Stretch marks on my stomach

what stretch marks on my stomachStretch marks on the abdomen appear more frequently than in other parts of the body. In women, these formations are the result of birth or sudden changes of body weight in men, a similar phenomenon occurs after heavy training or professional activity. The reasons why stretch marks appear on the abdomen, may be completely different, but whatever the cause of their formation, from the defect of want to break free. When firmly entrenched stretch marks on my stomach, to clean up this state is often impossible, especially if insidious line acquired chronic white. By themselves, stretch marks do not pose any threat to humans, but many, especially the fairer half of the population, confused by such an unpleasant surprise.

Stretch marks on the abdomen, what is it? If you delve into medical terminology, stretching called Stryi, and they appear as a result of strong pulling action on the internal or external layer of the skin. If the stretch marks on the abdomen are formed in the form of thin lines, it’s not as scary as a rule, over time, if you take quick and decisive action against them, they diminish or even disappear. Red stretch marks on my stomach indicate the initial process of the disease. When there stretch marks on my stomach red, then they are also easily destroyed. More difficult is the case if stretching is a bluish or whitish appearance. These illnesses are considered chronic cicatrical scars and with them to fight harder. Read more in the article «How to get rid of stretch marks» /kak-izbavitsya-ot-rastyazhek

What are stretch marks on my stomach is clear, but why they appear in humans? When striae appear on the abdomen, it is, first and foremost, is that the patient lacks active substances, which are responsible for firmness and elasticity of the skin. These components are collagen and elastane.

how to remove stretch marks on belly from pregnancy

If striae appear on the abdomen in men, the causes of this phenomenon is also hidden in a broken part of the skin cells. In addition, stretch marks on stomach men often appear when their stomach begins to increase sharply in volume. Strong weight gain is very conducive to this education. The skin doesn’t have time to cope with the extraordinary pressure on her and breaks.

Why does the stomach stretch marks in teenagers? In this case, the reason is hidden in the sudden change and growth of a young man. As a rule, in adolescence, the teenager begins to intensely lengthen in growth. If the composition of the skin is also suffering from a lack of collagen and elastin, there are internal breaks in the tissue that are manifested by strains outside.

stretch marks on stomach photos

Stretch marks on my stomach due to what else may occur? Often the cause of this be genetic predisposition of the skin. If relatives suffer reduced skin elasticity, it is likely that this defect will go to the children.

Rarely, but sometimes, stretch marks on my stomach hurt. If the condition appeared in humans, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Sick stretch marks on my stomach due to the fact that the internal stretching of the damaged blood vessel. As a rule, during a pain, and even itchy stretch marks on my stomach. Why itchy stretch marks on your head? Most often this condition happens in pregnant women. Appeared stretch marks begin to itch intensely and bring itching. As quickly as possible, you need to resolve the situation, as a mechanical effect of stretching is able to increase the volume and depth of skin damage.

Stretch marks on stomach during pregnancy

Very unpleasant sight develops then, if there are stretch marks during pregnancy on stomach. As you increase belly, stretch marks may also increase. Moreover, in the initial stage, stretch marks appear with a bluish tint, if you enter into the diet of a pregnant well-balanced diet, then stretching may not be activated. As a rule, in the whole period of pregnancy on the woman’s stomach there are red or blue stretch marks after giving birth ailment on the skin is a lighter shade, then turn white, the old.

Stretch marks on stomach during pregnancy can appear not every future mom. The main reason for their occurrence is genetics. Then it follows that in the dermal composition is the minimum number of collagen and elastin. Important causes of these ailments are some of the diseases related to endocrine or autonomic systems. Contribute to the appearance of skin stretching on the abdomen and various infections or slagging of the body. But, perhaps, one of the leading roles in the causes of the appearance of stretch marks on my stomach, there is a strong hormonal changes in the mother’s body.

stretch marks on stomach during pregnancy photos

To effectively avoid the appearance of stretch marks on the abdomen is necessary to follow some simple basics:

  • to include in the diet foods rich in composite component on vitamins E and A. Consume these vitamins and foods, as well as biological additives. In addition, it is important to use lubricating means against stretch marks, which include such vitamins;
  • excess weight contributes to the fact that stretching belly become a huge scale. Therefore, pregnant woman should gain weight to the extent possible. If there is a big weight gain, then you need to stick to a vegetable and fruit diet, which will enrich the mother’s body important nutrients;
  • self-massage with the use of essential oils or appropriate cream is also a wonderful method of preventive action;
  • very effective some types of physical activity, such as yoga. But a pregnant woman before using this option, you must obtain advice appropriate attending physician.

How to remove stretch marks on stomach?

When stretch marks on my stomach just began to form, then get rid of them easier. How to reduce stretch marks on my stomach? Come to the aid of universal and medicinal lubricants, which contain in their composite component synthesized collagen and elastane. A variety of data from many creams but need to pick up those that consist of natural elements.

It is more difficult with old stretch marks. How to remove old stretch marks on my stomach? In this case, the lubricating means will not help to eliminate this phenomenon. For old stretch marks on my stomach applied newfangled medical and cosmetic services. The most common method the specified action is laser therapy. The laser acts directly on the illness and gradually resolves long-standing tension. Another popular way of eliminating old stretch marks is plastic surgery. At the same time with the skin on which the stretching is removed, and excess belly fat or saggy skin. The method is very popular, but its value is much high.

pictures stretch marks stomach before and after

Removal of stretch marks on the abdomen is carried out and special absorbing injection or mesotherapy. To get rid of stretch marks on the belly in this way it is possible for multiple sessions. As a rule, the average course of treatment is 10 injections, injected subcutaneously. The active ingredients included in the injection has properties that promote the release of collagen. And that, in turn, gradually restores the skin to its normal state.

How to remove stretch marks on stomach for men? For the representatives of the strong half of our humanity with the ideal muscle toning or skin disease electric current. This operation configures the operation of metabolism at the proper level, and cause sprains on the belly in men is a metabolic process. Women can also use this procedure, but it is strictly prohibited to mothers holding their children in breastfeeding.

If you have stretch marks on my stomach what to do in this situation? Widely demanded in chemical peeling, but after these procedures require long recovery skin surface. With the help of special substances applied to the surface of the stomach, is changed and the surface layer of the skin, and she gradually resumed and leveled.

Stretch marks on the abdomen before birth it is good to resolve with the help of a light massage with the addition of essential oil or vegetable oil. Magic action has olive oil against stretch marks. It is harmless and can be use multiple times a day. In the same way you can remove and stretch marks on the belly. Massage of stretch marks on the abdomen should be carried out in special beauty salons, especially women.

Furthermore, it can effectively remove stretch marks on stomach at home. Of course, most often, in this case, apply a mixture of essential oils. Well destroy skin defect rosemary oil, almond, juniper, olive and palm trees.

Good in its action folk masks from the stretch marks.

  • Mix equal proportioni ratios of coarse salt and sugar, then add to the obtained 1 part of oil palm. The mixture is rubbed into the damaged places on the body. Sugar can be exchanged for much candied honey.
  • A mixture of Shilajit with the addition of baby cream is also quite effective.

The destruction of any damage on the skin it is important to remember that the regularity and constancy are the chief AIDS of positive results.

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