Than wash hair. How to wash hair.

How to wash hairIn order for hair to please you with health and beauty, to care for them every day. Well-groomed and healthy hair is always the center of attention of the people around us. One of the important hair care is to properly wash. Improper Myto hair can appear dandruff, deterioration of the structure of the hair, leading to breakage. All of this leads to fade hair, fading a healthy glow. To such troubles do not concern you, you should follow some simple rules of hair washing.

Some rules for washing various types of hair.

  • Before washing, you first need to comb your hair to remove the remains of styling products and hair to remove dandruff (use home remedies for dandruff). The hair to be combed well before washing, after will also be good to comb.
  • When you wash your hair with shampoo, do not affect the fingernails scalp.
  • Gently massage shampoo through hair with fingertips. Move from the roots to the tips of the hair because the scales of the cuticle coincides with this direction.
  • While washing do not confuse long hair, so combing them will not damage.
  • To the pivot and the cuticle does not hurt the hair do not RUB strongly.
  • Wash your hair quickly, as grease, sweat and dirt quickly wash away.
  • The most important thing. This is the kind of water you wash your hair.

— tap water is hard, as it contains many different salts, which will remain on your hair;

— it is desirable to use boiled water that should be boiled for a long time.

  • Use all kinds of additives:

— 1 teaspoon of baking soda in one liter of water;

— 1 teaspoon of ammonia to one liter of water;

— 1 teaspoon of glycerin in one liter of water.

  • Once lather the hair is not enough, it needs to be done about twice. Since the first shampooing removes only the part of the dust, sebum and dirt.
  • The direction your hands should always be from root to tip. To wash hair it is recommended average temperature, not too hot and not too cold. The higher the fat content of the hair, the cooler should be water. Normal water temperature for hair – is 35 — 40 degrees. To hair were well kept and shone, rinse them with cold water.
  • Always shampoo is applied to wet hair.
  • If you use different fixing means – foam, lacquer, wax, mousse, hair should be washed every day. Choose a Shampoo «For daily use».
  • Shampoo «For dry brittle hair» apply to dry hair with split ends.
  • Long hair try to wash less often. Frequent washing makes them brittle and dry, degrease them.
  • Short hair needs frequent washing, as they quickly sit down. If you wash your hair often, lather hair only once using a small amount of shampoo.

Any exposure to hot air, such as when blow-drying is not the best way affects the condition of the hair. So whenever possible, allow hair to dry in natural conditions. Usually after washing hair, we opolaskivaniem hair special rinses and balsams. There are lots of different folk remedies for hair care. Which you can prepare yourself at home. They are quite capable of replacing a variety of expensive cosmetics and hair will look no worse.

Hair washing chicken egg.

  • Two eggs, whisk together and massage into hair. Give your hair a little dry with this mixture. Then rinse hair thoroughly and rinse them with water and vinegar.
  • One egg yolk and whisk until foamy, then add 1 tsp baby oil and again whisk thoroughly. Dilute the mixture with water. Apply to hair and let them dry a bit and then rinse them well.
  • Yolk mixed with a fourth part of yogurt, add lemon zest or lime. All mix and apply on hair. A little soak and rinse. A good conditioner for hair.
  • Take one egg, mix with grated cucumber and olive oil to a paste. Apply to hair, a little soak and rinse.

My hair with rye bread.

This tool is well suited for oily hair. Pour boiling water 150 grams of rye bread. Gruel apply on hair, hold and rinse thoroughly. In order to make your hair shiny, rinse them with a decoction of birch leaves.

My head with beer and buttermilk

Apply beer or yogurt for the whole length of the hair, wear a cap and hold for 10 minutes. The mask from yogurt suitable for different hair types. Beer for hair is applied in the form of masks and rinses. Rinse beer rinse decoction of herbs sage and chamomile.

Salon hair washing.

Various professional cosmetics used in the salons are different from ordinary used vehicles. In beauty salons use tools luxury master selects with a personal touch. Pay special attention to hair type and issues that you have with hair. Complex structure and different issues can be determined only by a professional. Therefore, washing hair in the salon give the most important stage.

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