Causes of athlete’s foot. What to do and how to get rid of the smell

sweating of the feetOften in the life of any person can be such that lifting of the Shoe from the foot will be felt fetid smell, and the skin of the feet strongly sweat. Why is it such a circumstance? Is it possible to get rid of athlete’s foot? If you are constantly sweaty feet in shoes what to do in this very unpleasant situation?

Why sweaty feet?

In medical practice a condition where sweating of the feet is called hyperhidrosis stop. This discomfort in humans is a disease that requires timely and quality treatment. But before you start treatment for athlete’s foot, one should thoroughly investigate why much sweating feet.

Each person has their own skin sensitivity. Often, under the influence of nervous breakdowns or physical exertion may result in excessive sweating. In addition, some diseases of the internal organs are one of the symptoms is excessive sweating of the body or legs.

If there is a strong sweating of the feet, this condition is in any case impossible to ignore. The fact is that sweat gradually soften the skin, and the softness of the skin is a wonderful residence for bacteria and germs. When a person has a specified trouble, it is necessary to promptly find out the reason for the formation of this disease. If the time has not accepted measures on elimination of defect of skin, athlete’s foot can join and fungal disease.

What are the main causes of disease?

  • Wearing the wrong shoes. The cause of athlete’s lower limb is the most common and popular. Incorrect shoes include pairs made of synthetic and not breathable materials. In addition, tight shoes can cause sweating and discomfort. Chosen and worn out of season shoes is also able to call a specified illness.
  • Wearing synthetic socks and stockings. In this case, your feet sweat and get cold even when wearing shoes with high quality materials. Synthetic materials can cause the appearance of fungal infections, and allergic reactions.
  • Inappropriate foot care. No need to think that foot care is just about their time to wash. Hygiene of lower extremities is very important, but indispensable in the proper care that you need to constantly cleanse the skin from dead skin particles. Very convenient to do it with pumice. In addition, winter feet need special food, without which the skin begins to crack and becomes a favorable environment for the activation of bacteria. Quality food only possible when people will regularly use the creams.
  • Active physical work. By itself enhanced the activity causes the appearance of sweat on the body, and also legs.
  • Stressful situation. Nervous strain is often a response to the question, why feet are cold and sweaty. The human body is designed so that when excessive excitement and nerve strain there is perspiration and cold extremities.
  • Skin diseases of the feet. Most often, a fungal infection that causes cracking and dryness of the foot skin. After people become ill with the specified illness, he when wearing shoes gradually aktiviziruyutsya the disease. During the multiplication of fungal organisms appears excessive sweating, which is always accompanied by an unpleasant odor.
  • Diseases of the internal organs. As noted above, often symptoms of the underlying disease is excessive sweating of the feet. This often happens when the endocrine, cardiac, nervous and infectious diseases. The presence of a malignant tumor in the human body also causes the appearance of sweat.

In most cases this is noticed stop sweating when takes off his shoes. That is why people often turn to doctors with the problem, why sweaty feet in the shoes and smell. But, as you can see, the reason for this discomfort lies in not always wearing the wrong shoes, it can be more serious and dangerous. Therefore, if there is any odor from the feet, you need to take drastic measures.

Treatment of athlete’s foot at home

There are simple and super good ways how to deal with sweaty feet but they will help only if the reason for the sweating is not some kind of disease.

So, what to do, when I get really sweaty feet:

