Why nails become wavy and uneven

photo WM Atina on nogtejMost often, the nails give the health status of their owner. Sloppy hands and deformed nails can ruin even the most elegant and perfect way. unfortunately, to date, few can boast a completely healthy and strong nails, and a fairly common problem is uneven nail plate with multiple depressions and stripes. Why the nails have waves and how to return them to original form? In this article we will try to answer the burning question that bothers both women and men.

Look like uneven nails?

The problem of uneven on the nails it looks different people in different ways. «Waves» can be located far and wide, bumps, and stripes can be a different number, they can be profound or subtle. To examine the number and depth of the hollows on a side note, better, say so in the profile of the hand.

Often appear jagged nails on the thumbs as the hands make up most of the injuries and shocks.

It happens that depression is not, even as regrowth of the plate and longitudinal waves appear even after the bumpy part of the nail is already cut off. To get rid of the defect is possible only after ascertaining the reasons for its appearance, sometimes need advice and professional help.

The reason why wavy fingernails

Most often, the various waves and bumps on the plate appears as a result of improper care of hands and nails. May have been done wrong manicure or pedicure, used a very coarse nail file for grinding or too quickly and not neatly cut cuticle. Also waviness and deformation of the fingernail on the big finger of the hand may be associated with the presence of the harmful habit of biting nails and biting during nervous tension. Further, any damaged and incorrect movements can affect the condition of the nail.

wavy nail on the thumbIn everyday life it is constantly necessary to contact with chemical components that are part of detergents and cleaning products. And, unfortunately, not every woman gloves protect your hands during household chores, and over time, the nail is destroyed due to the negative effects of aggressive chemicals, the plate becomes weak, brittle and unusable.

These are the most common and popular options for the appearance of the bump on the nails. But this is not the only reason why nails become wavy, and the problem is not always purely cosmetic. In some cases, defects in the nail plate may be the first signals of the development of certain diseases or health problems.

  1. In the first place among the probable reasons for becoming wavy nail plate, is the defeat of fungal infections or mycoses. In addition to the deformation of the nail plate quickly turns yellow, crumble and deteriorate. Catching this kind of infection may even be very meticulous and clean person, quite use someone else’s personal thing or stroll through public places. For confirmation or refutation of suspicion, it is best to seek the advice of a mycologist or a dermatologist, to delay the treatment of this disease not because the disease is progressive in nature. Even if the nails on the feet or hands become wavy is not for this reason, should follow all the necessary precautions not to wear someone else’s shoes, not walking barefoot in public pools or baths and to change socks daily and to observe the rules of personal hygiene.
  2. Another pathological cause fingernails ribbed, possible deformity is associated with skin diseases such as psoriasis, oral lichen planus or eczema. This can occur longitudinal or transverse grooves, the plate can become loose, dull and wavy.
  3. the fingernails become ridged photoAvitaminosis, lack of microelements in the organism, weakening of the immune system. When all the organs and systems in the body operate smoothly, and it has all necessary substances to protect themselves from negative environmental influences and to resist infections, problems with the condition of nails, hair and skin should not occur. What foods and folk remedies will help to get rid of the problems read here.
  4. Hormonal failure and other problems with the thyroid gland, almost always leave their mark on the quality of the nail plate. In most cases, through lengthy of hormonal turmoil, the nails lose their natural luster, become dry and deformed.
  5. If a person characteristic, uneven fingernails, the reason may lie in the problem with the digestive tract and digestion.

Clearly define the causes of the dents on the fingernails can be very difficult on your own. Therefore, if you notice on the nail plate of the furrows and tubercles, it is best to consult a qualified professional, and generally get in the habit every year to see a doctor, to carry out a visual inspection, pass required tests, and also to make the doctor if there were any changes or known issues in the body.

How to cure bumpy fingernails?

Before proceeding to the treatment of the problem, first you need to find and eliminate all sorts of reasons why nails grow waves.

the photo-deformation of the nails on the hands and pravlenie dentsIf the defect is associated with a mechanical action on the nail, trauma, or damage to, repair of cosmetic drawback it will be easier simple. Rather will pay to their handles, and the nails a little more attention than before to do massages, apply different baths with useful healing herbal teas and components, as well as a more sensitive approach to the creation of a manicure to remove cuticles better special softening oils and tools, and after treatments to pamper pen hydrating mask, paraffin wax and body wraps. Recipes masks, see the link /domashnie-maski-dlya-nogtey/

If the nails waves causes are infectious focus, such as fungus or other skin or nail lesion, in self to do highly undesirable. The risk of complications is very large, and there are cases when «running» the patient requires surgical intervention and removal of the affected plate. Treatment should be integrated with the use of antimicrobial and antifungal drugs, as well as treatment of infected sites with the lotions, ointments and creams.

But, regardless of the cause of ridged nails, you can adhere to a set of measures and implement treatments that will help cure the waviness of the nails, and further to prevent occurrence of such defect.

  • Right to remove burrs, to give preference to neobreznoy European manicure.
  • Wear gloves when in contact with water and household chemicals.
  • For some time to abandon the nail.
  • Too often Polish the nails and overly moisturize the cuticle and the plate.
  • Use only high-quality care and varnishes, and in front of a decorative coating, to apply a base or tonic. Read more about strengthening nails here.
  • Follow a balanced diet.
  • In order to prevent the nails appeared transverse indentations and longitudinal waves, it is recommended to drink special vitamin-mineral preparations of the course, particularly in autumn and spring.

We discussed the most likely causes of crooked nails on the hands, to correct the situation it is really important to approach the problem with seriousness.

Maybe you have your answer to the question, why on the nails, dents, and a personal a proven way how to overcome the roughness of your nails, we would be grateful if you share your experience in the comments.

Be impeccable!

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