Tar soap for acne – how to use

Unfortunately, every day the influences of harmful factors is growing ever stronger, and skin problems arise not only from the teenage youth. Skin rashes – one of the most common problems that can be solved in different ways. However not always even expensive treatments can give the desired result. You can try and one of the cheap funds – tar soap. The effect of using the same soap expensive cosmetic products of famous brands.

Tar soap has several advantages. Let’s start with the fact that its antiseptic effect is well verified. This is a universal product for all skin types, especially it can be used without worries even for sensitive skin. In solving the problem of acne soap is suitable for both women and men.

Coal-tar soap is out of the ordinary (90%) and birch tar (10%). The latter has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, restores the skin. Coal-tar soap can be bought in any pharmacy. In addition to all the healing benefits of the soap, it should be noted one flaw – an unpleasant odor. However, it disappears when applied on the skin.

On the package written soap how to use acne. However, you should listen to your intuition, to find an individual approach for best results. For example, if the skin is constantly inflamed, it is recommended to use soap per day at least twice. Next week will be much better.

Tar soap can be used in different forms, according as it is more convenient to use. If skin soap in bar not suitable, you can try tar soap in liquid form. It is not inferior to the dry soap.

Remember that it is a cosmetic, if too frequent use can dry the skin. Therefore, wash with lye soap to avoid tightening you should use a moisturizer. During use, soap should be avoided from scrubs, which can injure the skin, to refrain from squeezing pimples, as it may be developing an infection.

The desired result of the treatment with lye soap if to use it regularly for at least two weeks.

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