Care for dry skin

The care of dry skinDry skin, of course, brings less discomfort to its owner than fat. No Shine, no enlarged pores, no pimples. But the lack of fat and moisture is a major problem. Deprived of natural nourishment and moisturizing the skin is extremely vulnerable, prone to peeling and rashes, is aging rapidly. Care for dry skin compensates for the lack of lubricating grease. Experts have developed a number of recommendations and products that prevent premature aging of this skin. Good cream for dry skin (face), the correct tools make-up removal, a special diet and many other «tricks» are able to restore skin youthfulness, or at least to suspend the process of aging.

Remedies for dry skin to give preference to?

The care of dry skin involves the use of special cosmetic products and prevent the influence of complicating factors. Examine the question of proper use of skin care cosmetics.

The first step of skin care is cleansing. In our case, from the use of soap and gels should be abandoned once and for all. Make-up remover ideal gentle lotion, cream, micellar solution or the now popular hydrophilic oil.

People mistakenly believe that dry skin can be skrabirovanie. But how else to get rid of dead cells? Any skin needs to be updated and peeling. Another thing – do not overdo it. You can prepare a gentle scrub for dry skin at home: 1 teaspoon of honey, banana, 3 tbsp of sugar. This scrub not only removes dead good surface, but will also moisturize the skin and gently nurtures it. Or buy a face cream in a beauty shop.

The next stage of care – hydration. Moisturizer for dry skin is applied so liberally, as it requires soul, blotting the excess with a napkin. About cream for dry skin should be treated separately. How to moisturize the face at home read here /uvlazhnenie-kozhi-hotel litsa-v-domashnih-usloviyah

Cream for dry skin

What face cream is better? The one that is perfectly suited to your skin type. Every manufacturer of cosmetic products offers and promoting their creams as the best. Only the experience and observation of the skin condition will help to prioritize. But any face cream for dry and sensitive skin has a dense texture, fat. The presence of hyaluronic acid – additional plus cream. Good for the skin peach oil, olive oil, vitamin a, and vitamin A.

If skin needs anti-aging care, you should pay attention to the relevant cosmetics. In creams of aging typically include elastin, collagen, rose oil, Ginkgo biloba.

How to care for dry skinCream for very dry skin – fat and nutrient – applied to the skin with an excess of before bed. Some manufacturers offer low-fat creams, which act deeply moisturize and nourish a skin. The use of production technology innovative techniques affects the price of such a product.

You can cook an inexpensive, natural and «delicious» face cream at home (for dry skin). Recipe: 1 tsp cocoa butter, 1 tbsp almond olive, 1 tsp beeswax, 0.5 tsp. of emulsifying wax. All the ingredients are mixed and dissolved in a water bath. In the molten mass add 2 tablespoons alcohol-free rose water, the mixture is mixed, is cooled. Cooked cream is stored in the refrigerator.

Dry skin face cream – the main means of nutrition and hydration. Complete cleansing of the skin without the finish line with his participation means to bind the skin to the dryness and aging.

Facial oils for dry skin damage or benefit?

Oil for dry skin – essential skincare. Their variety allows every woman to choose the oil that best moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin.

Olive oil

It permanently moisturizes the skin, penetrating deep inside her. It can be applied in pure form instead of a daily cream or mix with cream. If you add a little lemon juice to the oil, the resulting composition will refresh the skin and eliminate signs of fatigue. A mixture of oil and L. sea salt is a great natural gentle scrub. Olive oil can remove makeup from face and eyes: wet a cotton ball to drip a few drops of oil and clean the face and eyes.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil makes dry skin smooth, soft. It is applied in the evening on cleansed face for half an hour, remove the remnants of cloth. Additional application of the cream is not necessary.

oil for dry skin

Almond oil

This oil is from the category of light. But its moisturizing properties are not affected. It can be applied daily to clean your face with it, to use as a base for makeup.

Cosmetic oil for dry skin – essential care. They had properties than commercial cosmetic products. No preservatives and other «chemistry», solid vitamins, fatty acids and natural active ingredients. Often cosmetic oils are complemented by essential to enhance the caring effect.


Essential oils for dry facial skin is the first oil of sandalwood and roses.

Rose oil

For dry skin rose oil – the elixir of youth. Rose oil retains moisture, nourishes, soothes and prevents aging.

Sandalwood oil

This medicinal oil – food is expensive. It is particularly recommended for inflamed and sensitive skin. Oil of sandalwood restores even the most dehydrated and damaged skin.

Soothe sensitive skin lavender oil and chamomile. Essential oil of ylang-ylang, patchouli, rosemary smooth out wrinkles. Remember that these oils should be diluted.


Folk remedies for dry skin

It is impossible to care dry skin at home without the use of various homemade. Dry sensitive skin care which is not only industrial cosmetic preparations, blooms and younger every day. Natural, offered by nature care products are absolutely harmless (except for individual intolerance), their effectiveness is already proven, no one is beautiful.

Herbs for dry skin

  • A cleansing infusion of dried flowers of Linden, chamomile, mint leaves, fresh rose petals are mixed in equal proportions and are languishing in a water bath for 20 minutes. The decoction is filtered and used for purification.
  • Hydrating elderflower infusion: 1 tablespoon dried flowers pour 0.5 cups of boiling water, cooled and filtered. For added nutrition you can add a little cream.
  • A moisturizing infusion of lime 1 tbsp lime blossom infused in a Cup of boiling water an hour. The infusion is filtered and added to 1 tsp of honey. Face rubbed this natural lotion twice a day.

Natural masks and scrubs

  • Oatmeal mask for very dry skin: flakes — 1 tbsp, 4 tbsp hot milk, to insist 10 minutes. To endure on the face for 20 minutes.
  • Cucumber mask: cucumber rubs grated, 1 tbsp cream, a few drops of lemon juice. By the way, the lemon for dry facial skin, can hurt in the «pure performance». It must be mixed with fat and moisturizers.
  • Honey mask: egg yolk, 1 tsp honey and cosmetic oils are mixed, applied to the skin.
  • Scrub for dry skin: ground almonds — 1 tbsp honey — 2 tbsp cream — 0.5 CH. l. final Rinse with cool water.

mask or moisturizer for dry skin

More recipes masks for dry skin here.

Clay for dry skin is used by adding to it a essential and cosmetic oils. You can use any clay, neutralizing its drying effect different additives (honey, cream, fruit juice). What clay is suitable for dry skin? The red and pink. These clay care for sensitive, dehydrated skin, prone to peeling, fading skin.

Ice for dry skin is prepared from whole milk, fruit or vegetable freshly squeezed juice, herbal infusion. Cubes this ice refresh the skin, tone and moisturize. It should be remembered that the application of ice is contraindicated in rosacea.

And finally – a few tips:

  • to stop Smoking, reduce coffee and alcohol,
  • hot bath, hot «no»,
  • the use of sunscreens and funds from frost and wind,
  • vitamins for dry skin of the face (E, A), omega-acids to take the necessary
  • refusal of laxatives and diuretics,
  • to drink clean water.

And only then the skin will be fresh, moist and bright blush of pleasure.

How to make homemade lotion read in this article.

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