What causes redness of the skin. How to remove it

the facial skin redness and flakingThe redness of the skin is always associated with a variety of reasons. In some cases, reddening of the face appear due to the interaction of external factors. This phenomenon is not harmful to health, and especially human life, as using creams cosmetic defect easily disappear. But redness that accompany a person permanently can easily specify on diseases of internal organs. Special attention should be paid to the sudden reddening of the face. This phenomenon also indicates a failure in the normal functioning of internal body systems.

Causes of red face

Causes of redness of the skin can each person be completely different. In most cases, they are all connected either with the nervous condition of the person or physiological characteristics.

  • Heredity. The features of the skin in the ancestors can be passed down to their descendants. Very common when severe facial flushing was observed in one of the parents, the same condition of the skin and passes to the children. The reason for the characteristic color of the skin can be not only the hereditary characteristics of the skin, and hereditary disease, namely, weakness of blood vessels.
  • The use is detrimental to the skin means. The facial skin redness and flaking often result from the use of inappropriate type of skin products and preparations for washing or skin care. Itchy face with redness may appear in people with sensitive skin after application of potent scrubs, lotions and other mixtures. Redness and peeling on the face are due to excessive use of cosmetic products.
  • Troubled skin. Redness on the skin and pimples appear regularly in people with problem skin. This can occur when hormonal changes in the human body, or diseases of the endocrine system. When there is dryness and redness of the skin, this suggests that the human body needs a rich supply of vitamins, healthy oils and minerals. how to remove facial flushing
  • Congenital disorders of the blood vessels. Redness on the face are manifested through the innate of expansion vessels or when significant violations of vascular tone.

  • Bad habits and harmful food. A very common phenomenon of facial flushing when drinking alcohol. This can occur in both sexes. The redness of the skin after the alcohol-induced blood flow to the outer layer of the skin under the influence of alcohol. Facial flushing from alcohol is a sign that the cardiovascular system of a person is not all right. But as you know, alcohol-based liquids cause the maximum load on the body, and when he starts to respond accordingly, so that any internal organ is disturbed. Similarly, there are on the human body harmful products: spicy food, smoked food, fatty or sugary foods.
  • Malfunction of the nervous system. Facial flushing with excitement occurs under the stress of nervous excitement, anxiety, shyness, unpleasant and disturbing situations.
  • The influence of natural conditions. Redness on the face and peeling may occur in windy or frosty weather. This fact is also characteristic of the immunity of the body to climatic changes to the environment. Redness and peeling on the face may appear after a long exposure in the sun or after a visit to the Solarium.
  • Allergic reactions. One of the most popular reasons for the change of colour of the skin. Allergic reactions don’t always manifest themselves in the form of a rash, it happens that they are identified as redness and burning of the skin. The instigators of these phenomena can be anything: food, chemicals, poor quality cosmetics, dust, drugs, and more. A particular danger for the body brings the fact that when it comes to facial skin redness and itching. Usually this condition occurs by direct contact of the person and the allergen. Often an allergic reaction manifests itself as redness around the nose. Often, in such reactions, the allergen is natural or climatic disasters.

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  • Skin diseases. The main symptoms of this disease is skin peeling, redness, itching, burning, appearance of watery pimples, spots brownish.

Whatever the reason for the formation of redness on the face, it is important to note that persistent redness of the face indicate any problem in the body and rare redness associated with minor influence of some sort of provocateur redness.

The redness of the skin in men and women

When does facial flushing, reasons for men identical with the General. The only difference, skin redness and peeling in men may be related to incorrectly selected means for shaving, or after.

When there is redness of the face and neck, the causes of this phenomenon lie in the excessive use of alcohol-containing liquids or disorders of the blood and heart.

It is important to remember that male redness, which occurs regularly, is most often associated with failure of the cardiac system. If redness of the face accompanied by palpitations and dyspnea, the man should immediately consult a cardiologist.

Causes of red faces in women are associated with sharp hormonal system. This phenomenon can be observed in puberty or during menopause. Some women see the change of the skin during menstruation.

How to remove redness on the face

To remove redness on the face will help some changes in lifestyle. You need to follow the rules of healthy nutrition, daily use of vegetables, fruits, dairy products. Necessarily need to give up harmful these products and alcoholic beverages. If the body suffers from vitamin deficiency, you need to fill this gap with additional biological mineral-vitamin complex.

How to get rid of redness on face? The most important is the need to regularly monitor the condition of the skin and what tools are used to care for them. You should also avoid excessive climatic loads. If the facial skin is changing under the influence of wind and cold, it is necessary to use the appropriate cream and mixture before going outside. The same applies to the sun’s rays. It is forbidden to burden the skin is excessive ultraviolet radiation, should limit visits to the Solarium.

facial flushing from alcohol

How to remove redness of the face, using care skin mixture and cream? Before applying the right tool, it is necessary to identify the cause of the redness. As noted above, if the facial skin is subject to weather changes, the remedy for the redness of the skin should be protected from adverse weather conditions. In beauty salons there are a great many from which to choose an individual and necessary.

If the cause of redness of the face associated with a nervous disorder, the cream from redness on the face will not help. Treatment is different — consult a therapist or a neurologist.

Redness of the face associated with the characteristics of the vessels medicated. In each individual case will be assigned the appropriate creams and ointments, and prescribed antibiotics and a treatment for blood vessels. In the most advanced cases is surgery or laser treatment and other devices. Read more here.

How to quickly remove redness on face using natural recipes doctors?

  • Mask redness of the face. Fresh cucumber grate using a grater with peel, squeeze a little excess liquid. The resulting mush apply on clean face. Top cover with one layer of cheesecloth. To take the supine position and hold in this position for 30 minutes.
  • Cream redness of the skin on the face. In fatty sour cream stir in a little chopped fresh parsley. To smear cream red face .
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