The Bob haircut for medium hair

Since the beginning of the last century, the Bob haircut is constantly changing. It was brought into fashion by such well-known women in the past like Coco Chanel and Irene castle. Many stars of today also prefer this method. With rare exceptions the modern shape of the hairstyle is all women, so today is the most popular in the world.

Varieties of haircuts Bob

Varieties of hairstyles

Universal for ladies of all ages is the haircut long Bob. When shoulder-length hair, they do not require extra effort when drying, styling, perming. Properly trimmed hair always looks elegant. Masters perform it in different ways: on the basis of the classic Bob, asymmetrical, with cutting out or graduation. Women’s haircut Bob, depending on the styling can be sleek, voluminous, curly, or a view of artistic disorder. It easily hides any imperfections.

The main advantages of Bob haircuts for medium hair:

  1. Modern look. Medium Bob will make a rounded, smooth, ragged, and even inverted when a graduated nape of the neck shorter front strands. Also come with long bangs, takesawa it in different directions. Look great on curly hair ruffled and uncombed hair, wavy end, bouffant at the roots.
  2. Practicality. Hairstyle is dried and stacked. To create a fashionable image it will take just 10 minutes if you have iron, hair curler, hair dryer, round brush and mousse.
  3. Versatility. Hair has many spectacular ways of modeling. It is perfect for all hair types and for women of all ages. Chosen by teenagers and business ladies, ladies with a curvaceous and slender with straight locks and curls.

Haircut with bangs

The girl with the bangs

A number of modifications haircuts Bob medium hair exceeded ten. Classic cut and heavy bangs, slightly revealing the eyebrows is a popular choice for women triangular face. This option makes a great accent on the nose and cheekbones, draws attention to the beautiful shape of the lips, smooths the elongation Fig. Good this version is for girls with a round face, giving it harmony.

The Bob haircut with bangs, which provides the asymmetry interesting for any type of person. Ladies like to add hair strands beveled front that at the conclusion stand out with wax. Long hairstyle with short bangs looks great with perfectly smooth edges. Although multilayer technology is observed, the ladder is not recommended that the tips curled inwards.

Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical styling

Asymmetrical hairstyle different length of hair. It looks very impressive for the ladies who love to stand out, because it visually refreshes the face. The most common option – asymmetry on facial area without bangs. It replaces the long strand that begins in the middle of the back of his head. The back of the head at the same short hair cut.

Asymmetric Bob haircut for medium hair has one indisputable advantage: the strands you can start to grow at any time. Hairstyle in this embodiment, has a lot of room for experimentation, for example, the parting is straight, oblique or lateral. Any of the selected methods will look spectacular. Particularly impressive asymmetry looks at the strands of medium length with a trendy Ombre coloring, and small curls.

Haircut Bob for medium hair

It’s a classic that is timeless. It is universal for any type of appearance, practical, combines femininity and volume. This is the best choice for hair with a fine structure, because the desired density is achieved due to the layering. Technology implementation haircuts simple. It is step-by-step cutting of strands according to the type of ladder.

Bob-Bob is the starting point for determination of individual style. A woman can choose any length of the crown, smoothly shorn head on a stem or elongated, short, bangs or even its absence. Haircut opens a vast field of opportunities to create for medium hair spectacular images. The usual shock quickly turns into small curls, big curls, elegant harnesses, fashionable bunches or elegant completene.

The girl with the Bob

Long hair

Significant change of image, although not as radical as short hairstyle haircut will bring long Bob. This is a great choice for owners of long graceful neck. Women with oval or round face need long Bob haircut for medium hair with bangs milled. If the features are arranged asymmetrically, to hide the lack of committed long asymmetrical Bob.

Ladies who are the owners of big nose or massive chin, it is desirable to choose a long Bob with oblique bangs. For those who want to enhance the beauty of eyes, or to visually lengthen the face, it is better to abandon bangs, stopping the attention on the variant with smooth parted in the middle. It is believed that long hairstyles require long styling, but any variant of fast simulated using a curler, hair straightener or hair dryer.

Textured Bob

Textured version

Fashion does not stand still, so this year stylists offer fashionable women, textured version of the Bob. It is created through multi-stage, i.e., the creation of the milled strands with different length and level. Refreshes the classic mess, so any woman with this hairstyle will look trendy and independent. To choose for different hair structures and different types of face textured Bob is easy, because it is of different types:

  • with long side strands;
  • with long bangs;
  • various asymmetric length;
  • long oblique bangs.

Styling haircuts at home

The styling options

If you look at photos of stars who prefer Bob, it seems that give the desired look to the hair style by yourself it is impossible. This is not so. If a haircut from a professional, it is very easy to create any look home. For the perfect look hairstyle you need to adjust in the salon every month, and make your own:

  1. Wash your hair, apply the balm.
  2. Dry in a natural way.
  3. The line of parting choose at will.
  4. After applying foam laying, safesite long strands back and slay them to the ground.
  5. You must first make the styling of the occipital area (with a hair dryer or Curling iron) after which proceed to the top, and finish with the bangs.
  6. At the conclusion squirt laying varnish.

Video: Bob for medium thin hair

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