The mask from falling out and strengthen your hair with the Amla

Amla is widely used in masks with a weakened, poorly growing hair and hair loss. Another name for this plant is Indian gooseberry. To grow healthy and beautiful hair resorted to this natural product. First of all, Amla is rich in vitamin C, which together with the tannin complex and gallium acid is retained in the fruits longer. In addition to many plant flavonoids (antioxidants), tannins, phosphorus, calcium, copper, etc. that is why the Indian gooseberry has a rejuvenating effect. It is used in food, used in medicine used in cosmetics.

The mask from falling out and strengthen your hair with the Amla is very effective. The plant prevents hair loss, strengthens and stimulates their growth. Amla also has a coloring effect (application of henna and Basma allows to obtain dark brown color) and stops the appearance of premature gray hair.

«Fashion» offers recipes with Amla in combination with essential oils, aloe, vitamins, etc. Amla is Available in the form of powder and oil. The oil is produced by induzirovanny – infusion, dry extract vegetable oil, as the fruit of the Amla by themselves are not oily. In addition to the finished product infusion oil or infos you can make at home.

Amla oil at home

First recipe: 100 ml vegetable oil (e.g., sesame), 10 g of powder of Amla. The number of ingredients can be increased by keeping the ratio of 1:10.

Method of preparation: powder of Amla should be pour into glass dish and pour the vegetable oil. The mixture should be well mixed and leave to infuse for at least a day, during which sometimes you need to shake the bowl with the mixture. Thereafter, the resulting oil to drain (through the cheesecloth) and pour in a container of dark glass. The resulting infusion store in a dark cool and dry place.

Second recipe: 100 g of honey, 10 to 20 g of powder of Amla.

Method of preparation: powder mint need to pour in the previously melted honey, which should be kept in a water bath for about an hour on low heat. The result is a mixture of brown colors.

As already mentioned, the AMLO is used for the hair in the form of powder or oil, which would be a good base for masks. Masks with Amla oil add essential oils (e.g., rosemary, cedar, sage, grapefruit).

Amla powder is used not only for therapeutic purposes but also for hair coloring in dark color (ratio: 2/3 henna and 1/3 Amla powder and Basma). It is recommended to prepare two mixtures of henna and Basma with Amla, who need to insist in a warm place, then mix and heat in a water bath before use.

Mask for strengthening and hair loss it is recommended to apply only on the hair roots). The mixture is prepared by mixing 1 tablespoon of sour cream and infuse with 4-5 drops of essential oil (e.g. rosemary).

Mask with Amla to stimulate hair growth it is recommended to apply only on the hair roots).

Option # 1. Mix 1 tsp of cognac and aloe juice with 1 tbsp of infuse on honey and 4 drops of essential oil of sage.

Option # 2. Take 1 tbsp of infuse, ½ tsp vitamin E, 1 tsp powdered ginger or cinnamon and 4 drops of essential oil of calamus.

Amla powder is easy to prepare masks, and it is quite effective remedy for hair treatment and care. However, remember that Amla also has a staining effect, so the blondes should be used very carefully.

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