Why are stretch marks on legs and how to remove them

why do I have stretch marks on my legsStretch marks on legs occur in a large number of people. Most often, this nuisance affects women and adolescents in puberty. Undoubtedly, any visible defect on the skin requires immediate removal, there is a desire from the majority owners of the stretch marks.

Red stretch marks on my feet from a medical point of view considered to be not a serious illness. In medical terminology this phenomenon is called Stryi.

Look like stretch marks on legs? Referring to this problem is a jagged line that are sufficiently broad-based. Colors can be different: white, red, purple, crimson. Stretch marks on legs red appear in the result of stretching of the skin and formed in this place. However, such a defect may occur in any part of the body should catch up with this nuisance of a person at different ages. From what and for what cause stretch marks on legs?

The reasons for the formation

By itself, stretching is the internal gap layer of the skin, so the main reason the condition, when the stretching on the legs, is a violation of the connective tissue in the human body. In addition, from a physiological point of view the stretch marks on the calves of the legs or elsewhere on the feet are the result of disruption of skin cells that are responsible for the secretion of collagen and elastin. If you have stretch marks on the thighs, read from what they appear on the link /rastyazhki-na-bedrah

from what appear red stretch marks on legs

What stretch marks on my legs appear even?

  • Puberty adolescents. Stretch marks on legs teenagers are particularly likely to occur on the background of sharp changes of functions and structure in the body. This problem is temporary, and after the normalization of imbalances in the body everything comes back to normal. But in some cases stretch marks in teenagers can turn into long-lasting phenomenon, in this case, you will need to provide medical treatments.
  • Why do I have stretch marks on the legs of women? Most often, the reason lies in the abnormal function of the endocrine system. Also often this type of problem occurs due to a hormonal surge in the woman’s body. This could be after treatment hormonotherapy drugs or while using hormonal contraceptives. In some cases, stretch marks appear on the legs during pregnancy, it happens when a woman gains a large amount of weight. Lactation it is also possible the appearance of such defect. A woman’s body is experiencing a severe shortage of nutrients and active substances, against the various troubles on the skin.
  • White stretch marks on legs are often the result of a sedentary lifestyle.
  • A wrong diet consisting of carbohydrates, also causes a similar phenomenon. In addition, obesity and overweight on a person’s body contribute to the formation of stretch marks. Even if people dramatically lose weight, his body can be detected striae.stretch marks on legs pictures
  • In some cases, bad habits of a person contribute to the emergence of such defects, especially if the person they overly enthusiastic. Amid this situation, the body experiences discomfort and lack of fortified substances and reacts accordingly.
  • Of great importance in the appearance of skin defects is a genetic predisposition. Not uncommon from one generation to the descendants is a hereditary lack of collagen in the skin cells.

Why do I have stretch marks on my legs? The causes of this condition are numerous, but in most cases, the disease develops because of disruption of the internal systems in the body.

How to effectively remove stretch marks on legs?

When stretch marks on legs how to get rid of this condition is the most common issue.

When stretch marks on legs, treatment should be immediate. It is important to remember that, the sooner the necessary action is taken, the easier it will be to get rid of this flaw. If the duration of the appearance of stretch marks is more than 6 months, the treatment is pointless. In this case, will only methods of removing the skin defect. Read how you can remove stretch marks in the article /kak-ubrat-rastyazhki

After stretch marks on the legs in adolescents, treatment is vitamin therapy. Necessarily in the diet of a teenager should be present vitamins E and A, they promote proper development of skin cells. This vitamin a promotes excellent cell regeneration, thereby creating new and updating old.

stretch marks on calves legs pictures

How to remove pink stretch marks on legs that have just appeared? A good effect has exercise with raised legs, with the help of this action is enhanced by the inflow and outflow of blood, the legs of a man resting, and the skin is not strained. The excellent properties of massage using a cream against stretch marks. Light massage movements you can do yourself, and it is possible to obtain high-quality treatment to seek help to the professionals.

How to remove nasty stretch marks on legs and butt, if they have already appeared? In this case, it is recommended to take medical and cosmetic services. The best option is peeling. Is used or chemical or laser peel. In several sessions the problem will always leave the patient. The only drawback of modern peels — their dorogostoyaschih.

If there red stretch marks on legs how to get rid of this condition on the skin? In this case, good results has the use of lubrication for the skin. Cream of stretch marks on legs used regularly, only when such actions, you will notice positive results. Another effective remedy is a cocktail based on drugs. This tool operates on the basic problem from the inside. Medical the drink promotes resorption healed skin cells. After treatment, stretch marks reduced in size, and in some cases completely disappear.

How to remove «young» stretch marks on legs at home? Only positive reviews is famous for the mummy. It is used as a lubricant for massage. Well suited as a method of struggle with stretch marks, bathing procedures. Of course, use these steps only after consultation with a qualified physician.

But still time for treatment of stretch marks will go abound. While the process of treatment, the problem still remains. Then another question arises, how to hide stretch marks on legs? On this account there are many specialized creams, which simultaneously possess a therapeutic effect, and protective. You can also wear transparent lingerie that hides remarkably visible stretch marks.

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