  • You need to pay special attention to your shoes. If it is made from synthetic materials, it is advisable to change the material of the shoes natural. In addition, shoes worn only for the weather, not in the heat and warm to wear closed shoes.
  • Even if the shoes are good, you need to pay special attention to her ass. It happens so that the insole can also be made of materials that do not «breathe» and cause sweating. Such bad insole you need to change in quality or just stick on the insole, the strip of cotton fabric.
  • Regularly treatment of footwear and insoles. When choosing insoles give preference to those that can absorb odors. Timely washing and cleaning shoes and insoles will help to reduce sweating.
  • What to do when your feet sweat and stink? Take a look at what socks you are wearing. Replace synthetic materials with natural.
  • Regularly go barefoot. This circumstance is a kind of massage, while walking barefoot acts on the entire body in the prevention of many diseases.
  • In no case do not wear shoes constantly, let it dry and ventilated. It is desirable to have in the home at least pair of shoes to keep changing them.
  • What to do if sweaty feet in real shoes? During this period there are special flavored pouches, which are put in the shoes and kill the odor. Well, if these bags are filled with cedar shavings with grass or juniper. These bags must invest in shoes every day after it has been removed.
  • Be sure to carry out advanced cleaning of the shoes at least once a month. All shoes are carefully washed with special means, is dried and ventilated outdoors.
  • Shoes are recommended to store only in a cool, well-ventilated room or open the closet. It is impossible to maintain shoes in closed closets or where there is often dampness.

Ways to get rid of

If feet sweat a lot, what to do at home? Apart from the quality and hygienic cleanliness can also use other ways to eliminate and combat then.

  • Daily and even several times a day to wash the feet using soap.
  • Bedtime legs and feet necessarily rinsed with cool water.
  • Sure feet should be kept dry and warm. Forbidden legs to be a long time wet and cold.
  • Quality and stop regular treatment will help to remove dead skin particles and to eliminate the unpleasant smell and sweating. Need to regularly use a pumice stone or a special taroccate to stop.
  • As a refreshing means to stop you can use regular antiperspirant. It is applied to clean skin, as well as on the armpits. You must first enable the feet to dry, and then put on shoes or socks.
  • You can use antibacterial or deodorizing means for washing feet, well, in this case, soap.
  • Daily it is necessary to use tools that eliminate the smell of sweat and the sweating stop — baths, ointments, creams, etc.

Remedy for sweating feet

All proceeds from the athlete’s foot are divided into national and medical. Following clarification of the cause of athlete’s foot, treatment is timely and efficient. In the case when the cause of the disease are different disease, any cure for sweating feet is chosen only by the doctor.

In certain cases, and treatment of athlete’s foot at home.

  1. Powder. This miracle is used to eliminate excessive moisture of the feet, and, consequently, to stop the increased production of sweat. As the powders you can use shredded oak bark, potato starch, talc, boric acid powder, the powder of alum. If you want to quickly eliminate sweating, but the above means, you can use regular salt or corn starch. Very unique in its properties of boric acid from athlete’s foot. It is medicinal drug, which when used regularly can quickly get rid of this problem. For such treatment it is necessary to finely grind the crystals of boric acid, apply on the foot and between the toes, wear clean socks and leave it on all night.
  2. Baths. Also quite an effective tool, which allows to improve the skin condition of the feet and to eliminate paroobrazovaniya. In this case, irreplaceable oak bark from athlete’s foot. This tool is brewed, cooled and the resulting broth is lowered the legs for half an hour. In addition to oak bark can be used a decoction of oat straw, birch. Good effect the bath with the addition of potassium permanganate, baking soda, salt, vinegar, tea infuser.
  3. Cream. During this period, any cream for athlete’s foot can be purchased in any pharmacy without the prescription sheet. The drug has antimicrobial and disinfectant action. The cream should be used every day, from the time until you stop sweating. Similarly, you can use the ointment for athlete’s foot. The difference between these two products is that the cream is immediately absorbed into the skin, but the ointment remains on the surface of the skin layer for some time, thereby providing prolonged therapeutic effect.
  4. Pasta Teymurova. The tool is universal, it has a disinfecting and regenerating action. In the paste includes a lot of drugs that have a damaging effect on sweat and odor. In addition to medical operation, the paste can be used for prevention of excessive sweating.

If your feet are constantly tired, read here what to do. National and medical ways to eliminate the gravity on this material.

Ways to eliminate sweat on the feet a lot, some of them are effective while others require long-term use. Share your proven methods of eliminating excessive sweating on the feet.

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