Photos and videos how to do a bundle with a bagel

bagel for hair photosEvery morning any beauty starts with creating a unique image and beautiful styling. But there are times when the hair is completely don’t want to be subjected to any manipulation, don’t fall the way you need, and creating hairstyles takes a lot of time and effort.

Do you want to know a simple way to create attractive and fashionable hairstyles for any length and thickness of hair? Innovative solution for many fashionistas and women who adhere to the official style are hairstyles using hair donut.

What a miracle-bagel where to buy it?

Bagel or donut, is a dense foam device in the form of a ring with a small hole inside in which to slide the hair. Today, there are many varieties of bagels, they come in different sizes, diameters and colors which matched the shade of your hair.

photo how to make a bun using a donut
The advantages of beam bagel:

  • simplicity;
  • versatility;
  • accuracy;
  • accessibility;
  • diversity;
  • feminine wiles (the people around you even in a head will not come that hairstyle you spent 2 minutes, for example, or that the hair you are not the first freshness).

To purchase this attribute to hair in almost any hair salon, store with rubber bands and hairpins, and even in some cosmetic departments. Now popular to order various accessories for hair in the online stores. But now we will teach you how to use the donut for hair and create an individual and memorable look.

As strange as it may sound, but to create a modern and neat bundle with a bagel, you need only 5-7 minutes, and in a good mood to go on a business meeting, a romantic date, to a party or just for a walk.

step-by-step photos of tying a bagel
You may need when creating hairstyles with donut hair

  • comb,
  • 2 elastic bands (preferably the color of the hair);
  • a few Bobby pins or hairpins;
  • a bagel ( also known as a roller, aka a donut);
  • the locking means ( spray, gel, wax or mousse medium hold);
  • any means of decoration: studs, bows, ribbons, flowers, headbands, and more.

Of course, all this girls are always at hand. Now, comb hair well and choose the bundle of hair with a bagel on the mood or the upcoming event.

Classic, sleek version of the beam

how to make a beam with a donut photos
Despite the simplicity of the classic bun, this hairstyle is perfect for any life event.

So, how to make bun with a donut:

  1. Take a well-combed hair in a ponytail closer to the top, remove the middle and cocks. Secure the ponytail a thin tight rubber band.
  2. Thread the tail into the inner hole of a donut.
  3. Bow your head forward so that you can with your hands to distribute all the curls across the surface of a donut, as long as it was not visible with the hair.
  4. Secure the result, wearing a bagel on top of another of thin rubber (well, if it’s a thin silicone rubber).
  5. The remaining ends tuck under the bun and secure with Bobby pins.
  6. If the hair is left too much then neatly wrap them around the base of the beam.
  7. Fix the result of hairpins or Bobby pins, spray the hair lacquer medium hold, or a special spray to give Shine.

a donut out of a sock
This convenient and practical option suitable for everyday routine. If you want to give the hairstyle a retro style, tie at the base of a bundle of beads, satin ribbon, bowknot or thin chiffon shawl or scarf. Believe me, this way will not remain unnoticed. For a special occasion adorn the bun with Bobby pins with pearls or strashnymi.

Romantic hairstyle with donut

hair donut hair
To give the image a romantic, mysterious appearance, you can resort to some tricks when creating a beam. For example, make it from the side or from below, the sequence of actions will be as in the previous version, but first, the tail must be fixed where it refers to the beam. Another way to make the original bundle and surprise your loved one and others is to combine it with a French braid.

  1. Tilt your head down and start to weave a French braid, starting from the base of the hair until around the middle of the head.
  2. Gather the remaining hair in the ponytail and secure with elastic.
  3. Next, wrap the ponytail donut shape and the classic beam.

The scythe is better to weave is not tight, will also fit inside-out braid or spikelet of 4 strands. In this case not necessarily to do the beam too smooth and our bruised, casually sticking out curls, will make the image more mechtateley. The place will be decorated hairstyle delicate flowers or headband with an elastic band.

Hairstyles with donut for long hair

Owners have long hair, it is easier to experiment with their hair creating new original hairstyles. We will offer you several options for how to make a bun using a donut unique and stand out from the crowd.

how to do a bun with a donut
The first option is to decorate the bun with lots of small braids. To do this, after you did the tail, pick some thin strands and weave braids, secure them invisible little silicone rubber bands. Or, after you pull the tail into a roll, weave 6-8 little braids. Further, the algorithm is not much different from creating a classical beam with the help of a donut, only when you distribute the hair on the surface of the «donut», small braids should be evenly placed around the beam.

More complex, but very stylish variation of hairstyles is a bundle of flagella. Initial steps you already know: make a pony tail, put on his foam base. Then from the tail of the allocated average thickness of the strand and twist it into a flagellum until the very end. Then rotate it around the donut so that its tip is joined with the tail, and again got into the hole. To complement this new tip of the forehead and do the same. Lay the cords one by one, closely to each other until the end of the hair and the whole bagel is covered with them. For this hairstyle needs to be long enough and thick hair. To make the hair with a bagel and flagella will take a little more time, but believe me, hundreds of admiring glances you provided.

how to do a donut on his head
A little women’s tricks, how to do a bun with a donut perfect:

  • bagel choose color closest to your shade of hair;
  • if you have curly hair, but classical beam do you really want, you pre-straighten your hair with a straightening iron;
  • for a very long and thick hair will fit beams with a variety of braids, which you can remove the extra volume;
  • if the hair is not lush, you can comb some strands in tail.
  • don’t be afraid to experiment with the height of the beam, so you will know which way you a closer;
  • decorate the bundle with a variety of accessories, with new spikes, a variety of clips and bows, hair will look every day differently.

How to do a donut on his head, is familiar to many, but that the beam can be so diverse, don’t know everything. Dream, experiment, create their own unique, individual hairstyle. Just a little effort and 5-10 minutes of your time and you look wonderful, spectacular and well-groomed.

If you have a great way how to make cone with the help of a donut to impress people by his manner, share them in the comments.

Make this world better!

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