Properties and methods of application of essential oil of orange

orange essential oilOrange is everyone’s favorite bright orange sweet citrus fruit. Orange trees grow primarily in China, they are year-round green, bloom, ripen and delight us with its fruits. Orange essential oil is quite simple, method of pressing the fresh peel has a colour from yellowish to bright orange and has a unique sweet flavor, which is not messed up. This concentrate of vitamin C is very widely used in cosmetology and love the representatives of the female population, as it is very affordable and inexpensive product that helps to further care for the face, body and hair. A great cleansing, toning, emollient suitable for all skin types and for different purposes. And that’s not all secrets, which is the use of orange oil.

Useful and healing properties of orange essential oil

Orange oil is popular for its wide spectrum of activity in the field of body care and hair. It has a number of outstanding properties:

  • has a lifting effect, giving the skin smoothness and elasticity;
  • used in getting rid of cellulite and obesity;
  • has a light effect, eliminates pigment spots and evens the skin;
  • normalizes the work of sebaceous glands tightens and cleanses pores;
  • effectively reduces calluses and other rough areas of the skin;
  • moisturizes and softens dry skin, prone to peeling;
  • reduces swelling, tension and fatigue and just uplifting;
  • rids the skin of toxins;
  • tones the skin, improves blood circulation;
  • has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action;
  • nourishes the skin and body in General in vitamin C, which stimulates and strengthens the immune system.

And this is only the basic salient properties of this miracle product. But it should be noted that the use of natural orange oil need regularly, the result was not long in coming.

Orange oil for hair

Orange essential oil for hair indispensable tool, as it can help to solve various problems. Among the main advantages are its ability to treat different types of dandruff. It has an antibacterial effect, a positive effect on the scalp, soothing it and eliminating the dryness and itching. Use compresses with this product, such will be suitable to eliminate dandruff and dryness:

1 table. spoon of orange oil mixed with a little olive and lemon juice. The composition to heat in a water bath and applied to the roots, to insulate the head and let stand for several hours. Nutrient effect and a very pleasant experience guaranteed.

This undisputed advantage is its ability in the short term to restore dry, damaged and tired hair. In addition, orange essential oil hair, you can apply to prevent hair loss and just for the recovery of the curls. Just add a few drops of oil in shampoo, then hair will not only less likely to break down and look very sleek and well-groomed, but smelling the unique aroma of citrus.

What mask will help you to stop the process of hair loss read here. And return a healthy look to dry hair will help listed here recipes.

Orange oil for the face

In many cosmetic procedures, use oil of sweet orange for the face, due to the high content of vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients.

Orange essential oil for face effective anti-aging therapy, as it regulates and coordinates the production of elastin and collagen, due to what is often used to eliminate wrinkles and combat the first signs of aging.

This product due to its antiseptic characteristics helps to fight various inflammations on the face, including acne, acne. Lubricate inflamed areas on the face or add 2-3 drops to your daily cream or tonic, after a couple of days you will notice improvement of the skin.

How to choose essential oil for your type of skin, see the link /kak-ispolzovat-efirnyie-oil-dlya-litsa hotel/

Orange oil cellulite

When the fight against orange peel comes to a standstill, for the rescue of orange essential oil. This tool has already saved many of the fairer sex from the ugly patterns on the legs and buttocks. Tell me more how to use the essential oil against cellulite at home.

  1. This simple method is suitable for the lazy readers, it is to simply apply a mixture containing essential oils of orange and other citrus fruits. Usually, pure essential oils are not applied, so you can cause irritation and burns, especially if you are the owner of sensitive skin. Take any base oil (olive, almond, coconut, etc.), add the orange oil and apply the mixture after showering or at any time. In addition to the problem areas, you can even smear the whole body, the skin becomes soft and velvety.
  2. Bath with orange oil is a pleasant and useful way of getting rid of cellulite. The basic rules that you need to know before the water treatments of this kind, is very simple. First, do not bathe in boiling water. Essential oils lose their useful properties at very high temperatures. Want to relax? In the bath, too, can implement many treatments to combat cellulite, but without the orange oil. Secondly, the essential oil does not dissolve in water. Add the orange oil sea salt, base oil or bubble bath, and only then pour in the water. After taking a bath with orange oil will never effectively work the anti-cellulite creams and massages, what more detail next.
  3. Massages. Properties of orange oil, of course, work for us in the fight against cellulite, but the skin will respond with gratitude, if we with the help of massage will disperse stagnant blood and Wake up sleeping muscles. The use of orange oil for weight loss relies entirely on your imagination: you can add essential oil to the cream and massage the problem areas at least once a day, can do it in the shower, bath or use special massage tools that for a small price you can find in a drugstore.

If you have enough time, use the following recipe: take liquid honey , add the orange oil, apply the scrub with massage movements on clean buttocks, stomach and legs, wait for a while until the ground dries up on you. Now he puts his hand to the plastered site and sharply torn off. Remember that massage will be effective if you will abruptly pull it away from the skin, and not Vice versa, don’t beat on the soft skin. Do the massage for 7-10 minutes, until the hands of the white mass, this is your toxins coming from body. Continue for some time, wash off all the grease, dry the skin with any favorite cream and enjoy the beauty. Help these massages and orange oil for stretch marks and small scars.

  1. Another effective method for fighting cellulite and skin irregularities — wrapping with orange essential oil. Mix warm water with white or blue clay and add the miracle oil. Apply on thighs and buttocks and wrap the foil. Go an hour or two. Repeat the procedure every day, at least 2 weeks. What other wraps will help in the fight against excess centimeters, see the link /obertyivanie-ot-tsellyulita/
  2. Owners dry, thin and brittle natural nails, you fix it. Use orange oil to Polish every time after done manicure.

Spend a variety of treatments with orange oil, enjoy its beauty and the incomparable flavour of juicy fruit!

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