Application of cocoa butter

Chocolate is loved by everyone from childhood, people know about its beneficial properties, for example, a large number of endorphins, which improve mood. In recent years, girls have evaluated the use of chocolate and fruits of the chocolate tree in cosmetics. Cellulite chocolate body wraps, face masks everywhere, there are active application of cocoa butter. Component popular because it is a natural product which is fat derived from cocoa beans.

The useful benefits of cocoa butter

In the composition of the fat contains a lot of antioxidants, which opens up opportunities for the application of cocoa butter as a natural stimulant of the immune system. A large concentration of oleic acid strengthens and cleanses the blood vessels, promotes the renewal of blood, lowering cholesterol. Among the components include palmitic acid, which helps nutrients to penetrate deep into the skin.

Oleic acid in the oil helps to strengthen the epidermis, prevents the appearance of stretch marks. Vitamin F helps to moisturize the skin and collagen production, while vitamin a accelerates the fight against skin damage (scratches, cracks). Due to the high content of polyphenols prevents the development of allergic diseases.

How to use oil

Oil extract from the fruit of cocoa can be beneficial for the skin of the face and body, for hair, for the treatment of certain diseases is a real natural pharmacy. To keep cocoa butter solid is better, but before you use melt in a water bath or just heat up in his hands. You can use the pure oil without additives: in a frost it is cure cracked lips and hands, if lubricated for the night.

Oil mixture suitable for a massage – relaxing or anti-cellulite. But the more useful properties will manifest when mixing a fatty basis with other components for creating natural cosmetics. Depending on what Supplement to choose, you can create your own cream scrub or a mask. To enhance the nutritious effect of cocoa mix with other oils such as olive and burdock.

Cocoa butter


Beauty and brilliance will return to you quickly because oil nourishes the hair follicle and strengthens hair from the inside out. The easiest way to apply cocoa butter to RUB into the scalp for half an hour before washing. Comprehensive treatment becomes more effective if to make a mask. There are a few recipes:

  1. Mask with the yolk. Melt a tablespoon of the oil extract from the fruit of the cocoa, the same amount of burdock oil and yogurt, then add the egg yolk. The mixture evenly apply to hair, wrap a package, then a warm towel. Wash off after half an hour without shampooing.
  2. Mask with rosemary. You will need 50 grams of dried rosemary. Pour half Cup of boiling water, leave for an hour, strain. Mix the tincture with two tablespoons of melted cocoa butter and apply on hair. Leave the mask on for two hours. Rinse thoroughly with shampoo.

Mask with cocoa butter for the face

For the face

Vitamin a nourishes the skin, helps to heal cracks, stimulates collagen production, so the cocoa butter in cosmetics is widespread. The mask can be chosen depending on the needs of the skin:

  1. Moisturizing, for all skin types. Mix a teaspoon of melted cocoa butter, teaspoon of condensed milk and mashed fresh fruits, such as strawberries or a banana. Leave the mask on for quarter-hour, rinse with cool water.
  2. Against wrinkles. Chop the parsley and mix with a spoon the melted cocoa butter. Lightly massage along the massage lines of the face. Leave for half an hour. Rinse with cool water.
  3. Active hydration. Mix a spoonful of melted cocoa butter, honey, egg yolk and a bit of fresh carrot juice. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes, rinse and wipe the skin with ice cube.

Pregnant girl doing massage stretch marks

Stretch marks

The high concentration of vitamin F and of oleic acid in the oil has many useful properties: improves skin elasticity, making it softer, eliminates minor defects. Therefore, massage with cocoa – a great remedy for stretch marks. The procedure helps to smooth stretch marks and make them invisible and prevents new ones. Cocoa butter for stretch marks during pregnancy should be used with caution – make a light massage of the abdomen twice a day. Thigh can be massaged harder.

The cocoa cellulite


Skin needs regular exfoliation. A prerequisite for this procedure is steamed after a bath or sauna skin. Try to cook some scrubs:

  1. For the face. Mix with two tablespoons of cocoa butter a handful of crushed nuts (any), a tablespoon of honey, a handful of oat flakes. Heat a couple. Made scrub let cool, roll into small balls – one application. The scrub heats up from contact with the skin. Massage for two minutes, rinse and liberally lubricate the face nourishing cream.
  2. For the body. Mix two tablespoons of sugar, the same amount of coffee grounds. Add a tablespoon of pre-heated the cocoa butter, stir, cool. Store in a cool place. Massage intensely and quickly on contact with skin steamed sugar dissolves. This scrub helps to combat cellulite.

Video about the benefits of cocoa butter for skin and hair


Alexander, 24 years: I love the various essential oils. And great save on cosmetics. Anti-cellulite scrub mix itself, adding to the cocoa butter coarsely ground coffee and sugar crystals. As it turned out, it’s not difficult, especially because all the products are in a cupboard in the kitchen. Lip balm also don’t buy the cocoa butter helps. They also smeared cracked heels.

Julia, 30 years: With cocoa butter for the first time faced because of the delicate problem – I was recommended to take it for constipation. And then left a piece of one hundred grams, I decided to read about cosmetology. In the end, cured hair, cooking oil mixture with herbs. To scalp was not oily, make a mask before the main wash.

Svetlana, 45 years: I have learned to understand: most of the prices for cosmetics is a cheat for the brand, and the components themselves, we can easily buy in a pharmacy. The same applies to cocoa butter. On the basis of preparing the expensive scrubs, balms, and hair products. I do everything myself. So, spend the time, caring for a is almost free.

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