Sugar paste shugaring

Dreaming of silky smooth skin, as in the photo, tired of excess hairs on the body? The mixture shugaring will be your salvation. You can cook yourself or buy professional makeup in the store. Having mastered the simple technique of removing excess hair, every woman will be able to always look at 100%.

Sugar paste for depilation

The types of sugar paste for depilation

Modern manufacturers such as Cannaan, Aravia, ayuna or East, offer several types of mixtures are mixtures for hair removal:

  • Solid. Use for coarse hair (bikini, armpits).
  • Average. Applies to any areas with medium hair.
  • Soft. With its help and remove the fluff.
  • Bandage. Ink is applied to the surface and then torn off using fabric strips.

Regardless of the form of paste for hair removal, sugaring at home has many advantages over conventional shaving legs. The main include:

  • The lack of stimulation. If the machine is in some areas of the skin may experience red bumps, the mass of sugar gently cares for the skin.
  • Smoothness for 3-4 weeks. Hair is removed with the root, so definirana area stays clean longer.
  • Velvety skin. Sugaring provides skin exfoliation, removing the dead and keratinized cells.

Sugar paste shugaring

Recipe pasta shugaring in house conditions

Nowadays there are a lot of ways of making pasta from sugar. They have minor differences in composition and total consistency. The Foundation of any recipe are water, sugar and pineapple. The latter can be bought off the shelf in the store, and extruded from the same citrus. What is sugar paste shugaring to choose, depends on the mood and wishes. Their principle of preparation and effectiveness are the same.

What you need shugaring at home

For the procedure to need a small saucepan, wooden spatula and ingredients. The cooking process takes no more than 15-20 minutes. If at first you don’t succeed to cook the perfect pasta, do not worry. It is worth remembering that the mass is too thick it will be possible to bring to the desired state, and a liquid – only to throw it away.

The process of cooking sugar paste

How to cook pasta

At first glance it seems that lots of waxing is very difficult and it is necessary to pass special training. Costs a little to digest or nagovoriti sugar paste shugaring, and to make a fresh start. In fact, the procedure has its own quirks and secrets, but they are quite simple. To work correctly, you must take the following:

  • sugar – 10 tbsp;
  • water – 2 tbsp. l;
  • pineapple – 1 tbsp

How to cook:

  1. In a saucepan pour the sugar, water and citric acid. If the latter, you can replace the juice of half a lemon without pulp.
  2. The mixture must simmer over low heat, stirring constantly with a spoon. In the other case the sugar will burn or bad dissolved.
  3. When the mixture begins to boil, it is necessary with special attention to follow the color. The composition is removed from the heat, if he has acquired a light amber color.
  4. To check the readiness of the mixture using cold water. Sprinkle a few grams of weight in the glass: if the syrup hardens instantly, it’s time to remove from heat.
  5. The finished mass is poured into a special cartridge or a jar, sugar is a little cold.
  6. When the sugar paste shugaring will cease to burn my hands, it is necessary to begin to roll out, knead by hand.
  7. To melt the composition is too thick, you can use a heater or water bath.
  8. Storing the mixture is not recommended. The following procedure is best to cook the new mass.

Where to buy and how much sugar paste

If time and desire to cook yourself not, you can always find the finished product for the procedure. Online shopping for cosmetologists offer a wide range of pastes from different manufacturers, ranging from famous canaan and ending domestic brands. It is equally wide range can be found in online stores with care. Buying wholesale stock on the Internet is much cheaper than in retail stores.

The average cost of high quality material starts from$ 20 for 500 p If you want to buy the mixture, you may prefer the following brands:

  • Canaan;
  • Arabia;
  • Pandis;
  • Gloria;
  • Start Epil.

Video: how to make sugaring at home


Dasha, 22 years:have Never suffered from increased hairiness, but the constant use of a boring razor. I read on the Internet how to cook pasta shugaring and decided to try this hair removal at home. Carry out the procedure was very simple, the result can last up to 3 weeks. Now only sugar waxing!

Barbara, 25 years:Go long for sugaring, no irritation and ingrown hairs. If done regularly, the skin remains longer smooth. I have six months use of the hair was much less. Tried to cook the mixture yourself, but sugar hair removal at home does not work, I continue to go to the master.

Alina, 30 years:Spending money on ready set shugaring not want to, therefore, repeatedly tried to cook pasta at home. Used every time different recipes, but I can’t. The mass is cooled and becomes solid. Apply it on legs or bikini area in this state it is impossible, therefore, continue to remove unwanted stubble through the machine.

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