Stretch marks on thighs: causes, how to deal

The causes and methods of dealing with stretch marks on the hips

red stretch marks on thighsEach of the fair female half of humanity wants to look perfect and without flaws. Many men do not pay absolutely no attention to any minor visible defects but for women these same defects seem to be any downfall in life. One of these troubles are stretch marks on the hips. It is noticed that such trouble is not only women who have given birth who have undergone a drastic change of weight ratios, but also young girls who, it would seem, and should not have these ailments. What stretch marks on thighs and whether there are effective methods in getting rid of those?

Why do I have stretch marks on the hips?

The initial stage of stretch marks is the appearance of blue or purple lines on the outer or inner thigh. Subsequently, the stretch marks become lighter shade. The brighter and whiter the stretch, the harder and more difficult to destroy, as it already clearly is a inveterate process.

Red stretch marks on thighs occur as a result of violations of the integral inner layer of the skin. This often happens due to excessive tightening of the skin, but when I have stretch marks on the hips, the causes of this condition can hide.

  • pictures of stretch marks on thighs what appear?If stretch marks are formed on the thighs of adolescents, the reasons for this state consist in a sudden change of the skin layer. The thing is that in the teen age period, a person begins to significantly exceed the growth, if the structure of the skin is unable to cope with these changes, there are skin imperfections. Stretch marks on inner thighs in adolescents can result in an intense workout stretching exercises (girls, as a rule, do gymnastics, and boys lean on strength exercises).
  • Why do I have stretch marks on the hips in women? The reason for this phenomenon may serve as a hormonal change in the body. This often happens during menopause. A woman exposed to the onslaught of double trouble: on the one hand nutrients at this age is worse absorbed by the body, resulting in a significant disruption of the structure of the skin. On the other hand, menopause brings great changes in the internal structure of women, which suffers from skin layer.
  • Stretch marks on thighs during pregnancy also arise because of the appropriate hormonal changes. In this case, formed another cause of tumors: woman during an interesting situation is gaining extra body weight, and the skin is unable to cope with such tension and tear. An important reason for the process, when the image of white stretch marks on the skin, it becomes a severe lack of nutrients in the body, the skin, in turn, loses collagen.
  • Stretch marks on thighs men can appear because the work of a man tied to heavy load on the legs. In addition, in athletes there is often a similar ailment because they are exercises that are good for health, but negatively affect the integrity of the skin. stretch marks on thighs photo
  • If immediately formed white stretch marks on the hips, from which such a phenomenon? It is likely, in the line of heredity. Structures of the skin and its flaws are passed from older generation to the children.
  • When did stretch marks appear on the hips, this phenomenon is quite often associated with the fact that the structure of the skin low level of collagen and elastin. Such active substances a person can only get with a healthy diet or through lubrication of the skin with the relevant creams.

What can be annoying stretch marks on my hip, we found out, now try to figure out whether you can destroy this disease.

How to remove stretch marks on thighs?

To never face such a problem, it is necessary to take decisive measures for its prevention. Great action in this case is olive oil. They are useful to RUB the skin of the hips while waiting for baby or during sports activity, that is, in cases where there is a clear risk to a stretching by mechanical action.

why stretch marks on thighs photo

How to remove stretch marks on thighs and buttocks if they are already formed? About the stretch marks on the priest in detail here. In this case, are going to help cosmetic and folk remedies. In the store you can buy a cream for stretch marks on thighs. Regular use will hide small stretch marks and reduce a significant stretching. In addition, once a week is useful to treat hip a homemade scrub consisting of orange zest, ground coffee or sea salt and olive oil.

how to remove stretch marks on thighs and buttocksEffective in this case exercises to stretch the hips. Excellent action has a self-massage of the hips using natural oils. You can use the following types of oils: rosemary, nutmeg, orange, tea tree or wheat germ. Excellent massage properties of liquid vitamin E or A, which are purchased in the pharmacy kiosks. Another view in the article, how to remove stretch marks at home.

Stretching the inner thigh will disappear by itself, if included in the daily menu of healthy foods: sunflower seeds, green peas, dried apricots, liver, coconuts, or other meals that are rich in compound vitamin C, A, E, and the whole group B.

How to remove stretch marks on butt and thighs with the help of modern medical services. Took a special popularity the following methods of eliminating various defects of the skin:

  • wraps involving seaweed, herbs or sea salt;
  • SPA treatments;
  • injection with active ingredients that fight stretch marks from the inside;
  • chemical or mechanical peeling;
  • laser therapy. About removing stretch marks laser read here.

All of these procedures are fairly costly, so before you use a expensive service, try to get rid of the disease yourself. But in this case it is important to remember that the earlier you start the fight against stretch marks, the easier it is to defeat them.

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