. Incorrectly selected bra. Too tight will impede circulation, too loose will not support the Breasts.
  2. Bad posture. Straight posture will raise the Breasts and make your gait beautiful.
  3. Ultraviolet rays. Direct sun rays cause skin aging and contribute to the development of breast cancer. Don’t forget about this summer when you want to sunbathe.
  4. Hot tub. The already weak muscles that support the breast relax and SAG. In addition too hot bath would be harmful to the heart, take no more than 10-15 minutes.
  5. Sudden changes in weight. With quick, sharp losing weight first would be to split the fatty breast cells, it will be covered with stretch marks and becomes flabby. So, if you decided to lose weight, do it gradually and comprehensively, so that the extra weight went to the right places, and not from the chest.
  6. Of breastfeeding. During lactation the Breasts in the average increases by 200ml. Therefore, after the end of the feeding period, when it reverts back to its original state, it loses its shape and attractiveness. Therefore, breast care should begin during pregnancy so that the skin stretched and ate at the same time.

Now, when we learned about potential dangers, try to figure out how to take care of breast to avoid them.

Recommendations for care

Water treatment

For breast very useful dousing with cold water. They strengthen blood vessels and make the skin supple. Water massage is desirable to do circular motions around the breast, gradually reducing the temperature from warm to cold. No harm will massage a piece of ice. Also circular motion slide the ice cube across his chest, decollete, neck. Lifting effect and cheerfulness is guaranteed.


To cool off you will need water, sea salt and a soft towel. 1 tbsp. of salt dissolved in 0.5 liters of cold water, wetted a towel and smooth movements for a minute wiping each breast.


The skin of the breast, as well as the skin in other places in need of cleaning. As well as there skin is very delicate, it is better to clean it by appropriate means, for example, a special cosmetic milk.


Skin care of the breast involves the use of various cosmetic products. The modern market is ready to offer many products for skin care breast. This and all sorts of creams, masks and serums, oils, etc. you Can use soft tools are homemade, well if their will be any oil.

Breast massage

The advantages of massage are numerous, but in relation to the breast should be extremely careful, and any strong crushing effects should not be. Massage should be given just 5-10 minutes a day, and very quickly you will notice results. Massage need to only do smooth circular motions, not forgetting to pay attention to the armpits, Breasts are there.

The importance of proper nutrition

The importance of proper nutrition is spoken everywhere. Longer to keep the breast beautiful and healthy you should limit intake of smoked, fried and too salty foods, and alcohol. And products, regulating water balance (bread from wheat flour, bananas, rice), and excrete waste products (brewer’s yeast) will be very helpful.

The rejection of bad habits

This also says a lot. Smoking zashlakovyvaet body, prevents the formation of blood, deteriorates not only the internal state of the organism, but external.

Sports exercise

To maintain the tonus of the chest is the ideal sport is swimming. If possible, you can contact the fitness centre, the coach will try to explain how to properly care for your Breasts the centre of simulators and exercises, if not, you can conduct the exercises on their own. Do home exercises for chest muscles.

  1. The most simple and effective exercise – pressure. Lean hands on the wall. For 10 seconds with a force push on the wall like you want to push it. Relax and shake hands. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
  2. Stand up, lean forward and make movements with their arms, as if floating.
  3. Bend forward and touch right hand to left toe and Vice versa. Repeat 15-20 times.
  4. Stand up, slightly bent knees. Put your hands up, folding her arms over head, hands squeeze into a fist, arms out to the sides. If you perform the exercise with dumbbells, it will be more effective. Repeat 15-20 times.
  5. Lean forward and put your hands behind your back, palms together. Several times stretch United palms up. Straighten up and shake hands. Repeat 15-20 times.
  6. Lean forward and put your hands down. With a force alternately cross your arms. Using dumbbells will increase the efficiency. Repeat 15-20 times.
  7. Take a tennis ball or other small solid object, and squeeze it between your palms. Exercise can be done without an object, just palms together. Count to 10 and relax your hands. Repeat 20 times.

Finally, a small female trick: how to help breast rounded. By using a blush apply a darker tone between the Breasts, making a visually deeper cleavage and roundness distribute a lighter tone.

Do not forget that nothing is more precious than your health. Do not be lazy to give yourself at least half an hour a day. You’ll not only improve your chest but also your General condition. But is satisfaction and good mood is guaranteed.

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