How to make sugaring at home

Sugaring at home recipes.Shugaring in house conditions is very good and affordable procedure of hair removal. In our time beauty has reached a very high level, but an ancient method of hair removal – sugaring, is not inferior to their positions, in the method of hair removal. As your own at home to do sugaring and what recipe to use today, we will discuss in our article.

Anyone who is even slightly familiar with the English language can easily understand the concept of the word «sugaring». It is based on the English word «sugar» — sugar. Today we will learn to make sugar hair removal procedure.

Sugar dissolved in water to make a syrup. The effect of the syrup in this procedure similar to the procedure of hair removal wax. Put the syrup in those areas of the body where you want to remove unwanted hair, and pulling sharp movement. If you compare sugaring with other methods of hair removal, this method is less painful. We have already told you how to do Sugar waxing at home».


Each hostess is always water and sugar. So this method of hair removal is the most cheap and affordable. Unlike wax sugar does not cause allergies, as it is a natural product. In the prepared syrup shugaring there is not something harmful for our skin, so most women prefer sugaring waxing.

Security is the most optimal method, as it does not leave any injury and even trauma. When waxing for the best coupling with the skin, remove grease, causing irritation of the skin when ripping. When sugar hair removal to do this is not necessary, since sugar syrup may provide good adhesion to the skin. You can also remove invisible hairs from the skin.

Why currently sugaring has not lost its popularity. The fact is that it is the most hypoallergenic, safe procedure and less painful, it gives the chance to do sugaring at home.

So let’s summarize and list all the advantages shugaring or sugar depilation:

  1. Less painful method than other methods of hair removal.
  2. The effect is smooth skin without hairs lasts longer than when you remove the wax. Even if you have hard hair.
  3. Do not have to visit the salon, you can do everything yourself.
  4. If you are a shy person, it is possible to do hair removal in the bikini area by yourself.
  5. This way you can remove facial hair.
  6. The most budget and cheapest way to remove unwanted hair.

After this procedure, there is no such problem as ingrown hair if there is no injury, no inflammation. Sugar waxing can be carried out independently when the length of the hair is two to three millimeters. When sugaring, there is no ability to damage living skin cells. You only have to remove excess body hair.

View a cool video from the transmission, all will be good sugaring:

Sugaring at home recipe treatments

First of all let’s see how prepared pasta shugaring. And then consider in detail the process of performance.

Sugar paste shugaring

Take ten tablespoons of sugar and pour five tablespoons, then add the juice of half a lemon. Stir and place on low heat. Syrup stir constantly so as not to let it burn. When bubbles appear, leave the syrup another ten minutes on the tile, but continue to do so. When the mixture becomes Golden brown, remove from heat and let it cool slightly. In order to do well depilation sugar syrup should be lukewarm. Take a little of the syrup and roll it a ball, if you have, you’re done.

How to prepare sugaring paste watch the video:

How to do sugaring

Now start the procedure shugaring. Take the mixture shugaring and apply to the skin where you have hair. Give a little to harden. Then must frustrate the syrup along with the hairs. To do this, use fabric. Put a piece of cloth on the syrup and tear it off. This should be done against the hair growth. It is necessary to completely remove hair from the skin. If your weight shugaring completely cooled and become solid, heat on a steam bath. Remove excess syrup can be plain water.

Using shugaring easier to remove short hairs than long. If you this procedure going to do the first time, then the pain to avoid not have, but to sustain you. The first time is always painful, but in the future it is much easier. The more you do sugaring, the easier it will be to undergo the procedure. Over time, you will be able to get used to remove hair in this way in more painful places: armpits, bikini area.

Sugaring for the first time used the beautiful women of the East. Girls from early childhood are taught to do this procedure. With this syrup they made my skin soft and smooth, and it was impossible to find hairs on the body. Over time and European beauticians began to use this recipe.

After shugaring your skin will become smooth, hair will grow back only ten or twenty days. And all without various problems and inflammation.

Sugaring at home video

Recipe pasta shugaring No. 2

Take one tablespoon of water and add the sugar (10 tablespoons), then add the juice of half a lemon. Mix all the ingredients and cook the mixture to a boil, stirring constantly. It does not change the temperature, don’t add nor take away fire. If the mixture becomes Golden brown and appears caramelized scent, your mixture is ready. If your mixture can be rolled into a ball, you did everything correctly, if not, you added a lot of water. This syrup to remove the hair fail.

Apply the mixture on the skin, a little wait, put the piece of cloth and sharply tear against the hair growth. Smear syrup is not necessary, you can always reheat the frozen mixture as described above. It is better to do waxing on small areas. Once completed the procedure will rinse away any excess syrup under hot water. Smooth skin will please you. If you have never done sugaring yourself at home, it is worth a try. The first time your feelings are not pleasant, but after a few treatments to be virtually painless. It is most convenient to remove short hair, long hairs rarely deleted completely. Grip short hair with syrup is much higher, so if you’ve always shaved the hair, it is not necessary to wait long until they grow back. Sugar sugaring can be done on the third day after shaving. If you are still afraid to do sugaring, and prefer to use a razor, then read the article «How to shave your legs.»

Another interesting video, in which training is conducted sugaring:

Most women who do sugaring at home, it is quite positive about this procedure and none of them wants to have to do the waxing. What do you think about the procedure shugaring? Share your opinion in the comments.

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