Thin hair how to increase the volume of hair

Thin hair how to increase the volume of hair

There are women whom nature has not endowed lush and thick hair. And you have to solve the problem of thin hair. Hair or just a little, or hair very thin, so look sluggish and not attractive. To solve this trouble is possible. Restoring hair, you can purchase them volume and beautiful hair.

Thin hair: what to do

The most common cause of thinning hair is hiding in the hair follicles that are either very weak, or are in so-called hibernation. In any case, the follicles must be revitalized to make them fully work. There are several ways, after which the liquid hair get a new look.

Thin hair how to increase the volume of hair

For example, using the tincture of red pepper liquid or thin hair can grow faster and stop falling out and gain power. Tincture helps «Wake up» the follicles, which will give a new and strong hair. Such a medicine you can buy at the pharmacy. However, if the scalp is sensitive, the solution should be diluted and rubbed into the hair roots for 30 minutes before shampooing or before bed. This tool heats the skin and opens the pores, thereby stimulating the hair roots, makes them breathe and grow.

If liquid or thin hair more and long, they also can give an update. In this case, along with a tincture of pepper apply vitamin a and Is. Buy the vitamins in a liquid (oil) and added in masks for hair. In parallel with such masks it is advisable to take a multivitamin.

To awaken hair follicles with the help of the mask of mustard for hair growth. Mustard acts on the same principle, and pepper. It warms your scalp and improves blood circulation.

The juice of onion as well helps in treatment and recovery when there is thin hair. So onion to scroll through Mincer, and then from the resulting slurry squeeze out the juice. The juice rubbed into the hair roots and leave for 30 minutes. If possible, this mask can be left overnight. To get rid of the smell, the head need to wash twice with shampoo.

Here are ways you can recover and return to life of a liquid or thin hair.

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