Why do men not want to have kids?

men don't want kidsAre you ready to get a numerous offspring? Or at least one rosy-cheeked baby, and your husband pretends to not notice your hints or directly tell you that is not ready? Before you organize it or throw it, hoping to find someone who wants kids, let’s try to understand what the problem is its relation to the birth of children. Maybe you will be able to find a solution to the current situation. If you dig deep, you will find that only a small percentage of men do not want to have children, others believe that the time is not yet. It so happened that in the current economic and environmental situation of the «parent» instinct often prefers not to Wake up. What are the main reasons for this?

  • Selfishness and savings. Two huge reasons not to have children, which can be combined into one article. He was used to that he is the chief, his wish is law, you are his private property, all your attention only to him, everything around him and only his reluctance to share it with someone and to give someone, in this case the child. Because he understands that the appearance of the child almost all your time will be dedicated to. What about me? — the man thinks — not only that, now me and my whims will not be given attention, and the next item of expenditure in the family budget to appear there, so it will not work!

Of course it happens so that only the Economism plays a large role in the reluctance to get posterity. Because of small earnings, intermittent work. From now on, we can smoothly proceed to the following reasons why men do not want to have children

  • Self-realization. Whatever dignity the man was fine, he should have the highest place in the ranking among their friends, acquaintances, etc. that is to have a prestigious job, a car, have every single male staff your trims and measurements. But having a child can significantly slow down the process of advancing up the steps of the ranking, because he will not be able for example to quickly go from one job, which bored him, to another where he thinks he will go faster on the career ladder, because now he will be a father and he will need to think about how to feed and clothe. There can be no risk.
  • Responsibility. He is so responsible, that can not afford to have a child until you get the salary that can take care of you, yourself and your toddler. And suddenly something not so? If tomorrow the crisis, the dismissal, the disease? Here is superhyperfine a sense of responsibility and prevents him to decide on the creation of a complete family — mother, father and son (daughter).
  • Immaturity. How easy to hide behind defending the idea that the desire to procreate is only one of the animal instincts that children are a restriction of freedom that our planet is overpopulated. As if all this may sound corny, the man artfully brings into this idea. He is a fighter for the idea of childfree subculture.

Which of these reasons for the reluctance to have children your husband will have to understand you, but then how to get him back on the right path, I think you figure it out, because no one knows your husband better than you.

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