Causes, methods of treatment and deburring

The burrs on the fingersWith the burrs on the fingers faced almost every person, man and woman. This is a very unpleasant phenomenon, when around the nail have small pieces of skin and sores that are quite painful, and very tangible in everyday life. In addition, the burrs on the fingers do not look aesthetically pleasing, they often bleed, become inflamed, sore, and if you do not take measures for their treatment, it may form an abscess. As we know, for any inflammation or open wound, significantly increases the risk of catching any infection, bacterial or fungal. Unfortunately, nobody is insured from occurrence of damage on the fingers, but if you know the main reasons why there are burrs to follow some preventive measures, you can avoid this annoying and painful trouble.

Why there are burrs on the fingers?

Around the nail the skin is often dry, coarse, a result more prone to cracking and damage even a small impact on it. This is especially true for those people whose skin belongs to the dry and sensitive type. It should also be noted that the skin becomes coarse and loses its natural protection and moisture, with constant contact with water, with detergents and cleaning products, various powders and other chemical. substances encountered in everyday life. As a result of influence of aggressive components around the nail cushions dry quickly and crack. But this is not the only reason, from what appear burrs near the nail, precipitating factors and phenomena of a great many, here’s a basic list of violations and the perpetrators of the excessive aridity of the skin and its damage:

  • the lack of proper and timely care of hands, fingers and nails;
  • bad habits biting or biting the nails or the skin around them;
  • injury to the skin during trimming low-quality manicure or pedicure;
  • frequent contact with water and household tools without the use of protective gloves;
  • frostbite, chapping, dryness of the skin;
  • frequent use of nail Polish, and capacity;
  • the lack of water in the body, as well as certain vitamins and minerals, avitaminoz;
  • poor metabolism, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, malnutrition, dysbiosis (imbalance of intestinal microflora);
  • the use of poor quality cosmetics and varnishes;
  • in some cases, the cause of the burrs on the fingers lies in the presence of some skin diseases but it can determine only a qualified dermatologist.

causes and treatment of burrsAs we can see, the appearance of burrs is due not only to mechanical damage to the skin around the nail cushion, often, this cosmetic defect appears in the background of internal problems. Malnutrition, dehydration, as well as individual or seasonal shortage of the necessary health elements. Avitominoz most often begins in people in the winter or early spring, appear hangnails on the fingers, which do not have enough vitamins? The condition of nails and hair is not difficult to determine what vitamins your body lacks, mainly for the beauty and health of your skin responsible in vitamins A, b, C and E. to Fill the vitamin supply, you can use the proper organization of its power, and with the help of special vitamin complexes.

How to get rid of the burrs on the fingers?

For some reason, many believe the appearance of burrs completely safe and harmless phenomenon, and few people think about the consequences. But to ignore any damage or inflammation on your finger is not necessary, because very few people like, if one day the finger will swell, formed an abscess, or purulent inflammation. If the agnail on the finger festers for a long time does not heal, and pain are of a progressive character, then it would be wiser to visit a medical facility.

how to get rid of the burrs on the fingersBut in most cases, to cope with the problem without medical support, there are many ways how to get rid of burrs in the home is important to observe certain precautions and rules, which we now describe.

The main thing you need to remember that clean and heal the burrs as soon as possible, it is not necessary to wait until he is healed. The second important rule — all manipulations must be done carefully in order not to worsen the situation, and in no case can not bite or tear off a hangnail power!

The easiest and most effective way to get rid of the burrs on the fingers are carefully cut them with special tweezers with a triangular end, they fit snugly to the skin, thereby decreasing the risk of damage to healthy tissue. Before you start the removal procedure it is necessary to prepare, offer you algorithm of actions how to get rid of the burrs correctly:

  • Prepare a bath for hands with warm water with salt or baking soda (soda will be less pinching an open wound). Recipes baths for the nails for all occasions, see here;
  • Wet your fingers for 15 minutes;
  • Dry dry your hands;
  • Wipe the tweezers with alcohol;
  • Tightly attach tweezers to the Burr and bite it, pull or tear the skin is impossible, it can break a «live» skin and arise a new Burr;
  • Immediately after removal, treat the spot with hydrogen peroxide or other antiseptic.
  • After the procedure, you can apply a healing cream, like bepanthen or panthenol;
  • The injured area Cover the patch to prevent re-injury.

At a time and one day will not pass inflammation hangnail on your finger treatment should continue for a few more days. The following days useful do baths for hands with vegetable oils or medicinal decoctions of herbs, lubricate the damaged area creams, nourishing oils, do a treatment mask for hands.

If severe inflammation purulent or liquid discharge, it is best to visit the surgeon, cutting no nothing, but a qualified technician will tell you what to treat if the Burr festers.

What to do at home if swollen finger near the nail, in detail read the article «how to treat an abscess and the abscess near the nail of the finger.»

Many begin to panic and not know what to do when ripped off a hangnail and festers finger is at home several days in a row to put on a sore thumb Vishnevsky ointment or Ichthyol, it is possible to smear with iodine or green paint to the complete healing.

To get rid of such annoying, unpleasant problems, and various inflammations on the skin to carry out routine activities, do not hurt the pens, avoid exposure of the chemical. substances, use protective gloves, protect your fingers from the weather and don’t forget to take vitamin complexes.

Let your arms be healthy and well groomed!

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