Lashes pros and cons

Improve female attractiveness, all methods are good. Among others you will find eyelash extensions. This service of the beauty industry allows girls to be more expressive, seductive look. However, any procedure has its supporters and opponents, so it will be important to learn about the lashes the pros and cons. This information will help you make the right choice of technology if it would fit you and which might be contraindications in the matter. You’ll learn more detail later.

Technology eyelash

The procedure involves gluing artificial eyelashes to your own. This can be used as natural fur (that is not welcome, due to high risk allergic reactions) and silicone material. Technique the procedure can be of two types: beam or one-by-one. Depending on your personal preferences, the master will offer a different effect glance: doll, squirrel, incomplete, natural, Fox-eyes, natural.


Beam eyelash

Eyelash extension beam method is the most simple and quick way to improve their appearance. Select this option if you have scheduled a solemn event like a wedding or prom. You will receive a stunning effect dramatic look with a deep expressiveness. Is a great choice for evening makeup.

If you want to apply beam up to everyday wear, from such a venture should be abandoned, because this cosmetic service is short-lived. Due to the fact that the beams are glued to each eyelash, they last long not be able and soon will disappear from the heaviness of its weight. The next day the efforts of the masters will not have proper form, and you will not be able to go out, not removing it from the face of the remnants of created beauty.



In order to visually improve their look and to make it as attractive for long term use pressionam way to build. You will be able to secure a round-the-clock beauty at least three weeks and not be afraid that the pasted material will fall off. The technology procedure is as follows: the natural or artificial eyelashes are glued one by one. This method gives a more natural effect, and in the morning you will get up beautiful, with thick long lashes.

How is the procedure

Enrolling to master the procedure, you should be ready that it lasts at least two hours. It should be understood that this is a very laborious work that requires accuracy, precision, so please be patience and time. The build-up takes place in a horizontal position, so you put on the couch, will perform all the necessary preparatory procedures. To read more about the process you can continue in a step by step description.

The procedure of eyelash

  1. Cleansing the skin from makeup.
  2. Gluing special adhesive tape on the lower eyelid.
  3. Degreasing. Your eyelashes are treated with a special liquid to ensure good adhesion with the material.
  4. Choice of length.
  5. The process of building. With the help of special tools like tweezers to apply hypoallergenic glue and glued beams eyelashes.
  6. Comb.
  7. Applying fixer.

Types of materials for lashes: benefits and disadvantages

As mentioned earlier, there are several options of material for the creation of artificial eyelashes. Each of them is applied in practice, depending on the preferences of the client, as well as its physiological characteristics. It gives different result, which is negotiated with the master. So, become familiar with the types of materials for extending eyelashes with their pros and cons.

Artificial eyelashes on the table

  • Natural mink and sable. The first option gives the most natural effect, only slightly improving the look. Sable hairs have a larger volume, and therefore used to Express the eyes. Speakers will provide an opportunity to achieve weightless eyelashes, but it doesn’t look too noticeable. The lack of natural material – high allergiesthe, the advantage is low cost.
  • The silicone or rubber. Are the most popular among other materials due to the high practicality. Not always of the wizard, choose quality material due to its high cost, but this often leads to the fact that your lashes fall off together with the graft.
  • Silk. In effect, it is similar to the fur material, but gives the effect of more formal makeup. Of the shortcomings – the high cost and possible idiosyncrasy.

How to care for eyelash extensions

Since this procedure does not apply to cheap pleasures, it will be understood as the aspiration of each lady to maintain the effect of this procedure as longer. It depends on the proper and careful care of the increased eyelashes. What to do and how exactly it is possible to extend the life of its expressive glance, see the guidelines below.

  • Every morning, brush lashes with a clean brush from the carcass.
  • Do not RUB the eye and try to limit touching eyelids by hands.
  • Mascara on the lashes is better not to apply – you should be quite enough of that effect, which you created in the beauty salon.
  • Better sleep on your side or on the back, below the eyelids less contact with the pillow.

Girl with extended eyelashes sleeps on his side

Contraindications to the procedure

In any beauty salon you will provide professional service for eyelash advise you to make the right choice. However, it is always important to know what can threaten such a procedure and remember that you do not have any contraindications to these procedures. For this study the following is a detailed list of reasons to abandon the building.

  • The sensitivity of the organism. If you are like allergies, any contact of a foreign body with your skin can cause a serious reaction.
  • Thin and weak your lashes. There is a risk of losing what you have.
  • People who often suffer from conjunctivitis, increase eyelashes, will get an extra source which provokes the disease.
  • Dry eyelids. Because of the frequent use of greasy creams in this area for moisture, the lashes last long, will not: the glue will lose its bonding property, and material will disappear.

Video tips and basic questions about eyelash extensions

If you have never resorted to this procedure, you may have many additional questions about the creation of beautiful lashes. It is a popular cosmetic service attracts more and more attention from the fairer sex, because all I see undeniable results and want the same effect on myself. View the video below to learn detailed information about eyelash extensions. Here you will find current recommendations, get answers to frequently asked questions.

Feedback about the results of the procedure

Natalia, 22 years: «I often build myself eyelashes. This is a very good way to have a perfect look. Every morning I apply a minimum of makeup. When walking on the street, men turn that the attractiveness of my appearance. Because of this, I became more confident in myself.»

Marina, 38 years: «the extended eyelashes is a great way to save on expensive ink and your time on a daily makeup. Regularly treat this procedure, always go for correction. As a result, wearing these lashes for four years now without a break. With confidence I can say that they do not bear any harm to my health».

Katherine, 49 years: «I am constantly among the people, thanks to an interesting work. And I have to look perfect 24 hours a day. A few years ago a friend advised me to build lashes, which I did. Since then, I have no problem creating a beautiful makeup all the time look perfect. Very happy and would recommend».

The before and after photos of eyelash extensions

If you still have doubts about the build cilia or not, see photos below. Here you will see the effect of the Transfiguration of women at the » before and after. Additionally, you will be able to understand how to look different technicians perform the procedure and assess what looks best. This will help you get inspired and choose one of the ways of gluing artificial eyelashes to improve its beauty.

The before and after photos of eyelash extensions

Eyelashes before and after extension

Natural and extended eyelashes

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